Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is on my mind


and this


Tomorrow more riding.


Day off riding

I think that over the summer my beard just went grey. Whatever

over 4" of rain in a couple of days. Hey the gravel is saturated

Farm house close to Virgil, IL.

Deda' zero uno tubing, lugged, Italian made, a crazy ride

Sent the little one off to school this morning and I literally ran into the house for some coffee and scrambled eggs with bagels. More lube on the already crudy Bianchi and off I was to get a good ride in. I rode to South Elgin using part of the Great Western TRail and then took Silver Glen to get some hill work in. Did 25 miles into a headwind and at times I was wondering if it would ever end. I was comfortable wearing my Showers Pass Jacket, leg warmers, wool gloves and the helmet cover that Billabong gave me. I like the cover since it keeps my head warm. I listened to some soft music on the Mp3 player and the ride was very relaxing.
I specially enjoyed the 25 miles of tailwind all the way home. I am glad to have gotten back on track and so far I have been feeling pretty good on the rides. Still more stuff to organize:
winter clothing,Buy more clothes, gloves,get rid of stuff that is ripped and not usable anymore.
Total for today 50 miles
Bianchi Cross bike
Gravel, roads, hills, headwind
Rain and flooded trail.


Super Soaker

Last night I left the house thinking how it had stopped raining for me to get to work and back. It had rained all day and I had kept dry. At night it was still dry but I took my trusty Showers Pass jacket just in case. I did charge the Nite Rider and off I was. Almost instantly it started to drizzle and then when I was furthest from home it started to rain really hard. I was soaked to the bone but the jacket at least kept my torso dry. I rode with Jesus and he had a golf shirt on and just took the rain. We joked and laughed all through the ride.
Got home around 11:30 and had some food and warm tea.
35 miles total for the day
Bianchi Cross bike

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A very creative young man that I know

You would never know that he does this stuff because he is cool, humble and somehow modest. But when you check out his work you will notice some burning passion in there.


Thanks for hiding for so long buddy.,


Night out

Handheld in night scene. 11:00 p.m.

Downtown Genoa, IL.

Tried my nite rider Minewt on the helmet but it turned out to be too heavy and I wasn't digging it. Good thing I had extra lights cause I did not charge the nite rider. Hey, time to get the lights ready everyone!
Rode out to Genoa on Rte 23 and did some of the hills on that road. Traffic was insignificant and I had no problems. I was glad to punch in 40 miles and I felt good coming home. I had lightning at a distance the whole time and I am sure that crap is coming this way. Two fender bikes are ready in the garage.
Tomorrow more riding. I am coming out of my funk. The Flandria 100 is not going to happen in August. August is a crazy month and everyone tries to cram everything into this poor month. I will do a long ride and invite all in the month of September. Sorry if I dissapointed anyone. Get a job in a bike shop if you have any complaints.
On other topic I am planning on having a light show at the shop sometime in the near future. Maybe when they change the hour on us again. I love the dark and am ready to help out if needed.
Rode Bianchi Cross bike
40 miles

Monday, August 24, 2009

Trans Iowa 2010 Anounced!

The mega leg burner, mind numbing , endless ,hilly, dusty, wet, derailleur eating halucination enducing event consiting of 320 (aprox) miles of gravel is going to Take Place on.................................................................................................................................................................

April 24-25 2010
It is time to start riding, stressing, planning and wondering if we are going to make the raffle that is going to take place sometime in november.
Over to Guitar Teds Blog for more info. Also to Charlie Farrows blog for info on some DBD rides to really get in shape.
T.I. is on my mind.

Too many tears, not enough blood

That is the frase that came to mind last night as we were riding through the fields. Too many obligations as of late have just kept me off the bike. I compensate by thinking of buying this and selling that. I remember the olders times when I rode till it hurt. I rode until I vomited and I rode until it was dark and I was caught on some busy road. I can still put myself through that state but it doesn't come natural. Time is elusive and hard to come by. The weekends slip through my hands and darkness comes quickly.

It is time to slim down the stable and start finding more quality time on the bike. Time to find time for some midnight rides and some adventure. More singlespeed, more fixed gear and a whole more gravel riding. I can see it coming.

Too many tears and not enough blood,



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trying to get back on track.

Black Jersey for Night riding. + I forgot my oxygen tank

Sunday night at Kirkland, IL.

Just before it got Dark in Sycamore,IL.

The visit to N.Y. did me good and we had long talks with the Giggles. We came to the conclusion that the only way to cope with stress and not lose ones sanity is to ride a damn bike. Too many obligations and changes kept me from riding and when you fall into the abyss it takes a lot of will and some help from the wifey and friends to get you out. I have suprisingly stayed somewhat fit with the almost 2 hours a day of commuting. For a guy like me 2 hours of riding is not enough and that does not get me in the shape that I need to be.

So the rides in N.Y. have triggered some chemicals in there and I have been feeling a bit better. Today we got together with E-Van and Helmut and marked the course for the Cornfest Bike Rally that our shop put up. It was fun to see the fams get out and ride with their kids. I just wish that we could have more group rides and not just todays once a year.

At around 7 pm I left the house and rode along Peace rd and got the legs warmed up on the gravel. I met Helmut at 8 pm. and we ended up with 50 miles tonight. Plus the 20 this morning puts me in around 70 miles and I feel great. The weather is starting the change. My light windbreaker kept me frozen and I wished for my wool sweater, leg warmers, gloves and a thicker jacket. A few days ago I was blowing up tubes in N.y. from the heat. Whatever. Made it out to Kirkland and hung out at the Marathon Gas Station for free entertainment.

Hope you had a chance to get out. Shorter days, rain, colder temps. Freaks are going to start coming out.


Syracuse N.Y.

Dr. Giggles pounding up the hill

Loaded up the Pantani-mobile last Saturday and headed east to meet up with Dr. Giggles and his lovely Wife. The trip was a long one and driving through the night was good training with the fast approaching Trans Iowa. 15 hours later we were cutting through Syracuse and heading for his house.
We stayed there for about 4 days and absolutely had a blast. Riding there is magical. Roads are well kept, shoulders are wide and the hills are endless. It was rather easy to get out of town and be in some really beautiful areas just 5 or 6 miles out of the downtown area. Lots of times I was riding in a 34x26 and out of the saddle. Exploded a couple of tubes from heating up the rims on the downhills.
We visited the zoo, the science museum and tried to cram in as much as possible since Bike Mechanics get very short vacations during the season. We also visited the beautiful campus of Syracuse University.
I posted some pictures on the flickr site on the sidebar.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Decorah, Iowa August 9th and 10th + Poison Ivy

A very clean looking Vassago 29er

Nice Bikes parked outsid T-Bock's

Poison Ivy, my best friend besides my Gunnar Ruffian

Giugi at Dunning Spring

The Fargo at Van Peenan Forest Preserve

Doing my loop up Locust to Clay hill to Whitetail Rd. All Hills

Dunning Spring

Dark skies coming over quickly

Had to run and join the locals in Decorah, Iowa

A bad case of Poison Ivy that eventually spread to both legs

and then started on my arms.

Cutting trail along the powerlines in Sycamore, IL.

Been a long time since I posted but the summers go by flying when you wrench at the shop and spend the rest of the weekend serving at the restaurant to make ends meet. We have been commuting with Helmut and he has had chance to get out on some longer rides. Our season is about to commence. As soon as it gets colder, darker and wetter we will be out there pounding out the miles. I did have a lot of Asthma this year due to the excessive amount of rain, humidity and messing around in the woods trying to get the powerline trail rideable. I have been taking Zyrtec and that helps out a lot. I chopped the larger weeds down with the machete and I would do 50' sections at a time. Then Helmut and I bought Grass Wisps and trimmed further. I picked up the poison ivy there and it drove me nuts. It was oozing and weeping and itching and driving my fuckin' crazy when I had to wear my dress pants to serve. I used calamine, Ivy Dry and then Hydrocortisone and now after 3 weeks it is much better.

This Sunday we left for Decorah and drove the 250 miles in around 5 hours. Stayed at the super 8 as usual and did our usual routine. Met up with Eric from Surly at Tbocks on Sunday and then yesterday I met up with Ben Shockey as we were leaving town. It was great to see him and be able to chat for a few minutes. Did some riding with the wife and daughter and then on Monday I geared up and hit some gravel roads. I came around Clay hill rd and entered Van Peenan and did some singletrack. The trails were super greasy and my Vulpines on the Fargo were all over the place. I also did the river trail single track. The Fargo amazes me and it is truly the do everything bike.

We stayed in Decorah close to 8 pm and then headed home. Today I feel better, my poison ivy does not itch and it is time to pack up and head out to Syracuse, N.Y. this saturday to visit Dr. Giggles. I will be bringing the Gunnar Crosshairs equipped with some road meats since Giggles has promised to spank me on some hills.

hope everyone is good,


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Second Ira Ryan From Westmont, IL 60559

I am so proud of my good friend Pizza Dan for finally sending me this photo of his exquisite Ira Ryan Porteur. Built up with King hubs, headset, Dura Ace, MKS,Paul components, Sugino, Brooks,Nitto and the super cool bars that stole the show in Indianapolis: The Jitensha Studio bars. I really love how this bike looks.
Hope you enjoy it Pizza!