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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The best of the Best is the Midwest.

Wifey and Cookie sharing a gravel road

So, this is just something that has been brewing in my head for a while. This whole gravel thing has become more common and coming out in "special articles" in several magazines as pal Guitar Ted has shown in his blog. I wanted to express that those gravel roads have been there for a very long time and sometimes I just wonder what took us so long to find them??? They have been in our backyards and disregarded forever.  The Slender Fungus really enjoys riding on those roads and we find peace and enjoyment in doing so. Our minds open, our shoulders drop, our stress levels drop inmediately.  With more and more people coming out onto those roads I have a fear of things starting to get sour. A while ago I worked at a shop and we had organized a ride out on gravel roads. I took the back seat to see that everyone was doing well. I saw a rider stop in front of a house, and take a pee right there. I wondered how he would feel if I went to his cul du sac, whipped it out and urinated while his family looked out their bay window!! What and inconsiderate jerk I thought. Then I proceeded to stop every so often to pick up empty gel packets and other rubbish. I am sure that similar situations happens in other gravel events.  So my beef is that if race organizers are increasing fields and everyone is joining in on the Gravel Bandwagon you should be out there and behave properly. I have no tolerance for riders that are inconsiderate.

1: People live out there and need to be respected.

2: Do not leave your garbage out there. pack it in your jersey pocket or on bike and dispose of properly

3: If nature calls, find a spot where you are not visible.

4: Ride on the right side of the road so you don't get killed by a truck coming over a hill.

5: Be an ambassador and don't make the rest of us look like idiots. Wave and say hi. Maybe one day a rider will be stranded and a farmer will offer a ride.

6: If you have an encounter with a dog, for you rown safety don't harm the dog as you will be harmed by a farmer that has the dog to protect his property. Most dogs will let up once you pass the property line. If they don't, get off the bike and use the bike as a shield until you can get away. Refrain from spraying the poor animal with any chemicals. We had an accident where a repair bike had an unlocked canister of pepper spray and when one of our mechanics went to put the bike on the stand that thing went out and sprayed us. It was terrible and it took me all day to feel better.

7: If you gravel grind at night please use a blinker in back and a bright white light in front. A cyclist just got killed in my old neighborhood while a pickup truck was passing a slow moving vehicle. It had a head on collision with a cyclist that was riding in the dark with no lights. The unfortunate cyclist was a family man on his way to work. It bums me out tremendously.

So, thanks for reading and I hope nobody got offended. Sometimes this stuff brews and I just have to let it out. Let's enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the clear air, the solitude and the comradery of our friends. Thanks for reading.

fat is that,




Guitar Ted said...

Right on, Ari. This is how I feel as well.

On our Saturday rides, we wave and say hello. we don't litter, we don't do anything in the public "eye" that is unbecoming of us or cyclists.

We get spurned by drivers sometimes. We get sour looks, but we will not be turned back. We will keep doing the right things.

Thanks for this post.

Ari said...

Thank you Guitar Ted. We have learned a lot from you and are thankful. I just wanted to spread this idea and ask if riders see such behaviors to say something.
Let's be cool out there.