Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Slender Fungus Saturday and Sunday Riding

By now y'all know what happened in IL this past weekend. Our thoughts go out to all those people that lost their lives and the ones that are suffering with all the destruction. In our area we had bad storms and lots of wind. 
Saturday the weather was cloudy and misty. We rode out to Waterfall Glen and were able to get in a solid 30 miles of riding. 
Sunday was another story. We arrived at training camp at 9 am and did two loops of the coveted yellow trail. The trail was swampy with leaves and water everwhere. 
It was warm and we quickly had to adjust clothing with temps hovering around  the 60's. The forest was packed with people walking, running and riding. We then did our climbing on some ravine area, then 10 sets of the stairs. The weather was looking ominous. Jakey la Cruz and A.G. took off for work.
Dereek von Weider and I decided to check out some double track and that is what we did. The Doubletrack was great. It went thru some prairies and it reminded us of some B roads in our glorious state of Iowa. We reached the end of the road and walked knee deep in water with our bikes on our shoulders.We tried  figuring out where we were and then the storm start to brew in earnst. 
We then got on a paved road to head back to the car and all hell broke loose. 
The storm chased us in full fury mode with tremendous winds, lightning and breaking limbs off trees. I kept thinking I would get hit by flying debris while I completely spun out my 34x18 at 25mph. 
We made it to the car and loaded up the bikes in an incredible downpour. We sat in the Subaru drenched while we tried to defog the windshield. The car would shake violently until it warmed up. We drove home dodging downed branches and puddles. We were glad to have ridden that doubletrack since it know opens all sorts of possibilities.
More to come.
Sunday was wet and cool. Perfect riding conditions. Photo courtesy Dereek von Weider Productions. 

Dereek's Singular Kite. Built on Friday and beat to shit on Saturday and Sunday. 

My incredible Gunnar Ruffian with Luxy Bars. 

Sir Jakey La Cruz followed by Dereek

He would overdress and later pay for it. 

A.G with her trusty Karate Mucker

Bibs make great storage for extra clothing or a stuff sack.

I wanted to put down our list of participants for TIV10
Dr. Giggles (Manlius N.Y.)
Special K. (Syracuse N.Y.)
Cookie (Woodstock IL)
Dereek Von Weider, aka Blue Demon, Dekalb,IL.
Sir Jakey La Cruz, Dekalb, IL.
A.G. Riverside, IL.
G.D. Ashton Naperville, IL.
Ari  Westmont,IL.
We will also be riding with our beloved Llama from Dekalb, IL.
We also have an incredible support crew from My wife, Gumby and Family, T.J and family, The Bonk King family.
We are truly grateful.

Thanks for reading 

and when you think it sucks out there get dressed anyway and enjoy the hell out of it!

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Guitar Ted said...

Glad to hear you all are okay! Keep up the riding! Looks like fun. Hope the Luxy's are working out on the Gunnar.