Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Shaking off some cobwebs

700x40mm Ritchey Speedmax. My beloved Thomson Setback post with my 20 year old Rolls Saddle. Unbeatable.

Mr. Farmer tried to farm here. Mother Nature kept saying no and finally won.
Lots of Blue Herons like to hang out here.

Came home feeling not that great. I had a stomachache, toothache, my legs felt like mossy logs and my head was a mess. I ate some pasta with marinara sauce and I was kicked out the door by the wife. She told me I should go ride. I took my tip check from the restaurant and decided to ride to the bank and back. That would make it a 50 mile round trip. I was really happy to have packed a jacket and a bandana. I used the bandana on the way out since the GWT was infested with bugs.There were Billions of bugs, no kidding. I saw two ladies walking dogs and they had those hats with the netting on them. They told me no matter what I did I should just keep moving. I cruised at what seemed a high speed since I made my 25 mile mark in about 1 hour 15 minutes using my cross bike with the 40mm Ritcheys. My aches and pains started to go away. The legs started to settle in and my head started to clear. I just could not shake the pain in my tooth. The more it hurt, the more whisky I kept sipping and hitting the sore spot with. I pretty much had a tail wind all the way out to South Elgin.
As I made my deposit I put on my jacket, readjusted the bandana and put on the headlamp. I kept watching the flag in amazement. As I changed my gear around the flag went from a west wind to a northeast wind. Weird. I rode home with another tailwind and ended up clocking the 50 miles in 3 hours 13 minutes. Drank 2 bottles of wather, 1 Gu and 2 oz of Bushmills whiskey.
Sometimes we all just need to get out and shake them cobwebs away. The cooler temps imediately put people inside and the roads were calm and collected. Rode the Salsa Chili Con Crosso and really enjoyed the ride.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday night riding

Slender Fungus Loan and Trust.

GWT on cheater bikes.

Sorry I missed T.J's email in concerns to tire choice for the GWT. Tuesday night we headed out on our long night ride to S. Elgin. In order to honor the summer with the thinnner tires we took the cheater bikes. Gumby and I were on the Cannondale Caad 9 and the Orbea Carboner. We both rode 23mm tires pumped at 120 lbs. Some parts were slick due to excessive recent rain but when we got on the pavement we were rolling fast. Good times on the night rides. Maybe some night others will join. It is no longer cold, freezing, snowy, icy, foggy, etc.

stats for the ride
78.28 kms
max 57.5
timer 3:07.21 hrs
av. 25.1 kmph

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Riding

Most excellent Mowers Rd.

Peaceful, no cars, no people.

Gumby and the Pre-fab that he lusts for

Crossbikes Galore.

Gumby and I got out on Sunday morning for a long one. We decided to take the crossbikes since there was going to be a combo of surfaces to ride on. I got up really really early and met up at 6:00 for the long one. I took the Gunnar Crosshairs. Packed up 3 bottles, was wearing a light jacket and had the rain jacket packed in a Thomson bag and strapped to the frame. We ended up riding 94 miles. With about 20 miles worth of bumpy gravel. Got chased by a fair amount of doggies. Route basically went to Steward, Franklin Grove, Oregon and then back to Sycamore. Route will be on Mapmygayride. When we left Oregon I had 4 full bottles and Gumby 3+ We drank a lot of electrolytes and kept the nutrition up. I had no cramping at all and Gumby a bit that soon went away. Drinking lots of fluids is key to making rides in this range.
Nutrition for the ride

6 20 oz bottle 2 with Carbo rocket, 4 with Camelbak Elixir tablets
4 packs of No caffeine Gu
1 pack of keebler Cheddar Cheese Crackers (79 cents)
1 cup of coffee for breakfast
2 slices of Multigrain toast with Smart Balance Spread with 3 slices of Cheddar Cheese.

Drank lots of fluids when I got home but was not very hungry. Gunnar worked flawless. Been running a Speedmax in front and a heavy-duty Vredestein Spider Commuter tire in back 700x40c.

Noxzema withstood the whole ride with no irritation or discomfort. Feet got a bit hot since I did not use powder.

No hat under helmet keeps head cooler.

Sorry for the personal notes,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Nite Ride

Gumby in shorts and a jersey!

A nice sunset out in corn-landia

Powerline is now open. Now go run it or ride it. Burn it in.

This Trek Hybrid came in with and erection.
The repair tag specified: "Kickstand Adjustment"
What a roaring laugh when we saw it!!!!!!!!!!

Gumby and I made a run out to South Elgin on the cross bikes. It was kind of a quick one and the weather was fine, perhaps too nice. It has to be the first time we have ridden together where we did not wear jackets on the way back. We rode on the road, some gravel and the GWT. Saw some crazed Deer jumping around like nuts. I drank water and was fueled up by the Falafel Sandwiches the dear wife made from scratch. Took the opportunity to ride to the bank and deposit some checks. Rode the Gunnar and as always it was a fantastic ride. I can't wait to get some cash and set up some Chris Keeng components on that trusty old frame. We were so pleased to have Johanna visit from Gunnar/Waterford bikes. She is so knowledgeable about fitting and frames. It was a joy to chat with her. Thank you for coming down!
We are looking to introduce maybe one or more new members to the Slender Fungus Cycling Association. Our requirements are pretty low key:
We don't really ride during the day.
We spend lots of money on lights
We have tons of winter clothing
We hang out in dark areas when we take breaks
We have been know to try to start fires in the winter to keep from freezing.
We love winter.
Studded tires, Pugsleys, Cross bike, 29ers, Gimp bikes prefered.
We sometimes go out on Cheater Bikes, but don't deem the miles we pedal on them worthy.
Rides start around 9 pm and go to 11:30, 12:00 a.m., 12:30 a.m.
We sometimes try to hurt each other.
We love to fight dogs.

there is more but I need my whiskey.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Off to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

It was warm, cloudy and breezy in the land of beer and cheese

The girls cruising the Riviera

Went up to Lake Geneva for a Picnic and some beach time with the little one. Not a bad drive since it only takes us about an hour to get there. There is some traffic getting through Woodstock, il since there is construction. We also found out that Kettle Morraine trails are not that far away from Lake Geneva. Tomorrow morning I am hoping the old alarm will sound off so I can do a pre work ride. I am taking tonight off to catch up with some pesky bill paying.
On bike stuff I have received the 29er Velocity Blunt rim so I can finish the Surly 1x1 project. I still have to save up for the White Industries Disc Eno Hub for the back. I am excited to get back on the bike and have dug myself out of the post Trans Iowa Hole. I really like our family trips since it gives us some time to spend together in the summer. I am absent during the week since we work a lot at the shop. Once the weather changes the good training rides will comence.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

back to basics

Gumby hiding in the dark

Trusty old Steed

mama turtle laying some eggs.

Riding out of the house, soon to be doning a jacket, as usual.

After last nights efforts I really wanted to ride my cross bike. Gumby and I weren't sure if we were going to hook up for a Slender Fungus session but the mighty towers gave the clear go and off we were into the darkness. We had a bit of a tail wind going into st. charlies and were booking at a decent pace. Saw the neat turtle, lots of deer, racoons and heard a Party of Coyotes singing us a song. Small break at the trailhead and then headed home. I had no dinner which was great cause I did not have that full feeling while riding. I went through both bottles, had a banana and a couple of no caffeine Gus. We ended the night with 42 miles and this did feel like a real ride. No offense to "skinny tired bikes"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Slender Fungus rides again

Post ride hangout by the Gum Truck. Notice "skinny tired bicycles"

New secret hangout. There is absolutely no lighting at this location.

HEllmuts new "skinny tired bike"
Serrotta Legend Titanium
Sram Rival 10 speed
handbuilt wheels
ritchey stem, post, fork
Noodle bars, Lizard skins tape,King headset
Speedplay pedals, Conti Four Season Tires,
Physical Saddle
Cateye Wireless Strada Computer
One mean road Grabber

Commuting to work Via Powerline trail
There is where the poison ivy comes from
Pugsley 2010 frame
adventure fork
new Larry tires
Mr. whirly cranks,
32x22 front chainrings
12x32 rear cassette
Shimano rapidrise rear der
no front der
suntour xc pro thumbshifter
titec ti bars, control tec stem
ergon grips
control tec seatpost, crap saddle
bb 7 brakes, xt brake levers
35 lbs of muscle building steel bike

Gumby and I finally got out on the bikes to do some night riding. You see when you ride in the daytime you have to deal with the burning sun, lots more traffic, and ugly sights. At night the temps cool off, there is less cars out and you kinda blend into the landscape. Believe it or not we were out on "Road Bikes". Yes, you heard that right. Gumby was on his Full Carbonium Orbea and I was aboard the Mario Cipollini "best bike" Cannondale. I complained the whole ride as how we were not really riding and merely cheating on these bikes. I was afraid to post this since some of the DBD members up in the northern lands might read it and chastise us. Anyway, I don't know what say except that we ended up with a quick 40 mile ride. Took Rich rd all the way west to Malta went north to Old state, dodged some rain hiding in Adee Woods. and then rolled north on Malta to Kirkland then headed north on Pearl to Baseline headed east to 23 and then came back on brickville. We really missed Hellmut since he was on a special mission tonight and it is the last time he will be excused for not showing up. We will be rolling on road bikes for a short time until we get back on the "dirty" bikes, which is where the soul is.



Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunday Riding

Drove out to Savanna, Il and took the trail heading south towards Thomson. It was a real treat to ride down south and check out the awesomeness of the Miss. river. Did a total of 26 miles while riding with the half bike on the back of the Mountain Bike. Had a quick lunch at the Subway and just enjoyed being outside in a bright sunshine day. The little one was hungry like a wolf and I had to stop and get her a banana, apple and some goldfish to calm her appetite. I guess riding does that?
Still dealing with some poison ivy though I dont have it as bad a Hellmut.. We are just a pair of weeping bastards right now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Still there and still riding.

Clay Hill rd. Start of Trans Iowa V4. this one is for you Giggles.

Giugi and I on the Trout Run Trail, Decorah, Iowa

Dunning Spring, Decorah, Iowa

cold water stream, fennimore, Wisconsin

The incredible Pantani-mobile, loaded and fueled by Marco Spirit.

Been really busy with the shop and with all the repairs that we are getting in. We are having a great season at the shop and I feel like our help has really blossomed. The Boss and I are very happy with that. Our young man Erico has also been a revelation on the bike. He finally put his pennies together and built up a really nice British Racing Green Surly Pacer. He accented the bike with leather bar wrap, a Brooks swift saddle and new time pedals. On his first Sunday he rode 100 miles and this past Sunday he completed the overly hot NCC-Hac gravel metric. Thanks to the versatility of his bike he was able to conquer Scwalbe 700x35c cyclocross tires and do the ride.
The wife, my daughter and I have also done some short trips around this area. So far this spring time we have visited:
Le Aqua Na state park in Lena, IL.
Galena, IL.
Bellevue, Iowa
Fennimore, Wisconsin
Decorah, Iowa.

Decorah, Iowa is our favorite place to visit. We only had Sunday and Monday memorial day to go. So we packed up the Pantani mobile with Daypacks, A Surly PUgsley, The Interloc crossbike and my daughters halfwheeler. We made the trek up to Decorah passing through Fennimore, Wisconsin to visit my friend Trapper Tom whom was camping on some remote area by a Cold WAter stream. We had difficulty finding him since he gave us crap directions. We ended up driving in somebodys property amongst some Cows on some really rough rock strewn road. The cows looked in disbelief as the saw the loaded Pantanimobile negotiate the terrain like a full blown jeep.
We finally found the right place and had lunch and cooled off at the stream. I love Chacos. We continued on to Decorah where we found our routine. Parked at the Super 8, got greeted by the awesome family that takes care of the place, Got our usual second floor room, took the bikes in the room and chilled out with some cold bevs and a bit of T.V., which is a novelty for us since we dont have one at home.
We had dinner at Tbocks, went for a ride, and just enjoyed the area that we love so much. Around 7 pm my wife started to put the little one to bed and I went out for some singletrack with the pugsley. All I can say is that the Pugsley is unstoppable. I rides through anything and has incredible traction because of the tires. Bought some irish whiskey and Ginger Ale (Slender Fungus official drink) and called it a night. On memorial day we had breakfast at the local diner, saw the parade and rode bikes some more. Took the awesome trail to the trout hatchery, saw a bald eagle, and discovered more awesomeness of Decorah. Went back to Hotel, went for a drive, found Laura Ingalls museum, went to Bluffton, Went to Mabes for dinner and then around 7 headed home with a 4.5 hour drive down route 52 with beautiful views and not a single effing car in sight. Had the whole road to ourselves, daughter slept the whole time, had great conversation with the wife and arrived home.
Besides that I have been cutting trail on the Powerlines, getting poison ivy, Hellmut has it bad, been enjoying the shit out of the pugsley. My asthma is still iffy. My insurance does not cover my flo-vent and Walgreens wants to charge me 110 dollars for an inhaler. I need to visit Canada soon.
The route for the Flandria 100 is starting to bubble and I will be posting more and more about it as it develops. I will give plenty of warning but I really want this to be low key and fun.
best to all.
Check the flickeruski for the Decorah photos.