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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, April 5, 2013

Are we done yet???

A common cold night in the midwest. 

The weeks are definitely counting down quick until the big dance of spring happens. I pretty much am riding as much as possible. One thing for sure is that there will be no tapering this year. Since we lost so much training time it will just be another day when we arrive in Grinnell,  Iowa. 
This year I will opt for the Smart water bottles in 1L size. I have purchased smaller smart water bottles and exchanged the drinking caps. I am also planning on leaving behind the gut rotting gels and opting for more Real food. There is a wally-mart in Grinnell and this will be the place to get some sandwich stuff, jerky, nuts and some other supplies before saturday. 
According to the long term prediction Saturday will start off in the upper 30's, go into the high 50's, get a shower in the evening and then Sunday will be partly cloudy. No rain is predicted for friday. Could we have a dry start on Saturday morning?? That would be awesome. 
The prototype has been my main bike and I really don''t want to sway away from it. A week before the race I will install a new chain, 11x34 cassette, 40mm tires, new tubes. Next week I will go on some fully loaded rides. King Keyser has allocated me a waterproof jacket from Patagonia in case it all goes to poop. 
My boss at Hartley's Cycle and Chef at Bistro Monet have been gracious in giving me the weekend off to go destroy myself in the wilderness of Iowa.
I am still playing around with socks, pedals, need new tape on the proto. Wool is my main ingredient as in undershirt, jersey, socks,and buff. Gotan Project will be my come back to life music. Lots of salty foods will keep the cramps away. Carborocket will be my main hydration stuff. I will eat sandwiches. I am not too concerned with lights. I am concerned with lightweight. I would like to get rid of my framebag. It would be easier to shoulder a bike without a bag. Small front rack, small front rack in back??
Any suggestions or comments feel free .




Guitar Ted said...

I like the "real food plan". I am on that program too.

Have you tried slinging the bike across your back? Portaging the bike that way may allow a frame bag. Otherwise I have found splitting the load between a medium sized seat bag and the El Cofrecito to be rather good, and it keeps the main triangle open for shouldering.

Ari said...

That's what I had in mind of doing. Other than that go ninja style, like E.Brunt and just not bring anything.

Jay said...

don't run a rack...please

MG said...

Sorry Jay... As uncool as you think it is, I'm doing it. Beats a bag on my back any day...

Ari said...

Don't worry guys Jay is actually bringing the Bob trailer this time.
Booze, Music, light effects. That's how the Slender Fungus keeps the Mutts at bay.

Dashton said...

Just do it like the drug runners and jam it up an orphus