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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Another great day of Gravel Recon and Family Time

My Co-pilot giving me directions from the map

We found some incredible roads yesterday.

Le-Aqua-na State park is exactly 90 from our house

Giugi with lots of sand to play with

The Pantani-mobile took us on another adventure in the northwest corner of Il. We headed out to check out Le Aqua Na state park in Lena,Il. A great park with a 40 acre lake with excellent fishing, a beach, trails, and a road that goes all around the lake for running or cycling. The surrounding roads outside the park are rolling hills, gravel, and some really steep hills are to be found also. Upon leaving the park we took Stagecoach rd and ended up in Warren, Il. We then proceeded south on Rte 78 and found some great roads that intersect 78 heading west and also east. This area has huge potential for a gravel ride since the terrain is absolutely amazing. I am working on a video to showcase the area. After an exhausting session of driving we ended up in Lanark, IL and stopped for dinner at a Diner. All in all a very exciting day with the discovery of some great roads. I will be working the maps all week, that's for sure.



Gravel Recon 5/23/2010 from Slender Fungus on Vimeo.


Jay said...

nice dude! Let me know when the flandria 100 is so I can come up and ride with you guys. Hope the gravel metric goes well this weekend. Also, I have been having some thoughts about joining you guys for TI V7 next year....

Dr. Giggles said...

Straight Shot,
Man, what a beautiful set of rollers in your video--Ridge Road off of Rt78 north of Mt. Carroll? Gravel looked absolutely perfect! This appears to be a primo location for the Flandria 100 course and for TIV7 training.
Enjoy the ride...