Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29th, Sunday riding

Made the early wake up alarm on my HR monitor and bolted out the door at 5:15 am. Made it to the trail at exactly 6:15 and started to yank my bike out of the back seat. It is not easy driving a nissan 200sx and riding a 62 cm Rivendell Quickbeam. I got rolling and felt out of place in a forest that I have spent years riding in. It was so groomed, they had done a burn to reduce brush and there were runners all over the place. It was three laps of "on your left" situation. Many of them had earphones on so it made it even more difficult to pass them. Waterfall Glenn has become a runners Mecca I decided.
When I had enough I got back on the road and took the frontage all the way to the movies. I headed south on woodward and then rolled down Lemont rd. To find the new Centennial trail. Lemont rd. was deeply rutted and trying to get into the right turn lane was out of the question. I would have lost my frontwheel in the crevass and my few remaining teeth.
I hooked on the trail and it was quiet and comfortable. I turned the 42x15 with ease and was starting to feel good. I ran into my friend Jackie P. and we rode together and she showed me the new trail system that is just a gem. I ended the day with over 52 miles on the fix and my legs were nice and sore. It was a strange experience riding in my old confines and when I got back to Sycamore I was glad to see the cornfields.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Some random photos and notes

The Story of June O8. Massive storms

Me driving home in New Rapha Cap

Billabong ready for his Tour. Glacier to Grand Canyon

Swampy area near Burlington IL.

650b Wheel with 40c tire.

Bleriot and Quickbeam

Billabong looking for Beer and Love

DeKalb at Night.

Super Pimp Ira Ryan Porteur. smooth.

So I have been getting out on these ass-kicking rides and coming home feeling like pooh. I know I ain't no spring chicken but last year, mere months ago, I was on fire. I was riding a ton, working and feeling great. This year the economy has put a lot a stress on the shop. We had a late, late start and somehow we are still trying to recuperate and get ahead. Also we are now open every week day until 7 pm. I get home really tired around 830 at night and that is when my off time starts. I have been eating an early dinner so as not to come home and eat late. That has helped a lot. I started taking a multi-vitamin in case I am missing something. Also today I ordered some Hammer Nutrition Recoverite to take after riding. I remember going to Decorah and riding and then hitting T-bocks for burger and Guinness with the Mrs. and I felt great.
Hummmmm? Maybe we should just move there.
At any rate we have all been stressed to the max one way or another. My pals out in Iowa have gottten floooded and are recovering from that disaster. The economy and our unstable future makes us worry a lot . Drive less, spend less and eliminate debt. It is the only way to make for more riding time.
Tomorrow is another day and I just hope I start sleeping better and feeling better.
Best to all of you,


Monday, June 23, 2008

Sunday ride

Snake on his new Cannondale System Six with Sram Rival

Raging Rock River, Oregon, IL

Devil's Backbone rd.

Trinity: John Deere, Old Style, Shakey Rooster Kings, IL.

Lifesaving Pepsi machine. 50 cents for ice cold Pepsi

I de-touring-biked the Quickbeam and decided to make it a fixed cross bike. Cross tires and a fixed cog and it was ready to go. At 7 sharp I was rolling down 64 towards Oregon, iL. My goal was to go there and then target Devils Backbone rd and check it out and then ride back home.

Surprisingly I did not have a headwind going out and I did good time. I stopped at the Rock River and was scared to see how high the water was and how it was raging over the breakers.

I rolled on down to Devils backbone and discovered a lonely road that went up and did a bunch of snaking. Towards the end it came to a steep downhill and I was back on route 2again.

I started my ride home and the west winds picked up. I had a nice tailwind home and it kept my speed around 21 mph. I was good to get back on the fix and remember days of old. I stopped at the Shakey Rooster for a much needed Pepsi. A Pepsi and banana got me home. I rode 85 miles on the fix and I got home and felt like nothing happened. Some fitness is starting to come around but I still feel like where I want to be is miles away.


Friday, June 20, 2008

General Update

8:45 p.m. En route to Kirkland

Night time in the fields

Yes it is that black. Citylights free

Marathon Gas Station for the 60 cents coffee.

So the shop has been going at full swing and we are just trying to cope. Our winter was terrible, our spring was miserable and so we are trying to salvage whatever we can. I no longer think we will be able to sell any custom bikes since that is a winter thing to do. I have been commuting and working and coming home and night riding. I have decided that it is no longer feasible to have dinner at home at 8:30 pm. I have dinner at work before I leave and then I come home and go for a ride. That seems to calm my nerves and clears my head from all the millions of questions and the constant ringing of the phone.

I have been doing the Kirkland loop which entails 30 miles of field riding in the dark. I use a blinker on the camelbak , a Planet bike Superflash on the bike, (best light in the world), reflective tape from Jandd front and rear and a Nite Rider Minewt in the front. Not many cars out and for the most part I feel pretty safe.

On Sunday we went out and did another Century with Giggles. Storms, wind, rain.. The typical Midwest weather for this year. Monday Night ride, Tuesday Night riding, Wednesday Night riding and on Thursday I Finally busted out the road bike, also known as the Cheater bike, and rode the Hampshire loop. 40 miles of cool road riding. I did mix in about 2 miles of Gravel just to get my vitamins. I did not take any food with me and bonked like bad style. A quick trip to a small grocery store and I was on my way home.

This Sunday we are planning an 80 mile Gravel Grinder so if anyone out there is interested let us know. Billabong and I overhauled the Gunnar Cross hairs. Billabong did my Chris King hubs and I cleaned and lube the rest of the bike. I like to do this about every 1500-2000 miles of gravel use. That stuff has a way of creeping in tight spots.

To all my pals out in Iowa we are thinking of you. If anyone needs some help out there drop us a line. Hope everyone recovers best possible and that you can get on with your lives.

Keep riding,


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Maiden Voyage!

Jamie and some funky camera action

Ira Ryan Porteur baptized at Road Ranger with holy Dasani Water

Came home and finished the Porteur bike and it came out exactly like I had envisioned it. Went on a night ride with the wife and the feel of the bike was spectacular. It would glide over bumps and the fit was just perfect. Did a cool 20 tonight and stopped at the road ranger for some Gatorade. Will post some daylight photos and a full spec sheet on the bike.
must sleep,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Into the new century.

I am learning this new map my ride thing. Interesting stuff. This is a typical ride that Giggles and I do on our cross bikes.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rejected, Again

Wishful thinking. A star studded night with no Tornado Watch

I worked all day on Saturday clocking in about 16 hours with commute time. Sunday morning I was a muscular wreck and could not think straight when I was woken up by my daughter. Strong coffee, no food and a massive headache woke me up enough to get in the car again and open shop at 11 am. on the day of the Lord.

I made it home by 5 pm and had to run to the grocery store and pick up some quick dinner stuff. Had some veggie burgers, rice, salad and a cold Latte on ice. I did some laundry while the wife read a ton of books to my hungry reader. At about 9 pm I started to get dressed, had the 29er ready, was going to load the camelbak with water and ice cubes. I check the weather and we are under tornado watch til 1 am. Right away thunder came and lightning was everywhere. I sat in my lycra and started to get warm.

After a lot of thinking I resigned to riding today. I rode to the end of the drive entrance to the communal mailboxes. Another bill from Comed. ( f you I thought). I am in my room ,my asthma is raging I'm downing some Kettle one with lemonade and my ass is still lubed with bag balm.

I need to do a big ride, soon.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Twice Rejected

All suited up and nowhere to go

I psyched myself up last night to do the century commute to work today. I awoke early, got dressed and was out the door within minutes. My boss was going to be late today so I had to make it there on time to open shop. As soon as I stepped out I noticed a thick fog and a drizzle coming down. I tried to ignore it but within a block I took my glasses off and settled in for a long ride. Within 5 miles I was soaked and my bike took over and made a u-turn. I did not feel bad about it since I have done sooo many shitty rides in the winter. At this point and part of the year I want to not have to suffer anymore. I be tired of playing tough guy. I returned home and my daughter was happy to see me. I made breakfast , the wife made me a tasty latte and then I drove in and got all my bank errands done. Our townhome association does not recycle (#$@#$$%^%^^%^&&^&&*&**(*()(()) , so I loaded all our recycling and took it into town where I work. I have found a recyling center and I disposed of a lot of stuff there.

The shop was busy as hell and it was hot in there. We finished work with Billabong and had a cold Stella that was stellar. At 10 pm we decided to go on a ride with the wife. We suited up , got the lights on and headed out. Within a couple of minutes we saw lightning. That is where the wife and I draw the line. Upon my second rejection for the day I figured that today was not a good day for me to ride. We are currently under a Tornado Watch until 1 am.

If you can, get out and ride.



Sunday riding

Giggles getting his miles in

North Illinois

Before the end of the day

Rode out to Marengo to meet the Giggles and then we did the Udder Century. Have not done an organized ride in a long time. Centuries nowadays seem like training rides. Lots of Tri Bike with decked out people. It was pretty interesting. Had a long day in the saddle and ended up with around 130 miles before it was all said and done. My next goal is to go for the 150 mark. I have finally changed out my knobbies for some Marathon Racer tires. I was happy with the mileage on the Cross bike.