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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Riding in the Cold. The trend as of late

Our group had set out a well thought program to get everyone in shape and up to speed. Then.....we received the worst winter I can remember. Suddenly getting to work and back became a challenge. I dug out stuff I hadn't used in years. My old Oakley Ski pants, my Craft Merino wool long johns and a host of other hard core winter stuff. 
On January 6th we experienced one of the, if not THE, coldest day of this winter. It was really cold as I rode east bound to the shop. I felt ok. I took short, even breaths and I finally made my 3 mile voyage. 
At 6pm I saddled up and noticed the flags were stiff and the wind was blasting straight out of the west. The temps had dipped to -14 and the winds were at 30mph giving us and awesome -48 windchill. I got on my bike and started pedalling. I knew it was wrong but I figured I would make the 3 miles. Within a 1/2 mile I knew I was getting into trouble. At .79 miles my lungs seized up and I felt like I was choking. I undid my wrappings and struggled for air. 
The cold air felt worse. I covered my mouth again and tried warming up the air with my mitten. I looked around and saw lights at a house. I had to bail, I thought. In that moment a man was crossing the tracks with his truck. I flagged him down and let him know I was unable to breath. He was kind enough to load my bike and bring me back to the shop. There is more to the story but I will tell you later. 
Good friend Guitar Ted sent me a Cold Avenger mask in the mail. This mask is windproof and the respirator in front makes the air you breath in warm and moist. I have been wearing this mask every day since Saturday since the temps have been so brutal. With my Asthma this is huge. I don't have to be scared of breathing the dry, cold air. My daughter and I have been walking to school everyday since my wife needs to use the car to work and then pick her up. Thank you Guitar Ted for this valuable item. 
I also received a link from Jakey La Cruz with riding in the cold. Lots of valuable info and below you will find the links. 
As for my clothing here is the list that has been my 
standard for commuting in the freezer:
Cotton T-shirt
cotton Underwear
Craft wool long johns
Oakley Ski/Snowboard pants
Patagonia Micro Puff hooded jacket
Cashmere wool button up Sweater
liner gloves
Wool Mittens
Cold Avenger Mask 
Carhart Wool hat
Wool Socks
Lake Boots 


The cold avenger. It does fog up my glasses. So, I ride without them. 

This does not work. Air coming in is cold and dry. 

The heat coming off the top of the mask keeps my eyes warm

My go to bike with the snow. 26" wheels. Nokian Studded tires. Snowmobile Mitts. Fenders for the salty slush.
Insulated bottles with warm/hot water in case I need a warm up. Next, I am purchasing a Stanley thermos for my waterbottle cage.

thanks Guitar Ted, thanks Cold Avenger, Thanks Charly Tri.

Stay warm and safe,
Spring is around the corner,




Anonymous said...

I'm trying to hold my brain together, soon it will get more friendly out and we will pile on the miles.

I'm going kidnap you on sundays, take you to the back roads of jo davies, and have my way with you on the hills.

the winds of shit are on their way out.


Guitar Ted said...

Awesome! I am so stoked and glad for you that this mask worked out. It found the home it needed and you found something that works.

No need for thank. I am enjoying the fact that you are helped and that is all the thanks I need. Ride on Ari!

Ari said...

@ BD
You are going to cry like a little baby. Oh look at the little baby getting dropped on the hills. Is your DI2 out of adjustment??
@Guitar Ted
Please tell BD to stop harassing me. He has no respect for his elders.

jemserider said...

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Ari said...

Are you a Rapper Dude???

Guitar Ted said...

Hey- did you see that we are supposed to have 30's ABOVE zero by mid-week? Get your fenders on and single speeds ready because the slop fest, long ride action is about to begin!

Anonymous said...

hell yea GT, was just looking at the forecast and saw that. Getting pumped!

Anonymous said...


Ari said...

Does that mean we won't freeze anymore?? I am not sure I will remember what that feels like.