Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, June 8, 2018

Single-speeding back to normality

For a long time I have been a fan of the Singlespeed bicycle. I love the simplicity and somehow I think the rear end of the bike is lighter and it accelerates quicker. That's just me probably. I have messed around a lot of the years with gear ratios. They are different depending on what you want to do, what type of bike it is, what time of year it is and the level of fitness you have. Are you interested in climbing hills, covering terrain quickly?? So it is nice to have a tote, box where you can have all your cogs, freewheels, chainrings, lockrings and chainring bolts. That makes changing stuff a lot easier. 
Lately I have been spending time on the Salsa Ti Selma. That bike is running 34x18 and I used it to do general riding, and perhaps getting into Palos with the singletrack. My Ruffian has a 34x16 with discontinued Ragley Luxy Bars. That bike is for covering distance. Both bikes are running 29x2.1-2.2 tires. On the road I run 40psi. 
After dealing with an injured hip the MTBs have helped stay more upright and take the strain on those hip flexors away. Fitness is coming back syrupy slow. I mean slow, slow. 
This morning I also updated my All City Nature Boy disc with 39x18 with Michelin Jet tires. I will be trying out the Ritchey VentureMax handlebars also. 
Thanks for reading, 
This guy caught a couple of fishes while I was observing him. 

Abandoned house in Du Page County. I would live there. 

Water Fall Glen is always good. 9.5 miles for a loop of Gravel. 

Probably coming out to lay eggs. I was impressed by those claws. 

Waterfall Glenn

My most excellent Gunnar Ruffian. 

Friday morning rain. Perfect for ruining a pre-work Ride.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

No more Bombfire Pizza

A while ago when I lived in Sycamore,Il. my wife and I used to go on scouting trips west of there. We started to discover the gravel roads on the west side of IL, then the driftless area spawned a million ideas in my head. 
At some point I decided to cross the Scary Bridge in Savanna,IL over to Sabula Iowa. Wow! That blew my mind to say the least. I remember a very first, crude ride that we did there with the wife, Bonk King, Cookie and meself. I wanted to take a map but Bonk King insisted that his new I-phone was all we needed. Of course there was no service out there. Our 40 miler turned into a death march with limited water and food left. 
We were dead tired and of course came back for more many a times. 
Jay and I started having these "Mission rides" that were intended to whip us into shape for the Spring Dance known as Trans Iowa. We rode single speed and typically did about 80-90 miles with as shit ton of climbing. 
We would then head over to the Bombfire Pizza. There we would devour pizza. Jay would drink a couple beers while I guzzled endless cans of Pepsi. 
When we organize the Death Ride with Guitar Ted we had a lot of riders eat at the Bombfire. The Bombfire Pizza was a unique place in that it had all kinds of Art work ,delicious pizza and one of the Kindest shop owners I have ever met. He talked to us all the time. Asking where we were from and really listening. 
In March of this year his friend found him dead. I just found this out last night as I was looking for info on the Sabula bridge. The Bombfire Pizza is gone. Those times we went there have just turned to memories now. My daughter loved going there. 
So, Thank you Tom for all those great memories. May you rest in peace and know that you will not be forgotten. I hope that the bridge opens soon to pump some blood back into Sabula. 
I miss those times. 
Thank you for reading. 
Tom Holman, owner of Bombfire Pizza, Sabula Iowa. May you rest in peace. 


Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend riding

Got out on Sat with the SS 29er and did about 35 miles. It was good to cleanse out after having a super good meal on Friday night. Rode mostly on the road and touched into Waterfall Glen. 
Saturday was a ride with my Brother in law and good friend Randolino. We did our first ride to Batavia in the heat. Nobody is used to this heat yet and we labored to get back home. Yesterday Monday I was unable to latch onto a ride so I went solo. MY goal was to hit the 50 mile mark and visit friend Frank. I had a gentle ride on the cheater bike all the way to St. Charles. ON the way back I was attacked by some crazy wind storm out of nowhere. 
I rode 30 miles into a nasty headwind with all kinds of dust and pollen choking me down. I stopped at a gas station for some overpriced water and then rode home to be a zombie the whole rest of the day. I kept falling asleep and all the projects I had ended up in the trash bin. 
A good weekend of riding. Still a lot of work to do for sure. But I am not going to give up. 
Now that's a job for the faint of heart

I dropped out on the ride on Friday since my hip was killing me. 

I found this view in the most unlikely place. 

Plant shopping with the Big Dummy

Always good to see open spaces and trees. 

Ran into Buddy Bruce and he rode with us for while. 

Cheater Bikes resting at 7/11

Memorial day and this is how the flag was on my way out. 

Cheater bike cockpit. Yes, those are sti shifters. 

Fermi lab building. 

much needed open space. 

exit area Fermi west. 

Friday, May 25, 2018


Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone out there. During these days I take time to remember family members and friends that are not around anymore. I get out for a ride and think about them. I remember what they said, the funny jokes, the characteristics that made them who they are. 
It will be good to be off on Monday. We have been going full steam ahead here at the shop. We have been selling, fixing, inflating. People are mostly trying to catch up with lost weeks in March and April. 
Everyone's mileage is off. But I am glad we are still riding. That's the important thing. Be safe out there. 

 Slender Fungus Mascot

Slender Fungus Flora


 RIP Marco. 

this is Chunky Gravel 

TI V10 Special K and I 

Good friend Chris from Bellevue

 TI V10 

 Hellmut my training partner eating cold, fried Chicken

thousands of miles on my first fixed gear bicycle 

The old man, still kicking despite a lot of illnesses

Giggles and I when he picked up his restored Merckx. check out my footwear! 

1998 Subaru Forester. Wifey and I would scout gravel in this car. That was amazing. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Trans Iowa V14

Thank you for Posting this video of Trans Iowa V14 to Nicholas. This gives everybody a real good perspective on the race.

Thank you again,


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Turbo Tuesdays? A return??

Long time ago we, the Slender Fungus, would congregate at 830pm for Turbo Tuesdays. Those were some of the best rides ever. We rode the Trail from Sycamore to St Charles and back. We had a blast talking, stopping for food and the occasional drinky. We all moved and dispersed and that all came to an end. 
Now a new group of guys has showed interest riding on Tuesdays. We are trying to make it a regular thing without all the calling and texting and so forth. 
The ride is brisk and lasts about an hour. We all have to get back and open shop. I am happy this is happening. So much better to ride with some other people Some days you don't feel like riding but when a group of guys start circling in front of your house you know you better get ready. 

Monday, May 21, 2018


Got out on the SS 29er yesterday and it truly felt so liberating and peaceful. Just one gear to deal with, a quiet hum of the chain coated in dumonde tech original formula. It was windy, cold, rainy, then somehow sunny, and windy again. May weather in Chicago I  guess.  Part of my riding was on the road until I got into the woods. It was so green and lush in there. I rode on a bright grren carpet of grass for a while. Then onto gravel where the white gravel stones pinged on the ti downtube. I let a breathe out glad to not be at my station tuning bikes. Because of the weather the hordes of people were absent. The parking lots almost empty. Fairweather forest goers letting this day slip by.
I returned home super-hungry and wet.
I was glad to be out there.
 On the road with the 29er

 Back to early spring gear

 I found this dead bird on the side of the road. I am pretty sure it is a Night Hawk. Someone please identify

 My Salsa Ti Selma SS. I love riding this bike. 

 The creek at the outlook area in Waterfall Glen. 

 The lake at Waterfall Glen. 

This Redwing bird was mad and was wanting some sunshine. He was also pissed that I was in the vicinity. 
an old found picture. Cookie on one of our Iowa Mission rides.  Ahhh, those were the days.