Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Magic of Turbo Tuesdays

Turbo Tuesday
Turbo Tuesdays have been a long standing tradition with the Slender Fungus. Sometimes we move around and don't seem to be able to get all together to do this ride. Sometimes we do it alone. Sometimes with just another person. There is something special about Tuesday night. I look foward to it all the time. It's getting thru Monday's at the shop. All the repairs and heavy traffic happens on Monday. Come Tuesday it calms down. Then come Tuesday night I saddle up, take the lights and then I feel that magic happen. Lately I have been riding Turbo Tuesdays with A.G. Tonight we ignored all the predictions of rain, storms and whatever else and just got on our singlespeeds and headed west. It was a teeenny bit warmer but not really. We pounded 50 miles in the dark with ease. We hit some hills off the saddle and it felt good. We spun and spun avoiding potholes and sometimes hitting one square on. 4 hours later I get home and I am wide awake. I eat something since I don't eat when I ride 50 miles. I make some Mint tea and I catch up with my writing. 
The next morning I get to work and listen to the accomplishments of others. I secretely know I was out there the night before. Nobody saw us, nobody noticed us. We watch sporadic TV while we ride. The Big sreens are more obvious thru the Bay windows than ever. I can spend all night trying to explain the magic of Turbo Tuesday but I think my english not so good. All I can say is that you should join us. I really doubt you will regret it. 
Go on, set yourself free. Thanks for coming out tonight A.G. 


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