Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, March 27, 2020

Some pictures with new cameraA

A very dark and gloomy afternoon. 
Even Salt Creek was not moving. 

The little hill on the left is 14% Believe it or not.

Spent a good time reading the manual and trying to learn all the settings. Man these things are complicated but I can tell they do take better images. At 18 megapixels it's a lot more than what I have had before. A friend from Oregon suggested a 24mm Flat lens for on the bike use. The zoom it has is bulky and it would  be a pain to carry on bike. We will see how that progresses 
On another front I made it thru another tense week at work. Everyone is on high alert. We are wearing masks, cleaning everything and keeping far away from eachother. Some of us eat lunch in our cars. 
It's a weird time for sure. Today I went to drop off and pick up product in Chicago. I have never, never seen it so dead. The major highways were empty, like I was in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. I truly feel I am on another planet. Wanted to get lunch, didn't. Wanted to get coffee at Dark Matter, Didn't. I am only allowed to go one place and come back. 
So tomorrow and Sunday will be great to be home and catch up with some projects that have been waiting for me for the past.....10 years. I am actually excited to get some stuff done. I will probably go for a walk too. 
Let me know what you guys are up to. What are you doing with all the "extra" time that you didn't have before. I hope we all work towards getting thru this. I will also be making a lot of phone call with my beloved landline since I STILL don't have a working Cell phone. Oh Well! 
Thanks for reading. More colorful pictures as the sun comes out.

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AndyStockman said...

Hey there, Its Andy Stockman. Glad I stumbled upon your blog again! I really need to start something of my own, its a great outlet. For better or worse, photos and words are something I too enjoy working with. Glad to see you are staying well in these trying times. Denver was put on a stay at home order last week, and while it is starting to sink in with here at home, not all in the city seem to be paying it the mind they need to. Frustrating and scary to say the least. We are still open at my shop for service and curbside pick up. Being a service writer at one of the largest shops in the front range has me constantly busy with the public. Though we are limiting the number of customers in the store to only two, the stress mounts by the hour. My days off hold greater meaning than every before. Any how, thanks for putting stuff up, I enjoy checking in. I'll keep commenting and let you know if I get something going myself. Indeed a 27mm pancake lens will make that camera a lot easier to take along, and they are usually fairly affordable.