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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Cold March Ride

Got up at Dark thirty and pointed my trusty Quickbeam towards to NW. The wind was already stiff at 545 as I rolled to meet the guys by 9 am in Sycamore. We gathered and then rolled further nw into Kirkland. Riding in Potowatomi forest preserve I lost footing on my bike and tried to unclip to stabilize. The boot came off the bike at the very last nano second and landed on the ground at an angle. I watched helpless as my ankle rolled all the way down. I heard the crackling noise and inmediately wondered if I broke something. I got back on the bike and it started to get sore, really sore. I rode the remaining 20 miles back to the start as smooth as possible. I figure that if it was broke I would be in worse pain and would not be able to ride a singlespeed on gravel. As the ride ended the ankle got stiffer and stiffer. This morning the whole thing is swollen and stiff. I will bandage and go to work. I hope it decides to chill out and let me keep doing what I need to do. 
Shit happens I guess. I thought I be accident free this winter but it ain't so. 
better days , 
parts of the GWT were free of snow. The shaded parts not. 

Jakey, Left, taking an update call from AG Who is in Virginia on a solo tour. 

Jay had frozen hands and we had to switch gloves. 

Most of the gravel in Dekalb county seemed good. 

I had the honor to ride with the Llama.  


David Kasai said...

Hope your ankle will be OK!

Guitar Ted said...

Oh! Not good. I think riding afterward was a good idea though. Blood flow to the injured area should speed healing. I hope you are back on it in good shape quickly.

David Swanson said...

Get well soon and nice job toughing it out for the long ride.

Steve Fuller said...

Sorry to hear Ari. :( I agree with Mark - Keeping it moving was probably a good thing and maybe helped keep the swelling down. Hoping it's nothing too serious.

Ari said...

I rolled the ankle on Sunday. Monday it was really bad and I got a ride into work. Tuesday I installed some flat pedals on my 29er and gingerly rode to work. This morning the swelling is still there but more than anything is the stiffness around the ankles that bothers me. All the muscles are really stiff. Once they start to loosen up it feels better. I hope this gets better in a week or so. I think if that happens I will be up for some riding.
Thanks for all the kind words Y'all!
take care and lube those pedals.