Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Training Ride

Hellmut loving the midwest Winds!

Giugi eating dinner with my headlamp

Hellmut's new T.V. that we rescued from the Ditch

Aldrich Rd, looking mighty fine and sexy.

Mutantcyclocrossmachines defrosting in the sun

My commute home on Friday.

Fireworks coming off Hellmut's head. Wednesday Night Mutant Riding

Did a loop around the Sycamore area then headed north on rte 23 through Genoa then took Genoa Rd all the way out to Belvedere Starbucks for some tasty coffee and a pastry. Winds were really tough out of the west and our faces got burned good. We rode over 3 and 1/2 hours and covered 50 miles. I got home with blood dripping on my computer. We rescued a pitched T.V., saw Brian, (in his Car) and had a kick ass tailwind all the way home. Riding the Studded tires pays dividends.



Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride

Riding on Reed road in Virgil
The absolute worst ride so far this year. Temps in the low teens with winds of 30mph with gusts above that. The trail had a dusting of snow over glare ice that gave enough traction with extreme care. We fought hard to make it back home. My lungs froze and it instigated some Asthma. Winter is not over yet. Thats for sure. We rode a total of 30 miles had tea, some soup and saltine crackers. Luckily we had no mechanicals. Hellmut and Gumby were there and it was great to have a small group. The winds are supposed to continue for a few more days. Just keeping it going.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

monday night riding

Larson Park Trail is completely under water

Night riding at its best

Lloyd road heading towards 23

The winter Monster with extra supplies
I thought about the night ride all day as to how I was going to dress. As the day progressed so did the wind and the drop of the temps. It was blowing snow and the winds were gusting to 40mph. 2 hrs of riding and I was done. Here is a list of winter clothing to tackle these conditions:
Surly Socks
Hydroskins Neoprene socks
Think wool sockguy socks
Long wool socks with toe cut for keeping calves warm
craft wool long johns
craft storm tights
craft wind front turtleneck
secret moisture control device
Louis Garneau Winddry jacket
Outdoor research windstopper facemask
8 dollar wool gloves from farm and fleet
Lake winter boots
Giordana Gamex jacket for vapor barrier between Garneau jacket and undershirt
Oakley Oil drum glasses
This kept me completely warm and away from the way subzero winds. I also used my Pogies on the handlebars

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday riding

My bike of choice today. My trusty bianchi with the Marathon Racers 700x35
This is a bike that has never let me down. Sachs New Success rear hub laced to CXP33 rim.
Front is Coda Sealed bearing to Mavic Open Pro. Frogleg brakes, Stronglight headset, Itm stem with Mavic Bars. Campagnolo Record OR cranks with Salsa Rings on Shimano Sealed BB. Salsa Post with Selle Italia Super Turbo. Sram chain and Dura Ace 7 speed barend shifters. Campy Record brake levers. Spd pedals and Cateye Wireless computer, my favorite of all time. This Bianchi is one of the last made in the Reparto Corse in Italy it is lugged and fabricated using Deda Zero Uno tubing. The ride is magical, Pantani would agree.

I made it home at around 11 pm after having left the house around 930 in the morning. I was just plain tired and was messing around with a bad stomach ache. I had eaten too much healthy food as in Lentils with carrots, organic tortillas, Potatoes, pasta with sundried tomatoes. My stomach was a mess and I awoke around 3 am Sunday morning feeling very uncomfortable. I was wondering whether Hellmut was going to show up. I thought there would be no way where I would round myself up and mount a bicycle. I was hiding in the downstairs bathroom when I heard the clacking of the cleats in the garage. Game was on. We sipped some Moka espresso and watched a bit of the cross video on the computer. It was raining, the snow was melting, and the temps were around 38 degrees and dropping. We headed out and within yards of the house I lost control of my Bianchi and I did a full dunk of my left foot in the freezing water.
I continued on and we headed east on 64 just wanting to ride our bikes. We made it into St. Charles and I spotted a Laudromat. We pulled in and threw our wet clothes in a dryer and stayed a while to get some blood flowing. We later made it to Caribou for coffee and bags for my feet which were turning purple. The ride home was very difficult as the winded shifted from S.E. to S.W. We struggled the whole way back home. I went straight and Hellmut turned right on 23 and we just said a quick "see ya".
I was very relieved to get home and unwrap and unfreeze my feet. I was later happy to have Hellmut show up and in the end we pounded over 50 miles on a very crappy January day.
Viva Slender Fungus!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday Night Ride

The incredible Ice. I still can't over how hard it was to ride it.

Slender Fungus Association Meeting Place.

The Yellow Schwinn rides again!

Three silly riders lined up at the Trailhead of the GWT to do battle with millions and millions of gallons of frozen water. Washboard surfaces and various ruts offered gratis by neighboring slednecks made the night even more interesting. We bounced and fought the terrible headwind coming off the Grand Lake Michigan. After a very long time we made it to Rte IL. 47 where we took our deserved break. We enjoyed some Irish Whiskey, Chamomille Tea laced with Honey, and various energy foods. We rolled back into town with a very strong tailwind. The trail became even more icey as the wind froze that last rain that had fallen. One of our crew members had a hard time staying upright and he had not consumed any of the Whiskey!
3 hours + on tuesday and 3 hours + on wednesday = almost 7 hours.
Today I am sore with pains in very strange places. I rode into work and got a ride home with Hellmut. I wore my helmet in his car since the roads were icey. I will commit crazy act to try new pedals since I don't think the shimano Spuds are doing it for me anymore. I feel like I need something that operates better and has more float. I feel like the Spuds are messing with my right knee but it could also be my 38lbs, studded tired mountain bike.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tuesday Night riding

By now we are getting used to it
The frosting
I.C. Trail rd. One big sheet of ice

STudded tires rule!

Perhaps the most humid and cold night ever. We rode the GWT and were just covered in frost. The trail was actually rideable since it had iced over and it was sledneck free. We rode out to rte 47 and back and got in 3 hours of solid riding. Felt good to get home and defrost. Tonight we will be having the WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIDE AT 830 PM AT THE GREAT WESTERN TRAILHEAD CORNERS OF OLD STATE RD AND AIRPORT RD. Bring studded tires, food, hot tea and warm clothing.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Riding

Hellmut and his new Gunnar Crosshairs

The ice covered Great Western Trail



Old State Rd. heading eastbound

January's freezing fog

We started a bit afte 730 this morning amidst temps in the high teens and the most annoying freezing fog ever. We stayed on bigger roads since visibility was better but we really felt unsafe from the cars. I think at points visibility was below a quarter mile. Our bikes instantly turned to frosty beer mugs and our glasses were useless. We rode out east for clearer roads but the increase in traffic made us decide to play it safe and end the stupidity. We parked our bikes and butts at the Luau Coffee shop in Wasco and had coffee and relaxed. On the way back we rode the super-compacted Great Western Trail. We were both on cross bikes, Hellmut with knobbies and moi in full slick mode. I dropped my air pressure to 25 lbs and kept it as straight as possible. The exercise level was good and got in a solid 3 hour ride with almost 40 miles covered. Ride tomorrow again. No DBD ride today.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clown Bike and the first Wednesday night Ride

Wednesday Night rides on on again.

Meet Larry, your daugthers new boyfriend.

New, redesigned Surly Pugsley

riding to work yesterday
Did the wednesday night ride yesterday. The temps were in the 20's with a semi hardpack trail. Had some mechanicals with one of the bikes and there was a lot of hiking going on. Got back on track and kept riding for a while longer. Got in a solid 3 hours of exercise. The Pugsley is the new one that Surly redesigned. The dropped the top tube, giving the rider more standover height and they also came out with another anomaly of a colore. Is it Green? Is it Brown? Nobody knows. I polled people, including the wife who is really good with colors, and nobody was able to give me a straight answer. I am ditching the 135mm spaced fork for the adventure model which is lighter and runs a standard 100mm wide hub.Should be interesting to build this up. Larry is Surly' s new tire. I think it will work good in all conditions. We'll see.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day off Riding

Frozen Kishwaukee river

Loitering at Kelley's Gas Station

Surly 1x1
29er front White Industries wheel
White Industries fixed rear wheel
Race face Turbine 180mm cranks
rockshox post
pure riding bliss

Looking east on rte 23

Heading North on rte 23

Got dressed and rolled out the house while the sun was shining. Rid myself from the studded tires and rolled with the 1x1. I was able to ride 30 miles in about 2hrs 15 minutes. The wind was out of the nw and cutting my face. I opted for the windproof fleece, craft windstopper undershirt and secret moisture control device. Two layers and I was fine. Wool craft longjohns and craft storm tights. Feet were cold as usual. Felt great coming home with a tailwind.
Tomorrow it is time to commute.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Gravel Grinder Meeting Place

The never-tiring Guitar Ted has put up a blog where all gravel freaks can meet and post rides.
check it, check it at:


Jay Barry's new Blog,

Another good friend that moved on:
check him out on his new blog.


First Saturday Ride for 2010

Gumby and Hellmut imitating Pantani and Armstrong!

We mustard-ed up the will power to get together and start our group sessions on Saturday morning. Gumby and Hellmut were already at the shop as I arrived with my Aldi bag full of clothing. It was about 0 degrees and there was a sharp wind coming out of the n-nw. We decided to do loops around town without getting to far away in case we had a mechanical or froze up. We were out there for about 1 hours and 20 minutes and decided it was plenty. As usual it was a problem to keep the feet warm enough. Hands, legs, and rest of body were fine. It was good to get out and shake the cobwebs away. I have been doing some commutes to work that have been pretty ridiculous. Riding studded tires every day has become a punishment but I keep thinking of staying in shape during the winter. Been watching caloric intake, staying away from junkfood, soda and BEER! Hopefully this past saturday was our coldest and that the next one will be a bit warmer. Not much more to report as we count down these cold days. Hope all is well out there.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Marco Pantani and Lance Armstrong

I spend many a time thinking about Marco Pantani. I still have a hard time dealing with his absence and I am sure he will be my alltime hero for life. Enjoy the video of two of the greats. Two different styles on the bike. American cowboy vs Italian Super-climber. I hold back the tears as I see them tear up Mt. Ventoux.

Allez, Allez,


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On our way to Dr. Zhivago's house for Tea.

Hellmut doing weird gestures under a tree.

I.C. trail rd. Also known as the Icey trail rd. On even, hard, sheet of ice.
Wishing I was in Puerto Rico drinking Rum

Hellmut screwing up the trail for the Sled-necks

I forced myself off the bike during the xmas,new-year holidays and it was a good thing. I really have no idea of how many miles I rode for 2009 but I guess a mate it was a ton. Riding on New Years was a tough thing. I worked at the shop and then the restaurant for New Years eve and did not get home until 2am. I woke up early on New Years and met Hellmut at the usual Slender Fungus secret meeting place. We were decked out in all sorts of winter clothes to deal with the subzero temps. It was a slow going process but in the end we were really glad to be out. I was trying out a new moisture control system and it really worked well. Feet of course were frozen solid and there were aches and pains all over the body. Our studded tires were like heavy boat anchors and returning home tires, with dem tires and a stiff headwind out of the N.W. was a chore. I am looking foward to much, much riding this year and some good adventures. I hope you join us once in a while in our effort to keep our sanity by riding bicycles. On monday we will be travelling to check out some key Bicycle factories in the great state of Wisconsin. We will be bountiful news and photographs to keep you entertained in these frigid weeks of the winter. Start getting your gear ready as this will not last long.
Be well and keep riding,