Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday July 20th, 2014

Rode 150 miles on the Salsa La Cruz. Made it all the way out to Rochelle, IL and back. Met up with Gumby, Bonk King, Kurt and Steve in Dekalb. Then I rode home for another 4 hours solo. Got pretty tired since I rode hard on the MTB on Saturday. I totalled 200 miles for the weekend. Today will for sure be an easy day and tomorrow I will be at it again. Hope all is well with you guys.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A long distance Sunday.

Saturday night I got called in to work at the Bistro. It was Bastille Day weekend and being a french place we were going to be packed. WE were super-busy and luckily everything went well. I arrived home around 12:30 a.m. and could not fall asleep until 2:00 a.m. I kept reminding myself that  I should get all my stuff ready for the long ride I had planned for Sunday. I wanted to leave by 5 am. but I ended up leaving at 5:30 instead. I had promised the Bonk King that I would meet him at the Silo at 7:30 and I soon hated myself for having to time-trail there. Riding a Cross bike with touring wheels and 37mm tires was not a fast going. I did make it in time and covered the 35 miles in 2 hours 5 minutes. 
We quickly left the parking lot since the skeeters were already sucking our blood out. We headed west on the Great western trail with Bonk King and his friend Lee. We made it to Dekalb and picked up Jakey La Cruz. BK and Lee ended up heading East while Jakey and I headed out to Kirkland. By then I had ridden 75 miles into a headwind and was ready for a change. 
Coming back was easier since the winds had changed and I was cruising a tailwind in the big chaingring. Jakey split off to head home as I had about 50 miles to go. It progressively got hotter and the heat was starting to bug me. At mile 120 the saddle started to bother me too since I had never ridden it before. I stopped at walgreens for a tube of vaseline to quiet down the area. I finally arrived home at 4 pm really dehydrated, tired and glad to sit down on the soft couch. I ended the day with 140 miles on the cross bike. 
Thanks to Bonk King, Lee and Jakey la Cruz for riding with me. It was great to see all of you. 
best, Ari 
Fermi Lab was deserted and the clouds made me think NO More

Gremlin Hot rod in Sycamore, IL. this car was so cool. 

Lee and the Bonk King. 

Jakey La Cruz and I rode some Gravel 

My favorite Site

On the way back when it got hot it was great to hide in the trees. 

Out in the open it got hot


Thursday, July 10, 2014

When everything else fails go for a night ride

So last night I saddled up on the Mariachi Steel and took off for Palos. I installed some old Barends on my wide Salsa bars since my wrist has been bugging me for a while. I also put on some cushy tape to take up the vibrations since the Mariachi has no suspension. The night was awesome and it was a delight to be out there. I had my suspicions about bugs but it was cool and they decided to stay at bay. I hit up the yellow trail and warmed up on the gravel. I then got on the singletrack with my little Mako light and it was great to be in there. I ended the night with 35 miles on the Mtb. Sometimes solo riding is not that bad. 
This weekend I plan on a long ride on Sunday. I will make a post and let everyone interested in going on the details. Most likely early meet up somewhere west of where I live. The Bonk King has already picked up this ride on his radar. 
at first it was clear and the trail was dry and awesome

Tired and burned out from 1 too many tune-ups

The moon was out and it got brighter and brighter as I rode. 

An amazing sunset for Jay, king of sunset pictures. 

Then it got full on dark The yellow trail was good. a couple of mud holes though. 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Fitness Kickoff

So, since I got injured in March I have been riding my bike but not doing much more with my legs than standing at the bike shop. The bad pain has gone away and I have decided it is time to get back in shape so I can keep up with my younger crew members. On Friday I met up with the Blue Demon at L.Perfecto's house and we rode out west. We stopped at the Walgreens to celebrate the 4th with some drinks and chippys. I rode back with my steamroller and ended up the day with 40 miles. The wife and I later went to Palos and we did a decent little loop hiking and then I did 3 sets of the stairs. There is where I realized how badly out of shape I am. I was dragging up the hills while hiking. I was out of breath and my whole body hurt. Dont' ask me how I pulled off the 150 miles of the Drifter. On Saturday morning I took out the Salsa La Cruz with 42mm speedrides and hit the road bound towards the Palos area. I was decided to do the Yellow loop. I ended up doing the whole thing plus the out and back black loop. There were some mud holes but I was really enjoying being out in the woods. I came home, did some chores and then we went again to Palos for our late afternoon hike and stair session. We did the same loop and then I did 5 sets of stair while the wife did 3. We were pretty gased as we drove home tired and sweaty. I am determined to regain my fitness. 
Blue Demon and I celebrating with drinks and chips. 

The Gravel trails in Palos were good. The dirt ones had some mud holes. 

Most of the dirt was dry. 
Etch a Sketch

Giugi's Schleich scenes. The rider is in a magical flower forest. That would be cool!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

J.D Drifter 150 a Gravel Caravan

Not much time to write but all I can say is that that ride was a success. Ten of us met up at the Apple River Canyon on Sunday at around 5am. We headed out of the canyon on a steep climb and came out to view some very beautiful terrain. The ride ended at 930 pm when the storms rolled in and AG got the perfectly timed flat. That was the sign to get out of town. We rode on Gravel, dirt, grass, mosquitoe infested area, along the Miss. river, Pavement. It was a super-diverse ride. The total climbing for the day was over 11,000 feet. I was glad to have my triple and sometimes that was not enough.
Thanks to all who came out. It was a blast riding with all of you!

Part two:
The riding was spectacular and it was great to ride with Lance,Traci, Eric, Richard, Blue Demon, L. Perfecto, Jakey La Cruz, Grant, Tom. We ended up in Savanna for our first break after about 50 miles at a Casey's. We fueled up on Breakfast Pizza, Gatorade, Red Bulls and whatnot. We then headed up into the Palisades where we had a couple riders crash out on a  very steep descent. Both riders continued on despite some injuries. We later descended on some crazy singletrack. We finally made it to Galena and stopped for lunch. This was a great idea since food on the bike gets boring and old. A freshly stacked salad bar with Chicken Noodle soup was  a great lunch. We then came out of Galena and hit some monster hills. My legs were starting to act up and I kept pounding them with water and gels. I finally stopped cramping as the sun was going down and it was cooling. I started to feel really good around mile 110. I wanted to continue riding all night. It was cool, we were listening to Johnny Cash on Blue Demons Blue tooth stereo. I was in my glory and did not want the ride to end. We eventually ran out of water and knocked on a door. The lady gave us free range on the garden hose. We were so happy with full bottles. I kept thinking how right Jake la Cruz was about Jo Daviess county. The hills, the views, the roads, the river. It is the best part of IL that I know of. 
The Group heading out early morning. 

Bushwhacking to get to the hidden Bridge. 

These bridges are slowly dissapearing. It's great to be on a bike and find them. 

Sometimes the scenery was so good we all stopped and stared. 

More bushwhacking along the Miss river. 

about 930 pm. We wanted more but got stopped by the storms. 

There was a lot of Walky hills. 

The Blue Demon rode 150 miles on his ECR on a new Brooks.