Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

J.D Drifter 150

The J.D. Drifter 150
will be 
Happening on June 29, 2014. 
Departure will be at 5:00 a.m. 
sharp from 
the Apple River Canyon 
forest preserve.
The ride as you can imagine
will be 150 miles of rugged terrain
in the Jo-Daviess County in Northwestern 
We suggest you bring a bike with larger tires, 
plenty of water, food, lights and whatever else you think you might need. 
There will be no sag wagons handing off ice cold bottles of evian water. There will be no epic photographers pacing you up the hills. 
There will be thousands and thousands and thousands of feet of climbing. 
But on the other hand we will stay together. We will have food and music to share. We won't race the course. We will also have a shorter section where you can peel off. This distance will be around 60 miles or so. The whole idea is to get out there and ride together. It's like a caravan, like a gypsy caravan. Please let me know through comments if you like to come. We will have maps for you to use and keep. 
Let us know, 
thanks for reading 

June 29th, 2014 5:00 A.M. Start Apple River Canyon State Park, IL.
Leave comments whether you are coming. No drop ride. 60 mile shorter course included.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

LtR Blue Demon, Giugi, Self, Giaco, Gravel Jesus

Sometimes you are just lucky enough to have some people to ride with. In my case I am super-lucky to have the crew that I have. We are a tight knit group and we help each-other out all the time. Oh,we also ride bikes and hang out. So, now that my injury is coming along better I am very glad to be turning the pedals once again.
We hope to see you out there at some point. Summer don't hang out too long so don't let you meat loaf.
Fixed gear for the month of June to get back in shape. I just drop my gearing for more spin to a 42x16. I also added L.P's old cowbells, cane creek levers and the bike feels amazing.
Lots more to come and as always,
thank you for reading and being there.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More night Riding with the Slender Fungus

Was able to get out last night and chase the blue demon around while he rode the wife's big Dummy. L. Perfecto joined us on the fixed gear. It was a wonderful, warm night. Just taking advantage of this weather for all the winter nights we were couped up. Get out while you can.
Blue Demon on the Surly Big Dummy Burning it up.
L.Perfecto and I chased with no hope of catching the Robot.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Back on Track. And glad to be there.

So on March 23,2014 I had my little mishap where I just completely messed up my left ankle. It has been a long of recovery and the people that helped out know who you are. I have been going on shorter rides of 20-30-40 miles and things have been improving. Today was the day to give that old ankle a good test. I rode over to L.Perfecto's house and arrived there a bit before 7 a.m. We headed south and then west hitting the IM canal, the centennial then the Im canal trail all the way to minooka,Il. We stopped at a Pizza place and enjoyed a reasonably priced buffet. We filled our bellies and headed for the return. I was on my steamroller fixed gear bike turning a 42x15. That gave me a cruising speed of around 16mph. L. Perfecto was on her Trek 520 fixed on a 42x16. Jakey La Cruz was aboard his Salsa Casserol. The weather was hot and we went through a lot of water. We encountered a large Fox snake close to 4 feet in length. I also found a really good knife on the road. All in all I was able to get in a 100 mile day on the fixed gear. We were tired but happy to have been out on a long one again. It felt really good to pedal for that long. I hope full recovery will come soon. 
Thanks for reading, 
fox snake we helped off the road. 

A very confusing connection between the two trails. 

A good day to hide in shaded trais. I+M canal towards Chanahon. 

Pizza to go. Anything to prevent the dreaded Bonk. 

Great Place to refuel in Minooka, IL. 

L.P. with found knife in hand. 

the I+M canal was very green today.