Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Day Ride

Alert, Alert

New years day Ride
Jan 1st, 2011
9:00 a.m.
Back of North Central Cyclery
Dekalb, IL
Going down to Waterman
Dress Warm



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Surfside Beach, Texas

My oldest daugther married on Dec 19th so Wifey, Giugi and I made the long trek down to the Gulf to attend the wedding. We drove south through St. Louis, then Missouri then Oklahoma , then headed towards DAllas and then Houston and finally met up with the Gulf of Mexico in Surfside Beach, Texas. It was wonderful to get out of the car and peel jackets, shoes and just take in some warm air. Stayed by the beach at a nice Motel, with kitchen, fridge and all the necessities. Attended the Wedding on Sunday and then got to hang out with my boys from Germany. My daughter from Chicago had taken the train with her friend and had already been there for a few days. On my off time I did quite a bit of riding along the beach. The length of the beach was at least 40 miles and. The sand was quite packed since cars are allowed to drive on it. Food was amazing, people were very nice, weather was perfect and the wedding was lovely. Ceremony took place outside and the reception was indoors at a Ranch House. I would not hesitate in visiting that area again since we had such a wonderful time.
Pugsley was the ultimate weapon in riding in that area. The large tires rolled awesome on the sand and I truly enjoyed bringing this bike all the way down. I rented a 2011 Impala Lt and took both wheels, handlebars and pedals off and fit the whole thing in the trunk along with 2 suitcases ,My Aldi tote (my suitecase), wedding presents, shoes and wedding gifts.
It was great to see all my kids, travel through such great scenery and also thankful that we had good driving conditions.



Monday, December 27, 2010

Riding in Texas

Still processing all what went on down south and will update as soon as it gets all organized in my head.


Monday, December 13, 2010

T.J. makes heroic effort to show what epic is all about

Winter Storm 2010 from T.J. on Vimeo.

Remember to run the pressure low so you don't bounce!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snowbike Presentation

Here is a presentation I did about Snowbikes and a few tips on winter riding. My left pantleg is rolled up since I got goop on my messed up knee.
Viva Italia!!


NCC Stay Moving Clinic - Snowbikes with Ari from Tobie DePauw on Vimeo.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Bitter Outing

I was really happy to see my good friend Brad. Thanks for the Photo Frank.

Making it to the end of the trail. The wind was really cutting me today.

The great 1x1 with 29er wheels, White Industries Disc Hubs and single speed.
Note Suntour XC Pro pedals with Powestraps.

Just wasn't ready to have to switch to my Sorels this early in the winter. Today I used the following to get the ride in.
Craft windfront turtleneck
Rapha longsleeve winter jersey
Patagonia Guide Shell
Busted bib shorts.
Leg warmers
Craft Storm Tights
NCC SOS socks
Smartwool Expedition Socks
Sorel Full Tilt Boots
Patagonia Balaclava
Headsweats Hat
Helmet with Louis Garneau Helmet Cover
Wool Gloves
Moosemitts or Pogies or Snowmobile Handlebar Covers. Whatever you want to call them

I high tailed it all the way to St. Charles with a Tail wind. The bank said 10 degrees with a 15-25mph wind out of the west. I was comfortable until the sun started to sink. I made it to my friend Frank's house just to warm up. He offered me a great espresso and then I rode over to the running store to meet the wife and the little one and get a ride back home. I would have died riding home since I was half frozen at that point.
I opted to use the Surly 1x1 since the GWT snow was not that deep. Once I hit Brown Road in Wasco the Sled-mobile tracks dissapeared and I tried riding on a pock marked trail which was impossible. I walked about 2 miles until I found smoother riding. I was determined to make it to the end and I did.
Tomorrow starts another week and the k-nee is doing better. I am so thankful, so thankful that it is feeling better. Neck and shoulders sore from riding the bumpy terrain.



Winter Riding has arrived.

Layering up for the return home

Heading east with a tailwind

Darkness fell quick.

Gumby on Pugsley.

Powerline trail on Saturday.

My usual thought is that December will still be rideable at a comfortable rate. As soon as we did the month switch the weather turned on us. On November 28th I was taking a nap in a park and yesterday I was fighting to make it home. Saturday morning awoke us to a thick blanket of fresh snow. I rolled to meet at the 730am time at the shop. I had low hopes of finding anyone there except for my super-reliable riding partner Gumby. I rode the Crosscheck to the shop on slicks and that was interesting. We got out on time and found the riding super-slow and dangerous. At 800 am we headed back to the shop and picked up a couple Surly Pugsleys. WE hit the Poweline trail and rode around the airport. Good exercise and a good sweat was achieved.
Yesterday I mounted the Pugsley as soon as the sun and all the little heat we had dissapeared. I made it almost to route 47 when I decided to turn. I knew i was pushing my luck with a tailwind and as soon as i returned I knew it was going to burn. I had to stop at the Honda store to add additional layers I had in my backpack. Got in a tough 22 miles in almost 3 hours. My cashmere sweater was covered in ice under my jacket. Welcome winter and all your harshness. I am ready for you!