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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, December 13, 2013

Balmy night riding

So the other night goes down as one of the worst nights I have been out riding. Another time is when I thought my lungs had frozen  and that is when Hellmut rode me home to make sure I was o.k. I remember taking my jacket off and having ice fall off from my wool sweater. Yeah, that was a horrible night where I fell asleep on my couch in a sleeping bag not being able to warm up. I remember that one to this day. 
Tonight though was in the low 30's and it started to snow as soon as I left the house. I rode thru Hinsdale and then worked myself down south to Palos. I got in there for a bit but was unable to ride with my 34mm cross tires. The snow as coming down pretty good but my legs were content to be on a lighter bike. My feet were a bit cold but that is nothing new. I was happy to see 1 fox and 2 coyotes. Light polution pretty much let me see everything without the need of a light. I just had it on for safety. 
Get out and ride. It's so good.
Palos at night without flash or anything else. Just Light Pollution

Willow Springs at night with snowfall. 

This is where I encountered the Coyotes. 

Taking a break from the snow under this bridge

The I &M canal was liquid where the Des Plaines river was frozen. Weird. 

Night photography with available light. I love these conditions. 

Chili upon getting home. BTW I found a Plastic Santa in the Garbage. I plan on bringing him back to life. 

I found this tire track which I plan on checking out soon. It runs right next to the water. 


Guitar Ted said...

Beautiful pics, Ari. But I do not understand why it was "one of the worst" nights out, unless you meant due to the snow. Looks like fun to me.

Ari said...

@ G.T. The other night out was on Wednesday when I rode out late at night. It was single digits with a -20 windchill factor. I hope we don't get any more of those anymore.