Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Friday, November 28, 2008

General Update.

Giulietta and her new Big Dummy

Coals are ready

Dr. Giggles and Dorkus Enormus with refurbished Merckx

Team Motorola with Columbus TSX tubing

Hope everyone had a good holiday. I started the day off by going on a very cold ride. The temps were hovering around 18 degrees when I left and I was happy to see the sun out. I had anticipated to do a 7 hour ride that day but my back was not cooperating and cut the ride down to 3 hours. I was wanting to do a write up about some horrific crash I had but have not come around it. Needless to say it has been about 3 weeks and I am babying this thing back to order
On other news you will be surprised to learn that I installed a power-tap on the Gunnar Crosshairs. The whole setup was free and I really needed to learn how to set it up and be able to explain the features it has. Too many numbers and too much info if you ask me. For 2009 I need to learn the following::
How to use a Cell Phone
How to Text message
How to use a GPS
How to use the GARMIN.

I know this sounds silly to you but I come from a different era. I come from 5 speed freewheels, downtube shifters and toe clips and straps.
The Merckx that you see in the photos is a Merckx Motorola that I brought back to life. I had Waterford custom build me a fork using a Henry James crownn and slender fork blades. The bike is built using Campy 10 speed , Rolls Titanio Saddle, DT rims, Vittoria Tires and 3TTT stem and bars.

Tonight its out on the bike again for some back relief.



Monday, November 24, 2008



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Staying close to home

The powerline trail Bethany to Pleasant rd. Sycamore>>>Dekalb

In preparation for the winter I have been investigating all areas that have some trees and are located close to my residence. Last year was my first winter in this area and I was foolish to venture out in the fields when the weather can change on the drop of a dime. One time I flatted and my co2 cartridges froze. So did I once I was on my 5 mile of walking towards the house. Lucky for me a gentleman of a farmer picked me up in his truck and blasted the heating to bring me back to life. My second disaster ride came when I ventured out west and got caught in a freak winter storm and soaked my gloves through.
I had frostbite on all my fingers and they hurt for a while. I am glad to have found some plastic that had snagged on some barbed wire. I wrapped said plastic and rode home like a Big Dummy.
This year I am taking a different approach. I have found some unfinished trail that can take me from Bethany rd. in an angle all the way to Dekalb and dump me right on Pleasant street. The trail is all offroad following the powerlines. Twice already I have been doing a lot of cleaning and trimming of bushes. Yesterday I spent 3 hours there and when I was done I took a break and had some whiskey out of my Surly Flask. I felt good. I am working on my 29er gearing and after talking to my pal at Sram I will go ahead and replace the 34x17 with a 34x18. On traditional 26ers the starting combo is a 2x1 but since 29ers have bigger wheels you have to up that a bit. I think the 18 in the back is going to be the ticket. I am also going to try to mess around with some tubeless stuff to lessen my rolling resistance.
My new powerline trail will be good to hide in the winter. Once it snow I will tackle it with some Nokian Extremes on the Rockhopper. There is also a sub-loop to be done that is 1 mile long. 100 loops= 100 miles. Do it!!
I have also set up the kreitler rollers upstairs at the shop. They have a fork holder, there is a fan, music and windows that open. Anyone interested give me a call.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trans Iowa Version #2

This is what happens when it rains in Iowa.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Dummy is Finished

So I ebayed the great T-mobile carbon frame and in exchange I bought a Surly Big Dummy for the girls. I never have warmed up to carbon and I have too much respect for steel frame builders to go cheat on them. The big Dummy will open big possibilities for us. We can haul Giulietta and groceries without worries. I had a 230 lb rider in the back and the bike handled great. It is smooth, easy handling and verry comfortable. It is built with Surly front disc, rear shimano xt hub. 36 and 3 x wheels on Salsa Gordo rims. Cranks are Sugino triple and der are shimano. Thomson stem and a bunch of good used parts. Thanks Giggles for the Stem and shifters. It sucks that you are leaving.
Now I have to figure a way to bring it home. 52 miles on a 16" frame. I think I can do it. Maybe I will pack a 6er or PBR in the bags.

Campton Cross Nov 2, 2008 Part II

Pony Shop versus Sram

Rock Lobster Team rider. Watch out for this Kid, he is fast!

A glorious day for racing and spectating.

I can officially claim that the past Sunday of Nov 2nd was the last day of summer. It was warm and we all enjoyed hanging out, kids playing in the playground and everyone being able to race in short sleeves. I wasn't able to make it out to Northbrook IL this weekend due to injury and long distance in the car. Campton Cross was memorable.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday racing and family fun

So Sunday turned out to be one of those spectacular days. We were smart to pack up lunches, folding chairs and a big thermos of hot tea and headed over to the races. The course came by the playground so the kids had a chance to play there while we watched the races. The weather was perfect and it was a great opportunity to see all my friends. I took some photos and shot some short videos with my digital point and shooter. I miss the little samsung thingy. It comes in handy with this stuff. I am coming to the realization that it is not worth riding on Sundays. I will go on shorter rides since nobody comes out this way. I don't feel like spending my whole day out in the fields by myself. I have decided to shorten my Sunday riding and commit to one obligatory commute to work a week plus whatever else type a riding comes my way. I have also been toying with the idea of driving to Wasco and then riding the rest of the way to work. That would give me a Euro-pian Century opposed to the 'merican century which are the ones that really count.
I hope you enjoy the photos and videos.