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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Bonkfest is Over

best yard ever

the bonkfest route was very desolate and creepy

Jay and B.B. heading west

Steill some snow out there.

Mark's Fat Schwalbe Marathon Extremes in 700x40c. Check it.

Thanks for the generous post by Chrome Fork and Transit Interface. I just must say that the whole thing was an experience. I did learn how inept I am with technology as I failed to correctly use Mapmyride, Delorme and Google Maps. Please don;t send me any free tutorials as nothing can help at this time. I did manage to get some mapping done and with the kind help of the wife the cue sheets were accurate and nobody got lost even though we pretty much stayed together. I am glad to have done this as I have some more rides planned out . If you did not come because you were out of shape or it was too cold you were right in doing so. We rode 60 miles into a headwind. Then made it to Oregon, IL for some tasty D.Q.
The gravel, the hills, the fresh air, the endless jokes and brutality of language were par none. Our bike were great except for a broken chain and some rusty housing. On the way back we picked up the pace to get done with the ride since we had been outside for 9 hours. The ladys awaited us with food and beverages and later on we were treated to the presence of D'evan, straight out of Chicago. Between the crampy legs and crampy stomach muscles from laughing so much the day was excellent. I hope to do this on next year again. Now it is onwards to the next destination of Grinnell Iowa for the monster event of the year: Trans Iowa.

Lube your chamois' and let's go riding,



Eric said...

Could be the most fun I've ever had on a ride. Great route. Awesome roads. Good work. Too bad for Hellmutt.

Mark B said...

Great route, new friends, delicious food, and a great ride. Thanks Ari and all involved.

Anonymous said...

Despite a serious dose of engine failure, it was a fun ride on a great route. Thanks for a good time.

Mike B.

Dr. Giggles said...

Great job, Slender Fungus! Congrats to all for a fantastic ride.

Looking forward to riding with you next month in Grinnell.

Ari said...

Thanks to all attendees and all the riders that got so intimidated by the poster that B.B. drew up. May you live in fear!