Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

twenty six of twenty six of one of thirteen

Most likely my Trans Iowa rig again. 

windfront tights, Lake winter boots. 

bibs, craft windfront baselayer, supsenders keep the lower back warm. Windproof retro hat

OR windstopper mask with windstopper Mountain hardwear

MOndonico riding before they threw a billion ton of salt. 

My lake boots are almost 7 years old already. The wires have snapped and i have re-knotted them. 

above the baselayer comes the thin Gamex jacket

These are 30  bucks and intended for ski boots. They add warmth and keep your boots clean. Totall y worth it.
get them from Dry Guy

I exist in winter thanks to my fancy exteondo Windstopper jacket. Thanks Bill. 

I have decided to sell my Pugsley. Room, Finances, lack of snow, are the determining factors.
I really need some space. It is posted on Ebay and the bidding is starting at 800 bucks. Comes complete with rack and all. 

So I have ridden all 26 days of January and maintained sanity. It is good to get outside and stay away from germy indoor invironments. Green smoothies, vitamin C and lots of water have been the norm. I have parked the road bike since the salt has arrived. Thanks to David A. I have put shifters on the crosscheck. Now it has V brakes, Touring wheels, schwalbe tires, and a double in front with a 38x47. This bike will be awesome since it has flatbars I will be using the moosemitts. Still waiting for the Prototype from Wisconsin to arrive. I will take a very close look and do lots of measuring before diving into a build. 
Keep on riding you can make it, 


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