Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day off Legbreaker

Cherry Valley Cafe in downtown Cherry Valley

Pizzeria in Downtown Cherry Valley

This gas station saved me: Water, Coke, M+Ms
Monroe Center, IL. Corner of Mulford and rte 72 just a bit west

That wind was making me drool

Prize the wind was bringing over

Entrance to where the singletrack is off Perryville rd. heading north just after the Kishwaukee River bridge.

My un-planned destination. Lots of cars in Rockford. And me on a road bike.

Some of my riding pals. I can always count on them for a ride

Decided to get out on the cheater bike and found myself kinda directionless. The cheater bike happens to be my Cannondale CAAD9. It rides so well it is kinda scary. So when I ride it I feel like I am not really riding. Things are so much harder on the cross bike, so much more resistance that putting on 70 miles is very hard. So I hit old state rd and ended up going northwest til I ended up in Rockford. I kept telling myself that I would have 40 miles of headwind and it would be ok. to suffer like a dog. Why the hell have an easy ride? It was already easy enough riding the Super Mario bike and cruising with that tailwind at around 23 mph. I made it to the beautiful little neighborhood of Cherry Valley then headed for the city sign of Rockford. I then started to go home with the headwind and increasing clouds. The bike was on Drugs, legs were good, head was ok and I just kept thinking about a bunch of stuff. I made it to see the Espensheide Forest Preserve were B-dog and his gang have about 4 miles worth of Singletrack. I know that dont seem much but in this part of the world we have made every effort to chop down every tree so we can feed you guys corn fed Pork.
I headed home and started to acquire the best headache of a long time. It was literally throbbing and felt my helmet was going to explode. I made it home with 72 miles in the pocket and some pretty burny legs. Had some strong french press coffee and with copious amounts of water it started to go away. I always get headaches when I ride in the wind. Have no idea why.

2 waterbottles
1 bottle Perpetuem
2 gu gels
1 mms peanuts
1 12oz coke

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