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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Some Cool new stuff at the Shop

Thanks for stopping by again. I hope I did not offend anyone with my last post. Sometimes that stuff has to come out and after all it is a blog where you get to just right what comes to mind. As you might have guessed the Slender Fungus is very happy that it is getting colder and also that it is getting darker. We love this time of the year because we start thinking of Trans Iowa, gravel grinding and just having a bit more time with family and friends. 
I ran into some cool products this week. Our awesome Showers Pass rep flew in from Bike Glamour Capital (Portland, Oregon) to show us some new jackets and raingear. We are fortunate to have them since we have lots of commuters going up and down the metra train tracks. They offer great design, awesome quality and have the best service. Yes, you get to talk to Live people in America. 
I then went on ranting about lights since a fellow from Sycamore got killed a few days ago. I never want to hear that anyone is riding at night without lights. Not worth the money, the loss. Period. 
I brought in a bunch of Super Flash Turbos and the amazing Nite Rider Cherry Bomb. 
The Cherry Bomb is Brighter than the Turbo. We tested both lights today. 
Showers Pass Hydration System. Middle point and front point are magnetic. Front has string and will self retract.

42 oz of liquid. So two large bottles plus two on frame equals 80+ oz of liquid on bike. Not bad, not bad

Another view of this great product. Notice zipper. That opens and takes your repair kit.

View from Right Side.

Veleau from Showers Pass.  

Schwalbe Mondial. They Unfortunately got rid of the Extreme, a great Trans Iowa tire and replaced it with the mondial. 

simiar to extreme but the middle has more of a center ridge.

Salsa Wanderlust rack to be fitted on custom Salsa Vaya. A great rack but will not fit all bikes.

These seem burlier than the previous ones. They are stainless, hold well and don't yuck up your bottles.

The badass Cherry Bomb. This thing is very bright.

One dozen Super Flash Turbos waiting to be sold in a couple days.  I test all the lights before they are sold.
I then was able to see an awesome water carrier that mounts below the seat and delivers water to the front of the bike. It is sold by Showers Pass and we can get them for you. It carries 42 oz of liquid, is built very awesome and below the container there is room for a tube, tools, inflator and tire levers. 

So these are some items that I get excited about. 
Thanks for reading and hope we can ride soon, 

Fat is that, 

Slender Fungus Cycling Association. 

Next extensive training ride scheduled for the weekend after this one coming up. 
Stay tuned for details. 


F. Brian Hidy said...

Is that under-seat water system pressurized or you you have to suck? There is one on the market that uses a dual bladder system and a CO2 cartridge to deliver your fluids. You just bite the valve and the stuff flows out. plus with the dual bladder you can use one for water and one for your choice of beverage! The pressure system is great for spraying yourself down with water on hot days too.

Ari said...

This one is not pressurized. You have to suck old skool style.