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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whacked out January for sure.

I promise that this post will not be as long. I hope that somebody got something out of that long spiel. I have been freaked out by this weather. I have been on my road bike and hitting up trails that I have not ridden in a very long time. You see when the masses come  in the summer I don't get much chance to ride out there. So, riding outdoors, on trails, on a road bike is a weird occurence. I really do think there is something wrong going on. Everyone is enjoying the "unseasonably warm weather" but it is not right. We need moisture to grow crops. Our ponds and lakes are drying up and along with that fish are dying and other critters are disappearing. 
So, while it is cool that there is no snow. That your commute is smooth as butter, your heating bill is lower let it be know that perhaps there is something scary going on. Our household has made efforts to minimize our driving. Our daughter is taken to school on a surly big dummy. My teenage son rides to the grocery store where he works. And the mrs walks 1.5 miles to work and back at the coffee shop. I ride to work and back each day. 
So doing all this earns me credits to get out to Iowa once in a while. I gave up doing criteriums and cyclocross races that demand 1-3 hours of driving to ride around a park for 30 minutes. I started thinking I was being dumb. 
Anywho, I just wanted to convey that you can commute to the store, school, work. And truly let's stop worrying about that car image anymore. It is so lame. Mileage so far for January is around 330 miles. I am really tired of the wind. Today it broke me 
keep well, 
This little buddy came out like this from a Custom Seven Ti bike. Nice!!

The BB shell was full of this white powder corrosion stuff. 

this is how I measure my hubs. 34 center to flange , 42 is the diameter and the final result after going into spoke calc. is 262mm for the spokes. I have built close to 3,000 wheels. And it is always different. 

Mavic Open Pro rims are still unbeatable

I rode the Centennial trail. It is dry, clean and free of ice and snow. 

I rode the trail to Brookefield Zoo. Clean, dry and free of ice and snow. 

My trusty Mondonico with friction and campy wheels. 

I built some NOS Record Hubs on Ambrosio Tubular rims for a Restoration Project for a customer. 

Went to our secret hideout. All places with deer on the walls are  fantastic. Find your  own. 

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