Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Up in the mountains.

the garage still needs work

Rollers and an eliptical in the downstairs

Commuting on the brown crosscheck with new SKS longboards in beige

Living room with our books out.

Living room sans carpet , with fireplace.

Turkey ride on Apulia rd. Just fantastic.

Took a few moments to take in the scenery

Mancave coming together.

So almost 4 weeks without a post. Have been busy settling into work and getting the household straight. It was quite the adventure to get here. The wife drove the 26' truck all the way here and at some point we got separated. They took the wrong turn, ended up coming in about 4 hours later. We unpacked and worked hard for about a week to get the beds built and to situate all the bike crap that we brought over. Almost 4 weeks later and the house is almost there, the kids are in school, I am working and the wife is waiting on an interview soon. The shop I work at is amazing. This area has pristine roads which are glass free since they have a 5 cent deposit on cans and beer bottles. Despite almost 300" of snow a year there are no potholes and the road come complete with respectable shoulders. My round trip commute to work and back is 22 miles. It includes 1200' of climbing. To say the least my body has been in shock since I moved here. I rountinely use the cannondale in a 34 x26 gearing. That allows me to climb some of the bigger hills at 4mph. I also use the triple on the BMC. I have lost 10 lbs since I moved here. Our house is situated in the woods and the little ones school is less than 2 blocks away. So far, so good. We are awaiting the long promised big snows. Turbo Tuesdays, east coast edition will begin soon.