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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, November 11, 2013

A fine Discovery.

I almost got rid of my Gunnar Ruffian 29er Singlespeed since I have an incredible Salsa Selma Ti. However I had an idea to use up my Luxy Bars  on it and give it one last chance. The older Geometry on this Gunnar meant it had a long headtube and that just worked out amazing with those drop bars. I have been riding this bike in Palos with a 34x18 and I am really enjoying it. I think the geometry works just fine on this frame with the dropbars and it reminds me a bit of my Fargo. The Gunnar has nice light tubing, a Vicious Cycles fork and it has and amazing ride quality. 
Luxy Bars, Tektro levers for V-Brakes, All city saddle and a 34x18 gearing. 2.1 tires on Salsa rims and surly hubs.


Dr. Giggles said...

Looks like a great setup for the Ruffian. Will have to try drops on my Blue Moon Ruffian. ;-)

Congrats on making the TIV10 roster.

Ari said...

Thanks and likewise. The feel of the bike is completely different. I think you might like giving it a try. Luxy Bars are no longer made but you can try the Salsa Woodchippers. It is important to get the right levers to get the right amount of pull on the brakes.

Guitar Ted said...

So cool! (But you know I like drop bar mtb bikes!)

Hey, my phone was dead all day, but I finally got that message. Will call tomorrow!

Ari said...

I figured you had a busy day with the registration and all. We'll get a chance to chat today.