Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Slender Fungus and Transiowa V9

So the time has finally come for the Trans Iowa preparations. Cookie, my loyal riding partner, has already entered the revered roster since he was man enough to finish last years brutal event. Giggles and I will be sending in our postcards tomorrow for a chance of spots beginning Monday. Every year has been a tough one and there were a couple of years where there was a possibility of finishing. 
The demons inside took over and prevented that. Trans Iowa instigates fear in riders and I really don't think any other race has this effect on people. This race takes up a lot of our conversations when we get together. 
How do we conquer the Beast? How do we kill demons that want to possess our brains? How do we go beyond our pain thresholds? Then there is the whole other side with mechanics, tires, clothing, food, lights, shoes, pedals and so on. 
It basically takes a whole year to get ready. And then there is the issue of Mother Nature. Will it snow like crazy saturating the gravel to turn it into mush in the spring. Will it rain heavily the week before? Will we have 35mph winds like TIV4? 
So, in short, to finish the beast off you have to be committed. I have been reading some training regiments that Che Quevara went through. The 15 hour marches through woods, rivers and mud. 
I really want to finish. I really want to suffer and get around coming up to the finish line before 2 pm on Sunday. 
Cookie and I will be receiving new mules soon enough and our singlespeed training will continue. We will suffer all winter and the spring will bring us fruits. 
Good luck if you are toeing the line with us in April. You will need it. 
President  Slender Fungus Cycling Association.         


Jeremy Kershaw said...

My thoughts are with you. Good luck! You are a worthy finisher. Now finish it, damnit!

Anonymous said...

Guess who else is on the start list good Sir.