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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Night training alone.

So yesterday the wind had been howling like crazy. On Thanksgiving day we were hanging out in shorts at the forest preserve with the daughter and it was amazing. I felt guilty riding in such nice weather and skipped it all together. As we left turkey day dinner at my bros I felt that the weather was changing. Our southerly wind was becoming North-northwest. 
I awoke early friday morning to the back storm door slamming and I looked at a 30 degree temp on the thermometer. The wife and I rode to work and had a crazy tailwind heading eastbound. 
Last night I got home, ate a bowl of pasta and knew I had to get out. I got on the Gunnar with 35mm knobbies and headed straight into the 30mph wind. I cruised all the way to Batavia in the 34 tooth chainring. I was dressed perfectly except for my feet. I only took toe warmers and by all means they were not enough. I had never ridden through Ferry rd and Bilter and found a night route that is completely lit up. All new buildings and a line of Big Capitalistic corporations. I rolled and rolled against the wind until I made it to a magical 7/11. In the same plaza there was a pizzeria, so I figured this would be a good night route. I slurped down a Cappucino and cruised home with a righteous tailwind. I ended my ride with 44 miles, cold feet and some windburn on my face. My nightrider gave out after 2 hours and then I turned on my Dinotte light which got me home. In back I used an old 3 led Cateye and a USB rechargeable Owleye. Both seatstays covered in Jann 3m reflective tape. Carried all my junk in a Jannd frame bag.
Here is what I was wearing:
Patagonia thin capilene baselayer
Soma jersey
thin merino wool thrift store sweater
Exteondo Windstopper jacket
pearl izumi bib shorts
Louis Garneau wind tights
Thin pair Surly wool socks
Sidi dominators
Pearl izumi toe covers
patagonia liner gloves
Ragg wool mittens
merino buff
patagonia balaclava
Windproof hat (20 years old) 
No helmet (shut up helmet police)
Headphones (shut up music police)

Had 2 bottles of water and 1 coffee. Stopped 4 times for bathroom. 

7/11, coffee, food, toe warmers for 1.49 a pack. Open all night.

The corporation route. For 44 miles you keep getting reminded how Capatilistic we are.

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