Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Still Sick with some improvement

My oh so cool Legnano Slx, yes that is a man stem @ 140mm

Giggles losing his fur by Snake.

I was tormented by family and friends to visit the doctor. I have refused and will continue to refuse. I want to figure this one out myself. I think my whole respiratory problem has been a great combination of stress, flooding, sinus and my everlasting asthma. I have so far coped with taking the allergy pills from Walgreens, my inhaler and large dosages of tea and water. This Monday I am coughing a lot less and not producing the tire sealing goop that was coming out of my lungs.

Last Thursday I was pressed for time so for the first time this year I pulled out the Legnano and rode out to Belvedere, IL and back. Combined with my commuting and errand running I managed to plug in about 60 miles that day. Not satisfactory but I will take it anyway. Sunday I had to work at the shop to celebrate out last fucking Sunday of the season. I slept in that morning and arrived Bright eyed and bushy tailed at 11:00 am to open the doors to the zoo animals. We were busy and at some point I felt that making this our last Sunday would be a mistake. Bad habits and traditions are hard to break, so if you come next Sunday we won't be there. I think the weather is starting to change and it is also getting darker quicker. Today I bought a Showers Pass jacket for the wife and hopefully that willl allow her to extend her commuting to school a little longer. I have to get the Bomber Oldsmobile back in shape so she can get around in the winter. Also the Pantani-mobile is making funny noises in the front and it might be a bearing according to Pizza. I might call up Competitive and see if they have ceramic bearings to make the upgrade. I don't have any cool reportings from Interbike since I am a loser and did not make it there. Our shop did not participate in the cyclingn extravaganza. Sorry to have missed bumping elbows with Lance, Christian, Eddy, Jonathan, and all the Hot people of the bicycle world. I really missed not hanging out with Guitar Ted. Next year is another chance and maybe I will not rely on just being told that I am going. For next year we also have some mtb races planned with buddy Tomas. So I think 09 will be exciting. New President, a fucked up economy, war, hunger, people losing their homes, unemployment, but as long as you can afford an inner tube and some tri flow I guess it ain't so bad.

Yours weezing,


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Enemy

A microscopic photo of what mold spores look like. On Sunday I did my long ride and then spent another 6 hours plus on the bike yesterday. I feel like I have ingested 14 lbs of this crap in my lungs. All day today I was coughing and spitting up stuff. A lot of this has to do with the recent Hurricane that we had come through. What it did in our area is flood the Kishwaukee river and thus flood the low lying areas next to it. All the vegetation in that region is decaying and producing tons of this crap. Tonight was really bad so I went to Jewel to hang out in the refrigerated areas. I kept sticking my head in the Pizza and Ice Cream Coolers for relief. Man do
I want a good freeze now.
So until something changes or somebody out there gives me a suggestion I will stay off the bike. I have been taking a generic Claritin D made by Walgreens that seems to control it a little.
What I hate is the cough and then the lousy taste in my mouth.
Comments and suggestions are welcome

Most uncomfortable,


Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Commuting


I knew for sure that I did not want to drive to work today. The noise in the car and the whole idea of driving were driving me nuts of late. So today, after yesterdays beating, I decided to ride to work. The wife had a lot of studying to do so I did not have to be home right away. The 52 miles into work were met with a steady headwind all the way. I rode my Ira Ryan and came in with a respectable time of 3 hours and 15 minutes. I changed and went off to work till 7 p.m. I got dressed again and rode towards Sycamore. It was warm in Hinsdale and I rode til Westmont with Pizza and Fuji Girl. As I got closer to the fields the temps dropped and I donned my jacket. Kinda curious that its cooler where there is more vegetation. Hummm.

My legs were feeling good and I did some hard efforts. I was hating the Chamois Butter. That stuff plain Sucks. Did I say it sucks? For me there is nothing better than Bag Balm. After 20 miles with the Chamois Butter it dried out and turned my toilet area into raw meat. Not cool if you depend on such area for daily commuting. I will buy an extra can of bag balm delight to keep at work.

I made it home in 3 hours 40 minutes. I was good, lungs a tad better and legs feeling the deep pain that I like. I did hit my hand on a pole getting out of Fermi lab and bled good for about 20 minutes. I am not sure if my bod will recover for century number 3 tommorow. My asthma is still giving me troubles.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Almost had the job done.

The arches in Dixon, IL. Not today

This past week was a rough one. I came home tired and stressed one night and had a good
category 4 asthma attack. I battled it til 4 am because I refused to go to the hospital and fork over a grand and a half. After I have such attacks my lungs take a while to recuperate. I have also been battling a bad allergy season as well so the whole breathing thing has not been going well.
Today I had decided to make it out to the arches in Dixon, IL. I was planning on a long day in the saddle with mileage around 140 miles. I left with the wind on my back and was feeling ok. I knew I would have a hard time coming home with a headwind but I kept going anyway. I stole one mile after another. Believe or not I was on a road bike. I tuned up my Rivendell Heron and rode that today.
I started to cough at about mile 70 and that is when I started to head home. I missed my Dixon destination by a mere 8 miles but that was o.k. I took Daysville road out of Franklin Grove, IL and headed north towards Oregon. There were a bunch of rollers on Daysville that made me sweat and weeze. I made it to Oregon and headed east towards the Ari Household. 35 miles of headwind and my legs were not getting enough oxygen. I knew what was happening so I just kept riding, drinking, eating. When the going go too tough I plugged in the Mp3 player and went into numb mode. I was happy to see the sign for Kings IL, because that is where I stop at the Shakey Rooster and buy my 50 cent Pepsi.
The last miles were agonizing and at this point I knew this ride was wrong. I made it home, had 32oz of Recoverite and went to bed.
I finished the day with 110 miles in around 6 hours and 30 minutes.
The Continental Top Contacts in 700x28 create a lot of drag but are tough tires.
Breathing is good,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ira Ryan Cycles

The long wait was worth it. After riding this bike for the summer and the now coming fall I have been very impressed. Smooth, Silent, and just a fantastic ride. I wish for all of you to someday get a custom bike made to your measurements. You will never go back to production.
Todays ride was quick run out to Waterman with Tobie from North Central Cyclery. Very enjoyable to ride with another human being and not just talk to myself out in the fields. Lots of great ideas will be coming soon. For the time being, get ready for fall and winter. Say no to spin Class!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Waterford Precision Cycles

The great guys from Waterford produce some really nice bikes.
Check out the video with the one and only Richard Schwinn.


Cyclocross Race In Dekalb IL

North Central Cyclery of De Kalb IL is announcing a great day of Racing on October 5th, 2008
Hope you can all make it out there to race and to cheer on the riders. The race will be around the Hopkins Park area and Tobie has spent endless hours finetuning the route. There will be grass, dismounts, up hills and much more. Get your bikes ready and come on out to cornland. WE don't bite. Any more info call the shop or drop me a note,


Friday, September 12, 2008

Time to Change

Yes it is that time of the year again fellow cyclists. It is that time of year to get ready for another change in seasons. Fall is coming quick since we are all so busy all the time. This is the time of the year were I start to weed out the flock of bikes as to which one stays and which one goes in the backburner.
I also start to organize all my lights, My wet weather clothing and my fender situation. I always have at least one bike set up with full fenders. Nothing works better than the real deal. Full fenders keep you and your bike cleaner and drier. I have a bunch of flashing rear lights and this year the winner in best rear light is the Planet Bike Superflash.
When on lengthy night excursions I take a Led front light like a Cateye and also my trusted MiNewt from Nightrider. I also use velcro on wheel reflectors from Rivendell Bicycle Works.
Over the years I have amassed a large wardrobe of clothing for the bike. My two favorite items are the Showers Pass Jacket and my Lake Winter Boots. This year I also plan on purchasing new tights and Nokian STudded tires. I was twirling with the idea of having a "Commuter Seminar" at the shop. I think it would be a great chance to show some stuff and also answer a lot of questions about how to dress and how to stay safe. Throw me some comments if you are interested and then I will take it from There.
I am going to be helping my pal Tobe from North Central Cyclery with the Cyclocross Race that will take part on October 5th, 2008 in Hopkins Park in Dekalb IL. I am going to post more on this as we get closer. I hope you can come and race or just spectate. Cross races are a blast and the riders are pain freaks.
Ride is still on for Sunday. I will ride regarless of rain since I am trying to put in as many miles as possible before next years Trans Iowa. I know it is far to the end of April but the winter months seem to fly really fast.
Get out and ride,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hey, I am announcing a group ride. Listen Up!!!!

Soon to Come.
Sunday the 14th of September, at the back of the Shop, Hartley's, we are going to assemble and have a civilized ride out to Batavia, IL. All are welcome. We will roll at 7:10 am. SHARP, since Pizza and I have to be back at 11:00 a.m. to open Shop. We will ride along the tracks, go on Warrenville rd, Fermi lab, then Coffee Break in Batavia and then ride back. Total mileage should be around 46 miles round trip.
Nobody will be left behind and we will all come prepared with innertubes, pumps, tools, food, water, and whatever else you need. We will not ride on gravel or ice like the photo above.
Hope to see as many of yous as possible. Any questions call the shop. This is end of summer, let's get together ride. The ride map is posted below on the map my ride thingy.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Oregon IL Grave-Tar ride

Giggles and Pizza on Chana rd.

Went out to Oregon,Il with Pizza and Dr. Giggles. We decided to go Singlespeed and just have a long spinny kinda ride. Pizza rode the Salsa Casserol and Giggles and I were on Gunnar Ruffian 29ers. It was really a beautiful day. It was Sunny with no humidity and we had a headwind going out. We discovered some new roads and some very nice countryside on the way out. We did gravel, rollers, a couple of hard climbs and before you knew it we were at the half point. Pizza rode fixed for half the way and freewheeled it home. I am still having problems with hydration and cramps. Total mileage was 83 miles. Four large bottles of water with NUUN, 1 large bottle of Gatorade, and 10 capsules of electrolytes from Hammer Nutrition. One large Bagel with cream cheese and Jelly, one power bar, 2 chocolate Grandmas cookies, 1 small box of raisins.
Rode the On*One Mary bars and was utterly amazed at the comfort these bars offer. So far on the 29er I have tried:
Titec Flats
Surly Torsion Bar
Race face riser
Titec Jeff Jones design H-bar
Salsa Bell Lap bars

The Mary bars take the cake. I also ran the regular Ergon grips and made sure to dial in the angle. Stem is Thomson and brake levers Paul. This is a winning combo.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Westmont to Batavia map.

I had a request today for a ride that gets you out of the little rat race. Take this route and explore the Fox River area. Hope it helps out.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another attempt at Video

I downloaded the video to youtubey and then will copy it here. Hope it works eh!

Sunday riding and day off riding

Rockhopper, Master of the Gravel Universe

Todays soon saturating Gravel.

Sunday, Pizza putting the hurt on.

Taking a break in Oregon, watching Harleys go by.

Recovery drink. Drink a couple really cold and fast.

So I wrote this brilliant post a few hours ago and I attempted to load a video. Once the darn thing loaded, it crashed and I lost all what I had written. I blame my ignorance and also having received my masters with a thesis written on typewriter. Too bad I don't have Alex and Mauri around to just do that sort of thing for me.
Second Attempt:
Pizza Dan and I met up at my house and did a long 80 miler Grave-tar ride. We were both on cross bikes and the weather was super sunny and the temps kept climbing until they reaced the lower 90's. As the ride progressed we were also blessed with a nice strong wind coming out of the southeast. Thank you Gustav.
We made the mistake to not carry anything with some electrolytes and to say the least we got dehydrated like crazy. Ricardo will for sure yell at me. He is my professional nutritionist and I , being the lame ass, always forget his advice. We did drink bottles of Gatorade at Oregon but that was not enough.
We also suffered from hot foot and we had to stop on Mowers rd. to take our shoes off and cool off the dogs. It was a mighty fine ride and the suffering made it sweeter. I am going to experiment with larger clicky pedals to see if it helps. I was running Spds while Pizza was on eggbeaters.
The cross bike is a great machine for my area since at one moment you can be on tar and the next on gravel. I ran Ritchey Speedmax while Pizza was on Vittoria Randonneur Tires. We got home tired, salty and really thirsty and at that time I remembered that in less than 1 1/2 hours I had to be at the restaurant to serve. I was really dissapointed.

Today was a completely different story. It was cold and rainy. Some leftover action from the hurricane. I rode with a wool undershirt, My great Showers Pass jacket and rode the Specialized rockhopper soon to be monster winter bike. The gravel was well saturated and it made for a great workout. I took Old State back and rode the shoulder for more non-tar action.
I arrived home satisfied with 20 miles of rain riding and vowed to do it all over again in preparation for Trans Iowa next year.
On other Trans Iowa news Guitar Ted has posted on his blog that Salsa Cycles is coming out with an adventure bike for long distance riding called the "Fargo" Check it at their website. I think a lot of Trans Iowa type races are popping up.
Pal Thomas is wanting to do The Ore to Shore in Upper Peninsula next year and if we get a spot and all goes right I will be up there. No pun intended.
I will have to say that this years road riding was a wash. I rode my Team Motorola Eddy Merckx once. I never rode the Legnano. Never rode the Mondonico. Rode the Heron maybe twice.
I rode the Gunnar Crosshairs a ton, rode the Salsa, Rode the 29er. So more dirt and less tar this year. Also my commuting to work was also down. I was more resposible, worked more hours and paid off a bunch of stuff to become FREE.
We still want to move to Decorah and that thought is becoming more and more of a reality. I truly just want to ride and live a basic life. So I hope that happens for us some day.
If anyone has some comments on the hot foot issue shoot me some info. I am going to try some Crank bros Mallets and see how they work.
Enjoy the soon coming fall.