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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekend Riding

Just an image dump of what I did this weekend. Today Sunday I plan on getting out since the week coming is going to be super cold. I recovered some miles over Friday and Saturday with 40 and 70 miles respectively. December has been a bear to deal with but sometimes you just have to put your head down and go for it. I thank my Slender Fungus Members for this. All the time!

Night Riding is the best.

That scary glow in the back is Chicago

I hate riding over this bridge when its iced over. 

Blue Demon showed up Saturday Morning for some Miles. 

So did the Bonk King Aboard his Salsa

Will the Afro come back??

we found this random Chimney and hiked there to check it out. 

A perfect place to hangout overnight. 

We hiked thru this thick grass. 

70 miles on this geared bike. It felt weird to have gears all day. 

Dereek's Singular Kite. He was lucky to run it singlespeed. 

Nice view of the Des Plaines river

We rode for miles on this snow covered Centennial Trail. Yeah, you roadies need a cross bike. 

My Dear wife. The person that puts up with my craziness.  

Now I must get out and ride. 
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jkruse said...

damn, i really want to check out that smokestack next time we ride. looks great.