Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
Brewers of Hardy Rides.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo Sharing

Forest Preserve in Kirkland, IL.
Wifey and Daughter

Some Slender Fungus Hiding in the woods, of course

Somewhere in Chana, IL.

Wifey and very tall 7 year old

Kirkland, IL.

A bike specifically designed for T.J.
Both bike and rider were made for each other.
They are taking Dekalb and its rural vicinities
by storm.

T.J. and his dream machine.

Old school truck. Betcha it could be drivable.

I took some photos on film with my luxurious Contax T-2 then had them processed and put on disc. Some of these were taken while I was on the bike and others not. Minimal adjust on the brightness, contrast and a bit of cropping. Good to shoot film once in a while. Damn good lenses on those old school camera. Not all that shines is gold!!!!!

No riding on Friday, Saturday, worked double then Sunday babysat all day since the wife had 12 hours worth of school work to accomplish. Can't wait for our wednesday night ride.



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