Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day

1) Tax Day. So pay up all your money

2) Blow 1500 bucks on the Google Glasses. This will be a great addition to traffic safety. Soon we will all have mirrors to watch for swerving motorists.

3) A dusting of snow so Mr. Polar Vortex can scar us for ever. 

4) It is time to escape the fish bowl. 

5) No more pictures of my ankle. It is healing slowly but surely. I will be at the start of Trans Iowa. 

more, soon. 


View from my bedroom window as I hoisted the blinds.   

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Wankle

A couple of Sundays ago I did a rolley rolley of the left ankle that both left me in a lot of pain and discomfort and also in a state of surprise. I had been riding all winter long in one of the worst winters in my lifetime. I had survived riding in snow, ice, windstorms, darkness, etc. I might have just put down my guard on that sunny sunday. There was a lot of thawing, little parts of ice on the flat, straight, dirt road we were on. Perhaps I let my double-fisted defense down for a moment. That's when I watched my left Lake boot come off the pedal and hit the ground with the angle of the sole. I watched my ankle roll, pop-crack and an inmediate pain develop. I watched in desbelief at what I had done. Really? I just did that? After riding all winter in such hazardous surfaces. I came to terms with what happened pretty quickly. The pain, inflammation and sleepless nights have been a lesson to never let your guard down. A lesson to always be aware when you are riding. Keep an eye on your equipment, your environment, people, cars, falling stuff. I don't mean to sound paranoid but I truly left my guard down and thought I was in the clear. I don't think I broke anything because the damn thing seems to get better on a daily basis. Now I will continue to wrap, elevate and ice a bit. I hope April will come slowly so I can dance with my crew. 
take care and stay safe and healthy. 
Don't let your guard down. 
March 24-25th . A couple days after the accident. 

April 3rd. Inflamation is down. Blackness is going away.  

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Re-post from the old Days

Turbo Tuesdays 
My ankle is still bad but 3% better.
I have been commuting 7 miles each day
swelling is subsiding.
I will be gone to Wisconsin this weekend. 
Gonna soak it, soak it, soak it. 
Below is an old post from the glory days of Turbo Tuesdays. 
Those days are coming back. 
Watch out!
bye for now. 

Otter left and B.B. What great times together!

Bald Eagle and I in Dirty Kanza.

My son Alex and I. 

Wifey and I  

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cold March Ride

Got up at Dark thirty and pointed my trusty Quickbeam towards to NW. The wind was already stiff at 545 as I rolled to meet the guys by 9 am in Sycamore. We gathered and then rolled further nw into Kirkland. Riding in Potowatomi forest preserve I lost footing on my bike and tried to unclip to stabilize. The boot came off the bike at the very last nano second and landed on the ground at an angle. I watched helpless as my ankle rolled all the way down. I heard the crackling noise and inmediately wondered if I broke something. I got back on the bike and it started to get sore, really sore. I rode the remaining 20 miles back to the start as smooth as possible. I figure that if it was broke I would be in worse pain and would not be able to ride a singlespeed on gravel. As the ride ended the ankle got stiffer and stiffer. This morning the whole thing is swollen and stiff. I will bandage and go to work. I hope it decides to chill out and let me keep doing what I need to do. 
Shit happens I guess. I thought I be accident free this winter but it ain't so. 
better days , 
parts of the GWT were free of snow. The shaded parts not. 

Jakey, Left, taking an update call from AG Who is in Virginia on a solo tour. 

Jay had frozen hands and we had to switch gloves. 

Most of the gravel in Dekalb county seemed good. 

I had the honor to ride with the Llama.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Riding Partner

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So after all these years of riding one has spent so much time on the bike and has thought of so many things. As I approach 400,000 miles on my legs I really could not have done it without some valuable riding partners. 
I hear a lot of some people that like to ride alone. I understand their point of view and how they enjoy the time alone. I have done that for many rides and many miles. Sometimes nobody is free to ride so you must just get out there and go solo. 
I most enjoy riding not alone. The riding partner is an inmensely valuable person. This person will not only keep you company but will also encourage you and motivate you to ride faster, longer and to do rides that would be impossible on a solo effort. 
The riding partner will always be on time. Will always be a listening ear. Will keep you informed of different topics. What new stuff came out, who won such and such race, what new ride is coming up. 
The riding partner will worry about your safety and help you when you are feeling tired and unmotivated. Through out the years I have been able to sync up with a few riding partners. I have been fascinated by how well we ride together. We could go on for miles and miles and float on the road, drafting and making exchanges effortlessly. 
Then the news comes of the move. The sadness of losing your best companion on the bike. 
What continues is miles and miles of alone time. Their voice echoing in your helmet. The never ending desire to share miles and stories. 
It has happened to me and it will happen again. It is a sad reality of life. Enjoy those miles. Enjoy your gift of the riding partner. Because as all things in life it is a fleeting moment. Catch it if you can. Thanks for reading, 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Magic of Turbo Tuesdays

Turbo Tuesday
Turbo Tuesdays have been a long standing tradition with the Slender Fungus. Sometimes we move around and don't seem to be able to get all together to do this ride. Sometimes we do it alone. Sometimes with just another person. There is something special about Tuesday night. I look foward to it all the time. It's getting thru Monday's at the shop. All the repairs and heavy traffic happens on Monday. Come Tuesday it calms down. Then come Tuesday night I saddle up, take the lights and then I feel that magic happen. Lately I have been riding Turbo Tuesdays with A.G. Tonight we ignored all the predictions of rain, storms and whatever else and just got on our singlespeeds and headed west. It was a teeenny bit warmer but not really. We pounded 50 miles in the dark with ease. We hit some hills off the saddle and it felt good. We spun and spun avoiding potholes and sometimes hitting one square on. 4 hours later I get home and I am wide awake. I eat something since I don't eat when I ride 50 miles. I make some Mint tea and I catch up with my writing. 
The next morning I get to work and listen to the accomplishments of others. I secretely know I was out there the night before. Nobody saw us, nobody noticed us. We watch sporadic TV while we ride. The Big sreens are more obvious thru the Bay windows than ever. I can spend all night trying to explain the magic of Turbo Tuesday but I think my english not so good. All I can say is that you should join us. I really doubt you will regret it. 
Go on, set yourself free. Thanks for coming out tonight A.G. 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Long day in the Saddle Saturday with Dave and A.G.

Got out early on Saturday morning at 6am. We met at the shop and rolled Southbound towards New Lennox. It was a cold morning again and with the time change it was pitch black outside. Dave was aboard his 29er and A.G on her Touring-ready Crosscheck. We Made it to New Lennox then headed north towards Lemont. We tried crossing thru WaterFall Glen but the trails were treacherous. Glared ice made us detour back onto the roads. We brought Dave back to the shop and then A.G. and I continued eastbound to get more miles in. I finish the day with around 89 miles and I believe AG should have done 100 before it was all said and done. It sort of started to warm up by the time I got back. Of course. 
Friend Ricardo did some adjusting to my position and it felt amazing. He brought my saddle foward and up a little. I was able to spin more and also reduce pain in my lower back. 
Thank you my friend!!
Early morning heading south on Willow Springs road

Stretch and refuel at Beer World. 

Trusty riding partners Dave and A.G.