Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Post Trans Iowa V10 Post

I would like to thank Guitar Ted for all the hard work that went into a magnificent Trans Iowa V10. I would also like to thank the Volunteers, The Grinnell Steakhouse, All the hotels that housed us, the town of Grinell, our friends, our families. The course was amazing, the wind ferocious and the 19 people that finished all those miles complete Heros. Thank you Slender Fungus crew for all the work you did. Thank you T.J., Bonk King, Gumby for helping out in the event. Thank you Blue Demon, A.G, Jakey La Cruz, Dr. Giggles for riding like you did.
Pictures and photos will follow once we get back in order. In the meantime I hope you have a great one. 
Slender Fungus Cycling Association. 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Onwards to the Fields of Iowa

This Weekend

I would first of all thank Guitar Ted for putting on Trans Iowa V10 this weekend coming up. It has truly been a long winter. There has been a lot of suffering out in the weather and I am proud to say that the Slender Fungus does not regret one second of it. April has been a crazy month for me. The Shop all of a sudden burst into a complete chaos of repairs, phone calls and bikes that need to be purchased yesterday. So, I am glad to say I have survived so far. On March 23rd I gave myself what we think is a type 3 sprain. A.G. has guided me back to feeling a lot better.  I have had great support from my Lovely wife and  Family.
 I specially wanto to thank my crew, My coworker Mike, Dave Kasai for coming to visit on his lunch break, my boss,  I will be at the starting line on Saturday and give it my best shot. I wish all the participants a very, very best luck to you. Remember all what we have talked about. Be careful out there. Keep and eye on each other. Make sure to lend a helping hand if needed. Say thank you to everyone. And also please don't litter out there. I cannot wait to meet everyone. Thanks again Guitar Ted, thank you volunteers, thank you Grinnell, Iowa.
This is going to be Great!!!

Slender Fungus Cycling Association. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day

1) Tax Day. So pay up all your money

2) Blow 1500 bucks on the Google Glasses. This will be a great addition to traffic safety. Soon we will all have mirrors to watch for swerving motorists.

3) A dusting of snow so Mr. Polar Vortex can scar us for ever. 

4) It is time to escape the fish bowl. 

5) No more pictures of my ankle. It is healing slowly but surely. I will be at the start of Trans Iowa. 

more, soon. 


View from my bedroom window as I hoisted the blinds.   

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Wankle

A couple of Sundays ago I did a rolley rolley of the left ankle that both left me in a lot of pain and discomfort and also in a state of surprise. I had been riding all winter long in one of the worst winters in my lifetime. I had survived riding in snow, ice, windstorms, darkness, etc. I might have just put down my guard on that sunny sunday. There was a lot of thawing, little parts of ice on the flat, straight, dirt road we were on. Perhaps I let my double-fisted defense down for a moment. That's when I watched my left Lake boot come off the pedal and hit the ground with the angle of the sole. I watched my ankle roll, pop-crack and an inmediate pain develop. I watched in desbelief at what I had done. Really? I just did that? After riding all winter in such hazardous surfaces. I came to terms with what happened pretty quickly. The pain, inflammation and sleepless nights have been a lesson to never let your guard down. A lesson to always be aware when you are riding. Keep an eye on your equipment, your environment, people, cars, falling stuff. I don't mean to sound paranoid but I truly left my guard down and thought I was in the clear. I don't think I broke anything because the damn thing seems to get better on a daily basis. Now I will continue to wrap, elevate and ice a bit. I hope April will come slowly so I can dance with my crew. 
take care and stay safe and healthy. 
Don't let your guard down. 
March 24-25th . A couple days after the accident. 

April 3rd. Inflamation is down. Blackness is going away.