Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Getting used to it.

Sunday Dereek Von Weider and I got out in the morning with the plan to hit up about 50 miles. It really wasn't cold but it wasn't warm either! The Sun was out and if you let the delusional side of your brain take over you can believe that it is sunny and warm like you be hanging out in Santa Barbara, Ca.
Truth is we hammered the Lemont loop and then some. I was surprised to see the old roads resurfaced and with a bit of a shoulder. After living in Upstate N.Y. I realized that the hills on the Lemont loop were not as big as they used to be in the old days. We got into town, went over the nasty bridge and hit up Bluff rd. Oddly enough on Sunday we saw a couple of roadies out there. Of course they did not wave or say hi to us. The Snubbing season has commenced already! 
We returned home to find a couple of Chicken Pot Pies on top of the stove. Perhaps the best post cold ride food ever. I quickly changed and went to my dads for his birthday. 
Monday morning got up early and got ready since A.G. showed up. We did the mini fruit loop while it was snowing. It was colder than yesterday for sure. 
Two good days in a row makes for a lot of good feeling. Thanks for getting out there. 
Take a close look. I have STI! 

My Gnarly Nokian Extremes are what got me home. 

Tonight there was snow everywhere. Nothing was plowed. 

It was mild enough not to ride with full face protectionl. That was truly a weird feeling . 

The nokians eating it up. 

A new crosscheck and an old Gunnar 

Thanks to the Blue Demon for riding on Sunday

Thanks to A.G. for early Monday ride 

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