Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, September 25, 2009

it's amazing

Day off riding Route

I so hate doing the map my ride thing. I need to learn more stuff about this. Any suggestions welcome

Day off Riding

Rivendell Heron

On a Fantastic Road in Boone County

Heading North on Genoa Rd.

I have been playing around with routes a lot lately. Yesterday I figured out that riding to Genoa, IL. gives one the opportunity to get to Boone county. I found the only road that truly heads north out of this town. I was up north on Boone County and then got close to Poplar Grove. Conditions were cloudy with a sun that really wanted to come out. I opted for a Handlebar bag just to carry my food and map. I had mixed feelings about it since I am used to riding long distance with my camelbak. It was a nice change up to get on the Road Bike,(cheater bike), and enjoy the pleasures of 110psi on 700x23 tires. What a difference in speed and effort! A lot easier than doing 100 miles on a Cross bike with knobbies. My goal was to do another 100 miler and I was happy when the odometer clicked over the 100 mark. My lungs were running at about 80% because of the previous nights' asthma attack. Legs feel tired but good. Lungs a bit burning.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When the Asthma comes a calling

Tonight I skipped riding so I could catch up with my mountain of cycling laundry and to get the Heron ready for the long haul tomorrow. As I write this I am having a Duisenberg of an Asthma Attack. My nose is congested, throat is tight, mucuos is building up in the Bronchios and my body temperature is up.
I had somc Campari with Orange juice earlier, no beer, no wine and tons of water. Maybe the Campari bothered me. I think more and more alcohol is bothering my Asthma. Today we also had a pretty hectic day at the shop since it was only the two of us. We had lots of repairs and assemblies to be done. I was also stressed because my knees were bugging me and I just felt like laying down. I definetely need to get some new shoes. Also on my Lake shoes I think they don't free float on some of my shimano pedals. I have a feeling the I am stuck in the wrong position and I am putting a weird strain on the right knee. Almost 40 years of cycling with no knee problems. Keep them warm and don't push big gears.
So in order to combat the Asthma attack I boil water in a 4qt pot and add some pure eucalyptus oil. Ast the water boils I inhale the steam and that helps me clear up. I then follow up with Ice water to reduce the swelling in my throat and then I have some Black Turkish Tea with a ton of sugar. This gets the juices going and it clears my sinuses.
At some point I would like to get rid of all the carpeting in my house. I sometimes have a feeling that that bugs me sometimes. IT is now 12:30 a.m. and my whole idea of going to bed early has just gone out the fuckin' window.
If I start to feel better I will probably take a walk to Walgreens and just fart around like a loser. I am interested in looking into getting a nebulizer and seeing if that helps more than my 4qt pot.
Laying off any type of alcohol is probably going to happen sooner than later.


New Light

Was out last night again and it was really foggy. I was trying out the Princeton Tec Apex headlamp. Up on the picture I am running it at low setting. Unit is waterproof , runs off 4AA batteries and can run either with the 4 ultrabright leds or the main 130 lumens headlight. I was really impressed with this light. It is possible to ride in the complete dark without a handlebar mounted light. Cost is about 89.00 dollars. On the back I mounted the Princeton Tec Swerve tailight. Two really annoying blinkers with one of them being strobe like the Planet Bike Superflash.
Ride total for the day 25 miles
Rivendell Quickbeam
Tired legs, Asthma, Allergies, lots of Gnats in the air.
Hope to get a long ride in tonight. Anyone interested let me know.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Night Riding

Rte 23 Southbound

Last nights target town

Got out around 9 pm and the traffic was starting to die down. It was very humid and all the home that were burning brush created a bad quality of air for breathing. I felt like my clothes were just soaked in dew. Passed by mr. Skunky with less than 4' between us. I am glad I did not upset him. Also found a road that I was looking for.
43 miles total for the day
Rode Rivendell Quickbeam
Hub generators rock

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Blog

I have been toying with the idea of another blog for a while. I will remain faithful to this one since Ihave committed so much time to it. Straight Shot will be more stuff that just comes out of my head and I hope that one day it will make some sense.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Night Riding and Day off riding

Today's where the ***F*** am I Face

Last night battle of the lights.
On Left the Lumotec versus the new Led on the Right

Last night Rich and I had the road lit up. We were both running Hub dynamos with Nazi headlamps. It is really worth investing in good lights. As a kick we also ran Dennis's Powerblaster led light. So needless to say we had a safe ride and I am guessing Rich must have gone home with a long 50 in his pocket. Good thing he has a sit down job during the day. Night Cats.
Today I had planned on a century but plans changed since the little one has a half day at school. I decided to venture into new terrritory and got my big ass lost. I was roaming around Marengo with time constraints, no phone, no phone numbers in case I was going to be late. I was on the Steamroller and hurt my legs trying to make up time. A generous lady, in a big fat Mercedes came me some half fast directions and she pointed me towards Hampshire. I was far away from Hampshire but from there I knew my way home. I stopped at a Marathon Gas station and ate the biggest Fritter for 76cents. I felt comfortable with the grease brick in my stomach. Drank my one and only water bottle and booked home. I made it to the Great Western Trail and home with some time to spare. Must take map next time.
yesterdays totals
40 miles,
15 miles 1x1
25 miles Quickbeam
Todays totals
50 miles
Fixed gear
Surly Steamroller
I made it there and then rolled to Burlington

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NIght Riding

Trees with available light

Elevators waiting to be filled, available light

Got out last night on the Surly 1x1 and feel like I am starting to dial it in. It is a fantastic ride and very comfortable indeed. Running a 2 to 1 gear ratio with 180 mm cranks. So it takes a lot of spinning to get it going. Us old dogs tend to get stiff and push bigger and bigger gears so riding a bike that requires spinning is good for the legs.
This weekend I think we are going to go up north to pick some apples with the girls so I don't have any big riding plans for Sunday. Thursday, day off , will entail some longish ride either on the 1x1 or the Ruffian 29er. I would love to punch another century on my card but I am not couting on it.
Tonight we are having a night ride out of my place so if anyone is interested just show up. Bring lights, pumps, tubes, warm clothes, money, a phone, and whatever else you think you might need. Ride will involve mostly road and duration will be around 2 hours. Ride starts at 8:30 pm.
This Sunday marks the beginning of the cross series in the Chicagoland area. Jackson Park will be the 1st in series and Tobie and Helmut will be racing. If you are not racing go spectate since I guarantee you it will be a fun time.
We will be hosting Race #2 in Hopkins Park, Dekalb, IL. on October 4th. We will all be there.
keep riding yer bikes, its good fer ya.

Total miles yesterday
7 on Salsa Fargo
33 on Surly 1x1

Monday, September 14, 2009

Night Riding

Nite Rider Minewt

Planet Bike Superflash (my favorite) and the Blackburn Mars

Saturday was a double with the Bike Shop and the restaurant. Sunday was one of those we can't decide what to do days and we finally decided to stay local. We rode with the trail a bike and had a chilled 20 mile day.
Today I commuted to work on the Surly Steamroller and then came home, ate, and hit the road. I am growing fond of my Genoa loop. This time I did some extra riding in Heron Creek. The valleys were cold and damp and the top of the hills were warm. A slight wind and very mindful drivers. Must be all the lights I use. Double flashers in the back. Nite Rider, cateye flasher and Princeton Tec Eos in front.
Total for today
40 miles
fixed gear

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fixed Century on a Perfect Day

Taking a break at mile 80. Had to take right sock off because of hot foot spot

Custom Aegean Blue steamroller, Michelin Cyclocross Sprint tires

Dead wild turkey off Genoa Rd. Just outside of town. That really bums me.

Sprint sign to Poplar Grove. Uncontested

Foggy Start in the morning

I sent Giugi off to school, ate breakfast, lube the chain and the Cha-mois and was out the door by 8:48 a.m. It started off kinda foggy and some nice armwarmers keep the chill off. I could see the sun trying to break through and I knew it was going to be a good one. I road up Brickville and made a left on Grove and then took Pleasant Hill rd. straight shot style all the way to Genoa Rd. I then took Genoa rd all the way to Belvedere kept going straight north, made a left on Lawrenceville rd and a right on Poplar Grove rd. I took that all the way north pass Poplar Grove and I really wish you were there. What a great ride it was. Once I got north of Poplar Grove it started to becoming more rolling hill terrain. There were no cars, the pavement was smooth and there was a little shoulder for security.
I did test riding with a Blackburn mirror and it was truly useful. I could keep an eye for cars and I think once they see the mirror they give you more room. I really liked using it for straight shot riding. I ate my banana, drank my Heed and then made a uturn to go home. I had a side wind going north and a side wind going home. I baked in the sun all day.
After coming home, I quickly showered and went shopping for shoes for Giugi, went grocery shopping and went out for Burgers, Fries and Soda. That hit the spot.
Gearing was a bit low for the road but I have the remedied already. I rode a 44x18 and then switched to 44x16. I swapped out the cross tires for road and put a road stem on the "Greek Warrior".

Totals for the day

101 miles
6 hours 15 minutes
1 bottle of Heed
50 oz of camelbak
Power bar Gel Burst
1 Gu
1 apple
2 one liter bottles of cold Dasani Water

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Need Hills??

Sounds like something we need around here.

to bed now,,,,


More night riding

Grain Elevator and Moon at night. Genoa, IL.

Wide eyed from reading Dr. Kissinger's Biography

Rte 23 Straight Shot to Genoa, IL.

Started to have some time to start fitting the new machines. Changed stems, seatpost and saddle on the Monster Steamroller and Did 45 miles on it today. The bike rides just fantastic. I changed the stock steamroller fork for a Bontrager Satellite Carbon. I am pretty sure it will not break since it has an aluminum steerer and it was intended for heavy riding. If I raced this bike offroad I would be putting the stock Surly fork on it. Tires are old stock Michelin Green Sprints in what they call a 700x30c but I measured them up to be more like 700x34. They are light, roll like the dickens and of course are no longer made. Once they wear out I am going to treat myself to some deliciouse Challenge Griffos.

I was a bit achy today from yesterdays long haul, but the commute and the night ride helped loosen things out. I do have to loosen my hip abductors and some muscle on the rear part of the machine and according to our resident Body Fixer I need to find some La Crosse Balls and roll on them . Sounds like a fun idea! Everybody go buy balls and losen up them twisted muscles!!!

Well, now I must tend to my book and drink more water. Night rides will be routine from now until the spring. The Genoa ride can be around 30 miles, Great western ride can be 40 or more. Those, I believe are the safest routes.

I am enamored with my Princeton Tec EOS mounted on my helmet and running on Flash Mode. I can still read street signs and cars coming to intersections stop. I am also running a Night Rider Minewt X2 and that light rocks. I also brought in some nifty reflective tape made by Jandd that is really thing and highly reflective. Come in to the shop and become visible.



Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day solo riding

Fighting a headwind for over 40 miles

101.97 for the day. I was really happy with these numbers

Mt. Morris, IL.

Mt. Morris, IL.

Mt. Morris, IL.
There was no planning of any sort for this weekend and I ended hacking it solo once again. I was in a foul mood all day Sunday and did not ride. I got a lot of stuff done in the house and also started reading a lengthy biography on Henry Kissinger. Book was recommended by Charlie Farrow.
The wife has enough of my head up my butt and I got booted out the house. She suggested I go ride all the way out to Mt. Morris and that is what I did. I did a Straight Shot ride out on rte 64 and was experimenting with a Blackburn mirror that Billabong gave me. I would ride on the road and as soon as a car approached I would hit the gravel and let them pass.
It took me a while to get used to not looking back over my shoulder and after a while I got used to it. Actually it was kinda cool keeping an eye on those cars. I made it to Mt. Morris in record time since I had a significant tail wind pushing me out that way. It would have been a perfect ride to make it all the way out to the Miss. river. I wish I could have convinced somebody to drive out there and bring me back home. Maybe some other time.
I battled a headwind for about 45 miles the way back home. It was really cooking me and I felt my legs starting to burn.
I rode the 85 miles in 5 hours and 10 minutes which I thought was good timing. I then arrived home, showered and went to pick up Giugi with the Burley from the inlaws. Then I came home and took the Burley and went shopping. I wanted to have a 100 mile day and it did pan out for me.
I saw no other cyclist today but saw a ton of Harley and motorcycle riders, campers, campers with Cadillac Escalades in tow, Pickup trucks hauling 4 wheelers, Boats in tow, Monster bus size mobile homes, Dirt bikes, any freaking thing that is gas powered was out there. No bicycles.
Long live Petroleum.
Rode the 85 miles with 2 bottles of Hammer Nutrition Heed, 1 bottle of perpeteum , 50 oz of water and two cheddar filled crackers. Now I am re-hydrating with some Magic Hat Lucky Cat IPA. Man, it good!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day off riding

As close as I have been to a Hawk, awesome.

Me riding in daylight. Short sleeve jersey, and shorts!

Had the day off in the morning and was able to get out for a solid 60 miles. Rode the Gunnar Crosshairs with the Schwalbe Marathon Racer tires. A very comfortable ride on those tires and they seem to wear like steel. Ira Ryan rode the same type of tire to win the Trans Iowa. He had his in narrower width and pumped to the max.
I headed out on Brickville rd and went over the new bridge on Grove. I then took Pleasant Hill road to Genoa rd and rode all the way out to Belvedere. I stopped at the 'Bucks and got an Americano because the bright light was messing with my night vision. Rode back into Genoa and did the trail were the Coyotes were wanting to eat me for dinner. Found another loop in some development area with a severe climb. Went back to Sycamore and climbed up the hill on Aldrich rd. then went home. My legs were burny and I felt good. Spent the rest of the day with Giugi. Went shopping then we stopped at Niko's Lodge for Burgers, and a beer (for me).
I am thinking that the season is starting up. I would like to organize a night ride on the Great Western Trail with a Stop in St.Charles for fuel up.
My incredible Rick Hunter Cycles custom Stem came in today and I am seeing that Salsa La Cruz getting built little by little. I am not decided on drive train, rims and tires. So far I have decided on
Stem Rick Hunter
fork Rick Hunter
seatpost Thomson
Saddle San Marco Rolls
Brakes Avid BB-7
Handlebars Nitto Noodle 46 wide
Shifters Dura Ace 9 spd Bar end Shifters
Brake levers Dura Ace Aero Levers (old school)
Headset Chris King in Pink
Hubset Chris King in Pink
BB Chris KIng in Pink
Skewers Salsa Cycles
Pedals Shimano something
Rims Either Mavic A719 or Dt Swiss TK 7.1

I am still figuring out cranks, rear der, front der, tires.



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Beady Eyes

Start time last night

Control center on the Fuji Professional

September 1st, 2009 first day with Balaclava

The Fuji taking a rest in Genoa, IL.

So I was out last night again and left the house around 10:00 pm. Definetely falling into my routine again. Dressed really warm and still got very cold. Switched to the Patagonia capilene with a jersey and Gore windstopper jacket, leg warmers, gloves, surly wool socks and I finally gave in and wore my craft balaclava. Being in town was kinda warm but as soon as I got out in the fields I felt the change of temperature and the dew that was coming down like rain. I rode the old Fuji and I realized what a fantastic ride that bike is. Built around the early 70's it still offers a comfortable, predictable cruise.

I rode around Genoa, since it is so quiet there. I eventually found this new trail and was tempted to follow it. After fighting the demons I decided to take it. It was paved so I said it should be fine with the road tires. I went over a bridge and startled a Blue Heron that was busy fishing with the moonlight. I went through a forest, took a bend and came out on this huge prairie. I turn my head to the left and amongst the brush, in the fog I iluminated a half dozen coyotes. They stared at me and I stared at them. I wasn't sure if to continue since there were a bunch of them .

I u-turned and started heading home. The hills on Rte 23 felt good. I arrived home tired, with burning legs and I was glad with the nights ride.

Total for the day 52 miles

average 16mph

Max 26mph


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Night out in the fields

Monster light. On left patch from helmet mount light

As far as I am concerned the summer is over. Proof of this was last nights ride. We left and met up around 9:30 pm for the mechanics night ride. I was decked out in a long sleeve jersey and a Gore windstopper jacket, leg warmers , gloves and a Bandanna to keep the cold air out of my asmatic lungs. Evertime we would dip from elevation to a valley the cold and humidity was clearly there. Overall we had a good ride with some hard efforts up some hills. We rode to Genoa and took a breather there. Things are shaping up for the fall. The light above is the one that Dennis built for me. It literally works like a car light. It lights up the whole road and gives us a good sense of security. It also Stops cars at intersections.
40 miles
16mph average
max 26.6 mph