Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Century Day

Road rider I rode with from Cherry Valley to Kirkland

Surly finally met Shirley and they went under the bridge and got it on!

Cool murals in Belvedere,IL.

Since I rode my fixie I thought this would make me cool.

Headquarters of the VCR Party. (Very conservative Republicans.) I'm guessing.

Optimal Control Center. Nitto Noodle Bars
Thomson 120mm stem Zero degrees (thanks Jay)
Chris Kings Cobalt Blue headset
Dia Compe levers,
Cinelli Cork tape.

Finally it happened that I was motivated enough to get on the Surly Steamroller fixed speed bike and round out a hundred miler. I rode to Sycamore, then Genoa, then Belvedere, then Cherry Valley, stopped for lunch, then Kirkland, then Malta, then Dekalb, then Sycamore. I churned the gear all day and never got tired. The racer dude passed me on secret location and while still Digesting a mighty exquisite Cheeseburger, Fries and 3 cups of coffee I decided to give chase. I was going to chase him down like a dog and not let go of him. Quickly he started to play with his Sti shifters as if all those gears were not good enough. We rode hard all the way from Cherry Valley to Kirkland. I took some pulls and he also pulled. He was smooth, had excellent style and his bike was set up real Pro. I complimented him on his style and form on the bike. The steamroller was hitting 25 many a times as my tired legs turned into pretzels. He turned around in Kirkland and i quickly slowed down my pace. A great day of riding, truly.
Today I thought that maybe the 5 dollars a gallon will help all those jelly heads that drive like maniacs calm down a bit. I was also thinking of the Nuclear reactor meltdown in Japan and the hazard that has caused. I like how the area we live in some-how ignores that fact that we have such a reactor in Byron, just 30+ miles away. Maybe we should turn some lights off? Maybe we don't need to hightlight our McMansions with exterior lights like our home is a trophy. Who freakin' cares??

Data from my wired Cateye computer

100.15 miles
max 25.5 mph
timer 6:42:59
average 14.9 mph



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Jay said...

excellent work my friend! lets set up that 200 miler next week