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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Slender Fungus Wednesday Riding and ADHD

GWT trail riding at night. Glad you missed it!

Last night was one of those first night when the temps really dropped. I was really tired from not sleeping well the night before and I knew we were going to be in for a long one. We finally made it to the end of the trail telling each other incessant old stories to make the miles go by. I kept blaming my slowness with the weight of the Shocker and Gumby kept saying that his new Wool jacket was weighing him down. We both had no legs last night and add to that the sudden cold and the millions and millions of pounds of Ragweed pollen and that just did me in. We deviated off the GWT and found some secret single track and decided to explore it some more the next time.

We also agreed that the bicycle industry is suffering from a severe case of ADHD. It is crazy the amount of product that is coming out on a daily basis. New products from all the big companies, new niches, new tires, more and more new lights, new fabrics. All freaking bikes have to transform into a dozen different bikes. Bikes have to be 29er, geared, single, 650B, have multiple positions, etc etc. At this point I am just plain sick of it and the worst part of it all is that crazy Interbike Bicycle Show in Las Vegas has not even occurred yet.
Talk about too much information! Talk about too much visual overload! So for the time being I will not be looking at anything for a couple weeks. I will give my rattled brain a rest and concentrate on one thing: Riding my stupid bike.
I will enjoy the coming fall weather, I will welcome the first couple of freezes that will annihilate all those blood hungry mosquitoes. I will welcome the end of allergy season. Maybe on a rainy night I will check out what is new for next year. Next in order will be to get the winter and rain bikes ready with fenders, racks, bags, and lights.I still hope to get out to the magical state of Iowa do some hill work to remind myself of how fat I am.
We are also planning a field trip out to Cabela's for a Winter wardrobe collection. We's getting ready.

I bid you luck in the coming autumn season. Gumby will be doing a ride out of his house and the Flandria ride will happen in October some time.

Until then,



Anonymous said...

Bravo Ari...one only need a simple bike...preferably a steel frame...all the other stuff is just white noise...

Ari said...

On that note Charlie as soon as the wife gets back from her 2 hour ride I am heading out into the deep darkness of the cornfields.