Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year to everyone out there.

Heading west into the wind for 20 miles

cross check with flat bars and 38x18. 

Made it to the 7/11 in Batavia 

Fermi lab was empty, clear and awesome. 

Main building at Fermi Lab. 
Happy New Year! Wife and I had to work so we did not get out to celebrate. We woke up super early on New Year's day for work and it was fine. We will not complain since so many people have no jobs. I could not coordinate yesterday to have an official ride since we had some other  variables tossed in there. The wife sent me out around 1pm when the sun was bright and it kinda felt a little warm. It was around 20 degrees with a NW wind whipping pretty good. I got dressed and left. I decided to ride out to Batavia and back. Yeah, that would be a good ride to start the year. I fought the wind and cold all the way. I stopped for newspaper to block the wind off my chest. I was happy for my barmitts. I was happy with the Boot Gloves Bill gave me. I stopped in Batavia for a micro second and headed back. With a tailwind to my back I thought I had it in the bag. My right glove tore and out popped my finger. I later stuck that finger together with another one so they would warm up. It had already frozen and was not getting better. I stopped at a walgreens and bought a sleeve of peanuts with my measly dollar. I used the sleeve for my finger, then the glove, then the walgreens bag, then my extra hat, then the barmitt. I was successful at bringing it back. Then then sun started to go down and away floated the little heat we had. I hated the low gear since I wanted to be home now. 

As I arrived home I was pretty cold. My feet were o.k., my upperbody was cold, needed another layer or two, legs were frozen, head was also cold. I had some tea and some cake. Wife made some homemade pizzas and we just watched movies until late. 
Here is what I wore in 20 degrees with NW winds.
Patagonia Midweight Undershirt
Soma Jersey
EXteondo windstopper jacket
ibex wool short
LG wind tights
Smartwool expedition Socks
Lake boots
Boot Glove neoprene covers
Cheap euro racing gloves
craft facemask
Carhart wool hat
windfront wool hat (thank you Tomas)

I rode 40 miles and hope to achieve 600 miles outside for january. The roads are dry and pretty much salt free. 

I felt bad not hooking up with my crew but I know things will stabilize and we will ride together again. 

Happy New Year!!!!


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