Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

WAS a happening

Built up this nice bike. Mojo Sl

Old skool Moose bars. 

A company that made great riding, affordable road bikes. 

WE are getting espresso roast from Starbucks , using a Chris King Tamper and a Rancilio Silvia for our coffee.
It is coming out fantastic. Come by and try one. 

Online wars. I built this up for a  customer. It was originally 500 bucks. She bought it for 129 and the shipping was free. It came in a PUgsley size box. Now how can they do that? 

WE are also make amazing Lattes. 
I have been able to ride every day of the month so far. Some days have been downright awful. Yesterday was a bad one. Have been able to keep everything warm except the feet and face. I mostly have been riding the road bike but yesterday I got on the cross bike. Legs are feeling the efforts and it really does feel good. I am at about 400 miles for the month and I hope to get close to my goal of 600 for the month. We got a dusting of snow but nothing major. Of course they used 39000 tons of salt. This weekend is supposed to warm up and I am hoping to get out and do some long miles.,
Hope everyone is getting out cause the weeks be ticking away. Soon enough I will be posting some major stuff on the blog., Some  projects that are coming through and some stuff happening later in the year. I think 2013 is going to be pretty awesome.
I also had someone frame this awesome poster of my Hero. Let me know if you need a frame maker. This poster is 26"x26" I love Pantani. 


-tom said...

Hey Ari--regarding keeping your face warm, have you tried the Seirus Extreme Masque? See goo.gl/mKvhB

This, in combination with some Scott downhill ski goggles that fit over my eyeglasses, keeps my face real warm on the bike, even during these past few bitterly cold days.

I enjoy reading about your trials and exploits on the bike.

Ari said...

Thanks for reading Tom. I have been using a OR (outdoor research) face mask made of Windstopper material. This seems to work just fine. Now that the single digit stuff is over it's a piece of cake riding out there.

Steve Fuller said...

You are a Pantani fan eh? I assume you have read his biography "The Death of Marco Pantani"?