Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Century Day

Road rider I rode with from Cherry Valley to Kirkland

Surly finally met Shirley and they went under the bridge and got it on!

Cool murals in Belvedere,IL.

Since I rode my fixie I thought this would make me cool.

Headquarters of the VCR Party. (Very conservative Republicans.) I'm guessing.

Optimal Control Center. Nitto Noodle Bars
Thomson 120mm stem Zero degrees (thanks Jay)
Chris Kings Cobalt Blue headset
Dia Compe levers,
Cinelli Cork tape.

Finally it happened that I was motivated enough to get on the Surly Steamroller fixed speed bike and round out a hundred miler. I rode to Sycamore, then Genoa, then Belvedere, then Cherry Valley, stopped for lunch, then Kirkland, then Malta, then Dekalb, then Sycamore. I churned the gear all day and never got tired. The racer dude passed me on secret location and while still Digesting a mighty exquisite Cheeseburger, Fries and 3 cups of coffee I decided to give chase. I was going to chase him down like a dog and not let go of him. Quickly he started to play with his Sti shifters as if all those gears were not good enough. We rode hard all the way from Cherry Valley to Kirkland. I took some pulls and he also pulled. He was smooth, had excellent style and his bike was set up real Pro. I complimented him on his style and form on the bike. The steamroller was hitting 25 many a times as my tired legs turned into pretzels. He turned around in Kirkland and i quickly slowed down my pace. A great day of riding, truly.
Today I thought that maybe the 5 dollars a gallon will help all those jelly heads that drive like maniacs calm down a bit. I was also thinking of the Nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan and the hazard that has caused. I like how the area we live in some-how ignores that fact that we have such a reactor in Byron, just 30+ miles away. Maybe we should turn some lights off? Maybe we don't need to hightlight our McMansions with exterior lights like our home is a trophy. Who freakin' cares??

Data from my wired Cateye computer

100.15 miles
max 25.5 mph
timer 6:42:59
average 14.9 mph



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Tuesday, another Metric.

Thanks to B.B. for hanging out with me and helping me get those long rides in. The weather has been a bummer to say the least. Last night we rode out to St. Charles and back. By the time I went to hit my water bottle up for some liquid it was frozen once again. We both got out on the Surly Steamrollers and it felt great to just roll with the punches. So far this month we have ridden 1 century and 3 metrics. Besides that we have been commuting and doing some shorter 20,30,40 milers. Trans Iowa is fast approaching and I am starting to feel better. I am really looking foward to some warmer weather. I really need to ditch my Lake Winter boots and ride in some lighter clothing.
Tomorrow I am going long. It might just be a day of riding.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday nigth riding.

The bar scene on a Monday Night. Richardson, IL.

35 miles on the fixed. Road and trail 700x23 tires.

My beloved La Cruz Steel. Hunter fork, speedcity wheels.

Still accepting the fact that I have a real Titanium bike.

Took the day off yesterday since I had felt good about my mileage so far this year. This week is the start of my fixed gear run. Rode to work , then came home, ate dinner and hit the GWT. BTW, the trail is fully open so stop hiding. The Fixed gear always helps me spin the legs, build some muscle and it just plain makes me ride better. I have the steamroller set up with carbon fork, king headset, thomson stem and nitto bars. Velo Orange seapost, PHil/velocity rear wheel, Mavic hub/rim in front. Conti tires. Great bike, solid, fast, and capable. Get one already.



All in the Family

Rapid Transit Bike shop, Chicago, IL.

My 14 year old just got done doing an intership at a bike shop in Berlin, Germany. He is stoked about moving back to the States and starting to ride with the Slender Fungus. He will be our youngest member. Morrie has been a bike nut for a long time and his serious attitude and smooth pedaling technique promises a long life on the bike. My second to oldest daughter Franny just landed a job at Rapid Transit bike shop in Chicago. She has started a Cross team and will be hitting the races this fall. I am very proud to see that the kids have picked up Cycling as their sport.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Peacock Groove

There is something that intrigues me about this company. Maybe it's because Eric thinks outside the box, maybe because he hides bottles of Jack Daniel's in the rafters. Maybe because he doesn't give a shit about technology and only cares about building awesome bikes.
Check it,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Peacock Groove (ooooove)

Saw this guy up in Minneapolis and have a great respect for him. If I can unload a crapload of stuff I will for sure get a frame built by this man.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another hunt puts 65 miles onto the Slender Fungus

Our destination for tonight

a moment of panic as we lost the o-ring to the Stanley flask.

A perfect road to ride on .

A great house to live in.

We also hit some gravel just to make it nice.

We were so sure to run into the werewolf. We left my house around 430 and started to head nw towards rockford, il. We ran into a stiff nw wind all the way there. The roads were wonderful and the traffic light. Dogs were good and owners even better since they had their poochies fenced. We rocked the heavy bikes with fat rubber so as not to feel that we were cheating. We brought lights for the darkness that we knew we were going to encounter, we brought money for dinner and winter outfits for the 25 degree ride back home. We ended up in Cherry Valley and headed to the local diner for Burgers and Fries and some hot coffee. We filled our bellies and around 8 pm started the ride back home. Darkness it was and the roads out there were pitch black. We were amazed at the stars and how cold it was. We took breaks and kept hitting the full flask. Arrived home around 10:30 and the legs were good. Had a great ride, laughed too much and it was truly relaxing. No sign of the werewolf but then we figured he would not be out since there was no moon. Too bad you missed it again.


Cars R Coffins will be Closing Tomorrow.

A sad time for all bike aficionados in the midwest. Best to Hurl and thanks for all you have done for cycling.
Below is a write-up from Large Fella on a Bike.



First hunt brings no results.

Hiding from the wind and replenishing with Irish Whiskey

One of the darkest nights ever.

It almost did not make sense to hunt down the wolf the other night. It was cold, it was raining and the wind was howling at double digit numbers. The weather.gov forecast had predicted strong winds, thunderstorms, possible Tornado and other calamaties. B.B and I had a mission to accomplish and we just saddled up and rode. We altered our trip to be mostly s-n-n-s as to stay away from the stiff wind that was coming out of the East. It was the darkest night ever and B. B kept getting texts to come home for safety. We heard some strange noises, some elusive shadows were kinda seen near some woods near Lloyd. B.B's courage has been quite encouraging and good to see. The rest of the comunity has been hiding indoors in fear of the weather and the Fangs of the Werewolf. We intend to commit to our route heading towards Cherry Valley because that is where we think he is hiding out. Besides that we have heard there is a pizzeria and a diner in that general area.
Until next time,


Monday, March 21, 2011

Werewolf Hunt Ride

Here is a sketch of what we are looking for! He is not as ferocious as he looks.

We are going out into the Darknesss in hunt of the elusive Werewolf that has been roaming Dekalb. I have a hunch he hits the Cherry Valley area during the middle of the week. Let me know if you are interested in coming. This ride will call for good quality lights that are functioning well and the you see and be seen. Cameras to perhaps snap a picture of the Werewolf we are looking for. WE also advice our participants that we will be riding on "paved" roads so our defense is to always be ready to bail into the ditch. Skinny tires, flimsy plastic frames with 6 spoke wheels are not recommended or allowed.
Here goes the map in all its Map my ride Glory. We will stop at Cherry Valley to get some grub and refuel. Looks like mileage-wise it should be another Metric. Anybody should be able to make this and still go to work next day.


Another fine ride brought to you by the Slender Fungus Cycling Association.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Drive and Post # 600

Official drink of the Slender Fungus Cycling Assoc. (SFCA). Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ale.
Pour Ice, Pour Irish whiskey, Pour Ginger Ale, twirl and then enjoy!

Went out for a drive after dinner. My daughter is going to school in Chicago and she just needed to see some open land. We drove on some soft gravel and saw many lightning strikes in the horizon. It was very relaxing to be out in the fields. Shot these photos with my old Olympus Stylus. Touched up a bit the brightness and contrast. Thanks for reading and stopping by!

New Cyclocross Team forms in Chicago,IL.

My college aged daughter has started an all woman's cyclocross team in Chicago. If you are roaming around looking for a team to join you should check into it.
Below is their link.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Les presento El Mariachi de Titanio de Salsa

Elixir brakes, X7 hubs, 36 tooth cog

Wheels are amazing

Reba fork

Promoto Ti and carbon bars.

X9 cranks with 39x27 chainrings.

Apart some selling a ton of Carbon and Aluminum and Steel Steeds at North Central Cyclery we have fallen in love with Titanium. We feel that this material is strong, light, resist corrosion and gives a springy, lively ride. Tobie and I have purchased two Ti bikes. He is currently riding a Titanium La Cruz decked out with full Sram Red, Hed wheels, Enve (edge) fork and seatpost, Avid Ultimate brakes. IT is dreamy. Above is my Ti Mariachi, decked out in a 2x10 fashion with xo rear, x9 cranks, shifters, Avid hydraulic brakes, and tubeless wheels stans, and a Super-fancy Reba 29er fork. I have NEVER owned such a nice bike and I ride this thing in disbelief. Stem is the real nice Promoto Ti and Salsa CArbon bars. I am using ESI grips. Bike is superlight, has a very smooth ride and I plan on keeping it for a very long time.
Shoot a comment if you have any curiosities.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Mountain Cycles Cyclocross

Tons of clearance with 700x37c tires

Tons of clearance in the rear end too

Downtube, note clearance around fork

the triple for the hills of Iowa, my beloved state

two eyelets fender and rack, horizontal for singlespeeding, top tube routing. This bike has it all

seatcluster. Salsa clamp. adjusters on front der and rear brake. Awesome!

My silver front-end. Will paint steerer-tube soon. Thomson, King, Ragley, Shimano. Great components.

Ragley Luxy-rious Bars, Thomson , Wired computer to minimize interference with my light system. Cinelli Bar tape.

Another view from the front

Side view of Black Mountain Cycles

First of all I would like to thank Mike Varley from Black Mountain Cycles for designing and considering so many factors into this fine machine. You see this bike is not to be sitting on a pedestal. It is to be ridden a lot and to get chipped, dirty and rusty. Mike delivered the frame as promised. Bike came packaged great. Frame adjustments screws, roller, seatclamp were included. The fork uses , what seem to be the same exact crown as my fancy Gunnar Crosshairs. All cables are top mounted , so no mud issues, adjusters for rear brake and front derailleur. Headtube is a bit longer so you don't have to silly the bike with a ton of spacers. I built up the bike with the king headset, Weinmann Mafac brakes, Ragleys amazing Luxy Bars, 9 speed barenders. Sugino triple, xt front, deore rear, Xtr touring wheels, folding touring contis. American classic seatpost, Ridley saddle, Cinellii Cork tape, with Shimano brake levers. Test rode it for 10 miles, then my first significant ride was the Bonkfest 100. NO adjustments, no issues, got off the bike and everything was perfect. Bike is super-smooth, Tons of clearance for huge tires, Turns well, absorbs shock, It looks hot. A super-great machine. Will be changing to Thomson seatpost, White rolls saddle, New Xtr Wheels, No sure on tires for T.I.
Here go the pictures.

Slender Fungus Nocturnals

Fox River Trail around Midnight

St. Charlies skyline.

Gumby, B.B and I headed out for the weekly dose of riding that we normally do on wednesdays. Weather was finally manageable and we rode at a brisk pace out to rte 47. The trail still has some ice so we took Old State to the Speedway and than hopped on the trail. B.B and I then rode out to St.Charles and rode of the ped bridge that goes over the Fox. We continued north on the fox river trail and ended up by Al Capone's hideout. Did some steep hill riding and then headed back. Wind was stiff out of the south and the temps started to drop. Made the long drag home as the night was getting longer and longer. We realized we were tired because of the time change. The trail felt soggier and we stopped several times to get energized and to empty a flask. Arrived home very tired around 2 am. Total miles for the day 69. Metric Accomplished. Sunday's Century accomplished. Today will call for shorter ride and relaxing.