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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Riding Partner

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So after all these years of riding one has spent so much time on the bike and has thought of so many things. As I approach 400,000 miles on my legs I really could not have done it without some valuable riding partners. 
I hear a lot of some people that like to ride alone. I understand their point of view and how they enjoy the time alone. I have done that for many rides and many miles. Sometimes nobody is free to ride so you must just get out there and go solo. 
I most enjoy riding not alone. The riding partner is an inmensely valuable person. This person will not only keep you company but will also encourage you and motivate you to ride faster, longer and to do rides that would be impossible on a solo effort. 
The riding partner will always be on time. Will always be a listening ear. Will keep you informed of different topics. What new stuff came out, who won such and such race, what new ride is coming up. 
The riding partner will worry about your safety and help you when you are feeling tired and unmotivated. Through out the years I have been able to sync up with a few riding partners. I have been fascinated by how well we ride together. We could go on for miles and miles and float on the road, drafting and making exchanges effortlessly. 
Then the news comes of the move. The sadness of losing your best companion on the bike. 
What continues is miles and miles of alone time. Their voice echoing in your helmet. The never ending desire to share miles and stories. 
It has happened to me and it will happen again. It is a sad reality of life. Enjoy those miles. Enjoy your gift of the riding partner. Because as all things in life it is a fleeting moment. Catch it if you can. Thanks for reading, 


Dr. Giggles said...

Well said, bro. Here's to all the miles. Skoal!

Guitar Ted said...

Well said. I cannot speak to this though, as I have not had a good riding partner since the 90's.

I envy you and others that have had the blessing of "syncing up" with that special riding partner. Until then, I ride alone mostly.......

Jay said...

Some of the best rides/times of my life have been with you in the saddle right by my side. Many more miles to come my friend.

Anonymous said...

Ari, Jay, I want to ride with you two soon on some big hills.

Lets pick a Sunday and go murder our legs, before Trans-Iowa.


Love you all.

Fivos Andonopoulos said...

@Dr. Giggles
a toast to you master of all Giggles
@Guitar Ted
Wait until we move over the river. I will be there!
Yeah, our divorce will never finalize.
I miss your sweaty neck.
Having friends, Having that special riding partner is a blessing. Be wise and take care of that person because they don't come along that often.