Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pocket calculator for a techno-phobe

I just can't stop watching and listening to these guys. Been riding a ton.
Tomorrow targeting another long ride.
Hope to have a new camera soon. Miss taking photos.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Simply outrageous

I have been a fan of this band for a long time.


Going Dark for a while

Monday was raining so the wife and I targeted the Great Western Trail for a wet ride in the limestone. On returning home I was taking my jersey off and my beloved Olympus digital came flying out and exploded into pieces on the floor. I stood there in desbelief. Almost 7 years of use on all my rides and many more photos all came to a sudden death. So needless to say I am confronted with the problem of sorting out another camera.

Yesterday I rode the Salsa Fargo and commuted to work and back. Around 915 pm Hellmut and I got together in the drizzle and rode out east. We took the GWT and then veered off onto the IC Trail rd. through Virgil. We crossed Rte 47 and then continued onto Empire rd. Really nice riding there. Then we arrived onto Burlington rd made a right and then worked our way back to Brown Rd. Back on the GWT and we were heading home. We did some hard riding on the way home and I arrived tired and sore at 12 midnight. Shower, food and then passed out.

Total for the day

50 miles

Salsa Fargo

No food

one water bottle

Stomach Ache

Better position on Fargo

Dinotte lights rule



Monday, October 26, 2009

Historical Route Re-Visited

This is what is left of the Quarry on Blackjack Rd.

Going up Blackjack rd at 4 mph.

Downtown Hanover

Making it to the Mississippi River

Rte 84 N. along Mississippi

The gates at Galena,

Place where you dry your feet

In Lanark, IL.

Rte 64 in the a.m.

A very long time ago a bunch of us got together and made a historical ride from Hinsdale, IL. to Galena, IL. I don't remember the exact year but it was in the early 90's. Only two of us made it all the way since the total mileage for the day was 175 miles. It was one of the hardest rides I have ever done. The flatness of the terrain was tolerable until we hit the Mississippi and then is when the hills started. Our last leg of the ride was Blackjack rd. with almost 17 miles of leg crunching hills. A 42x25 was my lowest gear on the old Gitane Reynolds 501. My friend was riding a Peugeot and had very few miles on his new bike.
I had discouraged him from coming on this ride since he had not ridden for many years. He insisted that he would make it and finally we had agreed that he should join in. The other two riders dropped off in Polo, IL and spent the night there. My friend suffered all the way and rolled into Galena glorious and full of pain. I was very proud of him. We went out for Pizza and then went back to the motel to sleep like cadavers. The next day we started back. We were short of making all the way back but got caught in storms and then finally by dark. With no lights and with 40 miles to go we called in a ride. We have never forgotten our historical ride to Galena. It is one of those things that keeps our friendship. Many times the distance and our schedules keeps us from communicating but I always remember that day.

I had been brewing this idea to revist the historical ride and yesterday was the day to do it. Rich had volunteered to pick me up so it was up to me to make it out there. I started at 630 am and loaded up the Ira Ryan and just pointed west and gave it all . I road through the following towns.





Mt Morris

Mt. Carrol




I had a cross wind all the way to the River and then the wind shifted and had a headwind from the north. Blackjack rd. broke my legs as I ran out of gear with a 34x26 compact. I saw ghosts of my friends riding in front of me and I kept hearing my friend talking to me as I pressed on the pedals. I made the last hill and saw the flood gates in Galena. I felt lonely and strange being there. I felt lonely the whole way there and the only company was my little mp3 player.

I would like to thank my friend for engraving such a great memory in my head. I hope to ride with you soon again.

Thank you Rich for driving all the way out there to pick me up. Thanks to the wife for pushing me to get this ride done.

Total for the day: 125 miles.

1/2 bottle Hammer nutrition

2 bottles of Perpetuem

1 oven roasted chicken breast

12oz Coke

1 bag of Ruffles

1 stick beef jerky

1 banana

50oz of water

20 0z Americano with 3 shots (recovery drink)



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two for Two

Gearing up for the rain.

Got out last night with J-B on the Great Western Trail. At first we had some heat lightning but then it got more serious and started to pour. We did not get totally wet but the whole experience was fun. Temps in the 50's and a real pleasure to ride in. Been doing duty with the Bianchi Cross bike and have logged in about 190 miles since Sunday. Thankful to the guys at the shop for getting out and getting me in shape for the Trans Iowa. I think 2010 will be a good year.
Also played around with some gearing issues and things are becoming clearer. Got to go!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Short Post

Kane County today

A break from the Wind

Break on top of a hill, Corron rd

Trusty Bianchi

Slender Fungus ride Sunday 18th, 2009

Been spending a lot less time on the computer and actually just riding a lot. I have had 250+ mile weeks starting September 1st and that is how I plan to keep it for the rest of the year. I took the 26" tires, brakes, etc off the Surly 1x1 and I am riding it fixed with big 700x44 tires. The powerline trail is getting better day by day. This past Sunday the second Slender Fungus Ride happened. We had a small group of 4 and rode out west on Gravel, tar,gravel, tar,gravel, tar, tar, tar, Gravel. Times were good and to all of you who missed out too bad.
Today the wind was out of the SW and it was fierce. Since I dont watch the weather anymore I was overdressed and after 70 miles packed it in and came home to cool down and drink lots of water. As I write the temps are in the mid 60s and I am planning a night ride to get in my weekly century.
I dont know if i mentioned that a couple of weeks ago a had the boys from 911 come over to rescue this asthma boy at 230 am. Thanks guys and the oxygen you gave me was really fresh!!!!

Update 11:30 p.m.

I had this itch in me since I had really planned on pounding out a Hundo for the day. I got all my duties done and called up Hellmut and he was up for a night ride. I was really happy to have the company since I still had 30 miles to go. We headed up north to Genoa and then took North State to Melms and then headed west to Genoa rd, back to Genoa and then 23 south to llloyd to Brickville and then home. The weather was most excellent. A little cool and plenty of clear air. Tested the Dinotte Light and it absolutely blows a lot of lights away. I was able to ride comfortable in low mode and then on the way back I rode the high mode and it woud light up the road waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of us. I am convinced that this small light is going with me to the Trans-Iowa race in 2010. Check them out at dinottelighting.com
At the end of the count I was able to clock in 102 miles.
Thanks for the help Hellmut.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday Group Ride

It was up in the air whether Hellmut was going to race or not. The cross races this year having been filling up real quick. I am guessing that next year the fields are going to have to be bigger or they are going to have to add categories. Yes, Cyclocross is growing in 'Merica.
We got together at the shop around 8 am and headed West with Richy and Hellmut. Did a total of 53 miles on the Surly Steamroller. It was very cold all day but at least we did not have the 14" of snow that the guys in Nebraska got. I hope we can keep getting together for some epic winter rides since riding solo is not always fun.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Rapha gives another glimpse

at what cycling is all about. The photos are amazing. Thanks for showing these to me T-bone.

check them out


Thursday, October 8, 2009

At the Keirin School in Japan

It is not a trick video. That is how fast those guys spin. Notice how stable the bike is.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Todays route

This is a good grinder ride and with some tweaks might be a good group ride.

Day Off Riding

Look Helmet Police, just a cycling cap!

Church by Wisconsin border

Todays Goal

Very Clear air and lots of deep breathing.

We are officially closed on Mondays and my day off has been changed. Today I had in mind to do a Century. So I grabbed the Bianchi Cross Bike and headed north. I couldn't tell where the wind was coming from all day. So I rode through Genoa and then towards Garden Prairie, then Poplar Grove until I hit the Wisconsin Border. I had some good spins on the Bianchi and I came to realize once again why Euro bikes rides so well. Many years of experience I would assume.
I ran out of water and food with 10 miles to go and did not want to go into complete deplete mode. Stopped for food and drink and made it home to get Giugi off the bus. I rode hard today because once I got inside I passed out on the carpet. It is difficult riding a hundo solo and have nobody to talk to or draft off. So I will be recovering for the rest of the day.
100 miles in 6 hours 7 minutes 30 seconds
98.27 miles in 6 hours
16.2 mph average
1 medium bottle of Zym
40 oz of water
2 hammer Gels
1 small box raisins
1 small pack of fig newtons
1 cheese bear claw
20 oz Coca-Cola Ahh! refreshing!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Day off riding

A very wet final strech home

Page diner, Sycamore, IL.

The beast on its favorite terrain

I set off in the morning to ride as much as I could on the Ruffian 29er. I headed west on Twombley and then took Nelson and weaved all over the place before I came out on Old State rd. Then took 64 to the Great western trail and rode all the way to Elgin. Gearing was terrible since I had my singletrack setup for last times trip to Decorah, Iowa. Front 34x18 in back. I spun all day with a low mph average. On the way back it started to rain and the temps were dropping in the low 40's.
I stopped at Page diner for a Patty Melt, cup'0'chili and three cups of bootwater coffee. I was glad to get home and take a long hot shower.
Mileage for the day was 70 miles

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some images

Riding Solo at night, playing with camera

Helmut and his awesomely reflectorized Helmet. Reflective tape by JANND

Storm Cloud and the Moon. Weird