Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Less than a week to go and here we come ready or not!!!


Got a good, good long ride in last Sunday and I feel that is all I have to offer. Feb, March and April were a bust here in the midwest. We had the most wacked out weather I have ever seen. So, no complaining here since we have no control over the situation. I rode as much as I could. I fought off little colds, sore throats and body aches related to the cold weather. My knee got aches that I never had before. 
I just plain think that I need to warm up a bit. I did find comfort in using the Tiger Balm. I loved wearing my Hincapie merino base layer. I loved wearing my Cashmere sweater and the Windstopper jacket I got from Billabong. 
I have 3 bikes ready to go. My prototype is looking ready, my BMC is also ready. My Chili con Cross is in  Singlespeed mode in case the weather goes to pot. 
I will be taking a lot less this year. Less lights, less gear, smaller and less bags. I will rely more on stores and suffer with less. I have been checking the weather and it has varied all over the place. Rain and 50's, Sunny and 60's. It changes and I keep preparing for it. 
I hope it stays nice for a change and that we finally get a break from this. 


Steve Fuller said...

Look forward to see you and the entire SF crew this weekend. :)

Wally said...

It will be good to see you Ari.....till friday then.

Dashton said...

Goodluck to all!!!!! Wish I was going along. Maybe next year....

Ari said...

Thanks guys!

MG said...

See you soon, Ari.