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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Iowa Mission #4 is a success

As you might have read over at the Cookie Blog we were able to get out and get a mission accomplished in the month of November. We drove to undisclosed location and met up at 7am sharp. I had to stop before at Walgreens and get some supplies since I left my nutrition bag in the garage. We then packed up in the Bu-Bu and drove out to undisclosed location in the wondrous state of Iowa. 
We rolled out at 9:07 a.m. with a target ride of 90 miles on singlespeed. We rode and the new route that I had mapped out had many, many hills. One of them was was the leg breaking "El Capitan". 
We then headed west for a long while to get beaten up on a some chunky gravel. I cursed and cursed my rigid 29er with 2.2 tires. At 40psi I was getting pounded and wondered whether I would ever be able to use the Wash Cabinet any more. 
We made it to our most west point and headed north. We were kinda hurting bad around mile 60 and knew we had 30 more to go. Bacon Jerky, fig newtons and bananas brought us back to life. We ended riding the last miles better than last time and Cookie was happy to have added one toof to his cog in back. We did a lot of climbing and I become a lot more sore than last time. Wrenching those 700mm wide bars and a 34x18 all day will beat you up. We were very appreciative to have made this trip. 

Many,many hills on Sunday

Lots of fast traffic. Good day for a Head on collision when you decide to ride on the wrong side. 

Sunday it was loose, chunky, shitty gravel. It hurt all day. 

Cookie's bike was less then perfect and he had to fiddle with it. 

Here is my bitch with new meats. 


lit up dork 

Even the road riding to connect was no relief. 

How effing Pretty. 

Valley riding. Hey, more oncoming traffic to run into . 

This road sucked the life out of me. 

Look at Cookie's zigzagging to make it up the hill. 

He reaches the top while I die trying to take these pictures. 

Hey more hills. Giggles, we missed you. Good day for Mr. Turkey. 

We did not do this. We had fear. 

Wife and I would love a house like this. 

Cookie walking up La Jefa. This horrible hill  is married to El Capitan

Cookie sports a Combover and yes we arrive in pitch black.
OH and I had no lights. 


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