Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wind storm of 2010

Needless to say yesterday was incredible. I decided to ride to confront the winds that were howling out of the S.W. We had sustained winds of over 35 with gusts of around 60mph. That categorized yesterday as a Cat 3 hurricane day. So I was out on the crossbike riding to work and turning the pedals with all my might to sustain a 3-6 mph speed. I had a couple of scary moments and also an unwanted trip to the ditch. On the way home I rode the PUgsley with the 26x2.5 hookworm and I was doing 30mph without any effort. I am happy to have ridden.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

last wednesday to yesterday update in images.

yesterdays day off saw me pound another metricum with a nasty wind.

Last wednesday the highly secretive SFCA gathered again.

Erico and his 4,999,88888,746456363,0000000 lumen light.

The lovely, supportive wives enjoying the action.

Frankie Doodle, Chris, Corey and the Bicycle Heaven Gang in a huge 4A's Cross race. Man has the sport grown. It great to see that!

Buddy Jay came into town to enjoy two days of rain. This one Sunday morning grinding out 40 miles on the road bikes. I am glad we are not Pros.

Bartlett Cyclo-cross race 10/24/2010 from Slender Fungus on Vimeo.

keep riding, one day you will get there.


Monday, October 18, 2010

55ers instead of metricums

monday 55er on the handmade Mondonico with Tubulars.

Sunday 55er on the CAAD 9

Lots of family stuff going on in October so I was limited to short 55 mile rides on Sunday and Monday. Good weather, good rolling, the legs are still out of shape and stiff so more spinning is the ticket. Trying to do more streching also.

got to go



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Morning Gravel Ride

We found the elephant we knew existed down south of town

Slender Fungus secret B road. Secret means we cannot tell you where it is.

A very incredible morning out in the fields

Beautiful fall morning with mosquitoe killing frost

Gunnar Ruffian Singlespeed 29er.

Met up with Gumby at the Slender Fungus Headquarters for a Saturday morning gravel ride. We were gone by 7 am and lamentably Kitty missed out on a great ride. We ended up doing 30 miles of the most rich vitamin G around these areas. My Ruffian had been test ridden and I ached all morning with a saddle that rode 5 cms too low. I had also neglected in inflating the tires which I ran at 20psi. Despite the stupidity the ride was awesome and I was really tired at the end. A cold pepsi got me going on the way home. Expect more of these rides to be coming up as the weather turns colder. Too bad you missed it.



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morrie's New Bike in Berlin Germany

Morrie's new Ride

My son Mau just turned 14 on the first day of October and got this bike out in Berlin, Germany. He has been putting a lot of miles on it since. He installed some Spd pedals and has some shoes to go with them. The Slender Fungus Cycling Association has really missed riding with him and those summer rides we did were epic. Hope to see him soon again and turn the pedals together.



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Slender Fungus Tuesday Night ride

Well this is unbelievable but tonight we were honored to have 4 riders on the trail. We had a surprise visit from Chi-chard on his decked out, Not available anymore, Surly 1x1 Rat ride. We made the whole length of the trail then took a break at the benches and laughed our asses off as we took turns talking anything that came into our heads. We headed west to get back in the corn and ended the ride pretty late. Trail is the driest I have ever seen it and some sections were very fast.
Tonights bike included: Erico's Surly Pacer, Gumby's Farmed out Fisher Presidio, Chi-chard's Rat Ride and of course reflectomaniac's Shocker.

Good times, too bad you missed it.


Day off riding and othe stuff

The quickbeam trolling around rte23 and I-90

Ended up going to an Orchard in Northern Illinoid with the daughter and then wandered around some great roads up in the border area. Ended up on Stateline and then found a N-S road that took us right into Lake Shore Drive in Lake Geneva. Went to lunch, took a walk and then started heading home. The wife was cramming homework all day long. I was finally able to get on the bike around 730 pm and headed north on 23 all the way to I-90. 23 north of Genoa is completely repaved with shoulders (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I then made a Left on Harmony rd and took that all the way to Genoa Rd. (the one in Mchenry county, no to be confused with the Genoa road that goes to Belvedere) then I headed south into Genoa and then home on 23South, Lloyd, Brickville and then a left on 64. I was hoping to catch a metricum but was unable since the time was short and I still had stuff to do. A good, quick 40 miles on the singlespeed Quickbeam turning a 42x16 gearing. A great day, very hot during the day and then very cold at night.

The Slender Fungus ride will take place tonight instead of Wednesday since we are having the Ladies Mechanic Clinic on Wednesday the 13th.
Meet at the A. House at 830 to meet up with Chi-chard at 9pm at the trailhead. Bring your worst Bike.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Reunion

It had been a long time since very old times friend Tomas and I rode together. We were finally able to coordinate crazy schedules and arrive at Waterfall Glen, on a beautiful Sunday morning, and hit the trails together. We flew around the ten mile loop try to catch up with all the happenings of the past months, years. His little boy was already in High School, the years were starting to go by quicker and quicker.
I was starting to understand the effect of always being "busy" and how that prevents us from hanging out with family and friends that we constantly miss. So I am trying to make it a point to break that and try to get together with people. The crazy bike season is starting to wind down, and it is a perfect opportunity to do that.
Waterfall Glen was awesome. The parking lot was crammed at 830 am. There were the hiking groups, runners, joggers, rollerskiers, familys, Dogs, you name it. A sharp contrast to the old days when we always had the place to ourselves. Despite all that we enjoyed ridings and I was happy to hit some hills that I so much need.
Last night we went over the inlaws and had a great dinner and then sat outside and had a bonfire in the backyard. A bad storm had knocked down a tree in the backyard and we had plenty of wood to burn.
Today its off to the Pumpkin patch and apple orchard. A perfect fall day for that activity.
Whatever you do just get outside and breathe some fresh air!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flandria 100 update

Please check the Flandria 100 blog for updates on the ride. We will be firming up that precious Sunday soon.


Slender Fungus Metricum Centurium

In a unanimous decision Jameson Irish Whiskey has been replaced by Templeton Rye Whiskey which is produced in the beloved, gravel strewn, wonderous American state of Iowa. Good on you if you can find it. Good on you if you are sipping some right now. Good on you if you are supporting local, small businesses.

The Slender Fungus ride on Wednesday had another appearance by Kitty. Though the poor guy has a lot more riding to do to achieve acceptance by the S.F.C.A.

Hitting the east side trails by the Fox River.

We met at 830 pm at the A. house and departed promptly heading eastbound since I had promised Frankie doodle my Cyclocross Bible by Simon Burney. We arrived at his house around 10 pm to drop off the the book and then headed north out of St.Charles. Gumby was all confused and lost with the city lights and all that folk walking about on the sidewalks. He wanted out fast and we slipped through some back streets and we were on the trail heading north to do the Al Capone loop. We made it there and did the loop. Kitty made it, I bailed on the 42x16 and Gumby ran out of juice since he was already cramping. We headed a bit more north on the trail and then crossed over til we found Silver Glen and Randall rd. We took Silver Glen to Swanberg , then Empire, then I.C. Trail rd, then the GWT and ended the ride at my house around 1 something. A quick bottle of water for Gumby, a jacket for Kitty and then I rode to Dekalb and back to finish the Metric Century I had in mind. It was cold and damp and the Singlespeed had really cooked my legs.
Good times,


Hopkins Park Cross Race October 3 2010

Barry Wicks wins the Pros, Pony shop second and third. Brian Conant, takes the end of my film and is now known by local Dekalb folk as "The Devil"

Barry Wicks makes surprise showing at Hopkins Park.

Women hitting the world famous "Flyover"

Custom Built Flyover. It was a great success.

Singlespeed race. Hellmut and Sweaty Mikey representing the shop.

My friend Trapper Tom.

"The Devil" taking the 40+ then coming in 3rd in the pros. If you trained like him you could also win.

30+ With friend Rich Delgado in the foreground.

Large field were the game on Sunday. Beautiful Weather

The beast in Hiding. We did not lose any toes or fingers but 13 cases of Hernia were reported.

Good Pal and frequent visitor Chris from the shop in Geneva.

No need for any words about how great this race transpired. The weather was perfect, the mood great, the numbers amazing and everyone had a great time. We did not tear up the park and nobody got seriously hurt. The Flyover should make headlines as far as I am concerned. Now keep riding and keep in mind that the Chicago Cross Cup is still going on. Visit the races, enter one to get your feet wet. Get outdoors and enjoy this wonderful weather and the lack of those bastard mosquitoes.


My photos were shot on film with a very old Minolta. Analog.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day off Metricum Centurium

20 miles on this stuff

The rest on this

I made haste to make it to st. charles and back before having to get the little one off the bus. I visited my friend Frank and had some heavenly espresso and a delicious bagel with Pumpkin Spice cream cheese. I enjoyed riding my road bike despite the ugly seatclamp and my missing Chris King rear wheel. The original clamp sucks ass and will be replaced with a Salsa. The King wheel needs and overhaul and will be going to Westmont so the Billabong can give it the surgery.
Despite my exceptional mechanical skills only Billabong builds my wheels and services my Chris King stuff.
Today I lost my Mp3 player. I came home listening to Plastic Beach from Gorillaz, parked the car, threw the player in my lunch tote and later on when I went to go riding it was gone. I looked everywhere and hope that it turns up. I have been trying to concentrate more and keep organized but sometimes I lose shit and it drives me insane. More containers, more bells, and yellow flags to find stuff.
Must keep searching.