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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rocking October.

The weather for this month has been incredible. So, we have been taking advantage of it as much as possible. Are we heading for another mild winter? Will it snow at all this year? Will our snowshoes collect even more dust in the garage? At any rate I just wanted to mention that we will attempt  Iowa Mission #4 in November. I hope that we can organize another ride like we just did. I hope more people will join us and enjoy the amazing landscape.
Last night we loaded up the bikes with the wife and headed north to the Prairie Path. It was 70 degrees when we left at 9 Pm to start our ride. We rode the trail and enjoyed the warmth and the bright moon that was out. I rode my Gunnar Ruffian SS while wifey was on her All City Spacehorse.
Trail conditions were perfect and we really enjoyed being out.
This weekend we are planning on riding  around the Dekalb County Area. If you have any ideas let me know. I will be direct calling you on the phone starting today.
On a different note I am saddened how the whole road racing scene is a mess. The more I hear about it the more I want to hide out in the country. That is too bad greed took over.
Hope you can get out.
My 9 year old with her Gypsy Boots at Whole Foods.

Riding the "Path" last night. Though we did not Reveal it. Ha-Ha-Ha!!

STill one of my favorite hills of all time. The Bonecrusher.

This is my gang.

This is the kind of support Cookie and I could have used on Sunday


Bill G said...

Glad you are back posting Ari.

If Iowa was a closer drive I would be joining you all to prepare for IX.

Until Grinnell ride on brother!

Jay said...

we need a vest like that last picture

Ari said...

If you are getting out there that is good enough. We need more ridership in this country. I wish more parents would ride or walk their kids to school.
I think Mrs. Gumby could hook us up with such a vest. She does have the technology.

Guitar Ted said...

Loving the chilly air! The muggy, warm air was getting old. Call me crazy, but I like 4 seasons.