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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Black Mountain Cycles Cyclocross

Tons of clearance with 700x37c tires

Tons of clearance in the rear end too

Downtube, note clearance around fork

the triple for the hills of Iowa, my beloved state

two eyelets fender and rack, horizontal for singlespeeding, top tube routing. This bike has it all

seatcluster. Salsa clamp. adjusters on front der and rear brake. Awesome!

My silver front-end. Will paint steerer-tube soon. Thomson, King, Ragley, Shimano. Great components.

Ragley Luxy-rious Bars, Thomson , Wired computer to minimize interference with my light system. Cinelli Bar tape.

Another view from the front

Side view of Black Mountain Cycles

First of all I would like to thank Mike Varley from Black Mountain Cycles for designing and considering so many factors into this fine machine. You see this bike is not to be sitting on a pedestal. It is to be ridden a lot and to get chipped, dirty and rusty. Mike delivered the frame as promised. Bike came packaged great. Frame adjustments screws, roller, seatclamp were included. The fork uses , what seem to be the same exact crown as my fancy Gunnar Crosshairs. All cables are top mounted , so no mud issues, adjusters for rear brake and front derailleur. Headtube is a bit longer so you don't have to silly the bike with a ton of spacers. I built up the bike with the king headset, Weinmann Mafac brakes, Ragleys amazing Luxy Bars, 9 speed barenders. Sugino triple, xt front, deore rear, Xtr touring wheels, folding touring contis. American classic seatpost, Ridley saddle, Cinellii Cork tape, with Shimano brake levers. Test rode it for 10 miles, then my first significant ride was the Bonkfest 100. NO adjustments, no issues, got off the bike and everything was perfect. Bike is super-smooth, Tons of clearance for huge tires, Turns well, absorbs shock, It looks hot. A super-great machine. Will be changing to Thomson seatpost, White rolls saddle, New Xtr Wheels, No sure on tires for T.I.
Here go the pictures.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet bike...Thatz your ticket to a full on Trans-Iowa finish!!! I have the Salsa woodchipper bars (that look similar to the bars you are running)set to go on my 1988 Merlin frame...onward to victory in Iowa!!!!
Take no prisoners

Guitar Ted said...

Nice Ari. That looks great. Funny how those tires look so skinny to me!

I still have not got up the gumption to gear my BMC out yet. I may not ever get away from single speed!

Richard said...

Very nice Ari.