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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trans Iowa part 3, April 27-28th 2013

     Riding through the night became tougher and tougher. We wondered why we had arrived at checkpoint two and then rode 10 miles to caseys and then were back on the bike at 10:40pm. Where had all that time gone. I think we were tired and just did not want to leave the comfort of the gas station. Leaving town and getting back into the dark, lonely roads was a bit difficult. I had some music pumping and i focused on Special K's neverending flashing light. One O'clock arrived, then 2, then 3 and we continued to ride. We stopped more often and found it difficult to get motivated. I had a real hard time staying awake. I was swerving and going delirious. I saw weird things as I rode. I looked up at the stars and they were all moving in all directions. 
     Special K was getting tired too but he kept it together. My left IT band was so freakin' tight I thought it would snap. I coughed up gummy chunks of phlegm out of my lungs. MY rear end had gone completely raw. I continued on since I knew nothing else was and alternative. 
     Around 5 am, while it was still very dark we rode through and area were there were about 5 or 6 houses. I believe we were around H ave. We made a right turn and I became very cold and shivered all over. I was wearing my leg warmers, wool baselayer, wool jersey, craft vest, gamex jacket, balaclava, long gloves, wool buff. I also had the DBD approved man diaper. I was frozen through and I knew at that point I was hypothermic, delirious and hallucinating. I was also getting a panic attack as I thought that continuing into what seemed wilderness would leave me out there and I would freeze. 
     I was not able to pull it together. My mind had left and I was out of control. Suddenly I told Special K I could not go on. He was in desbelief. I made a U-turn and headed for the houses. I had the idea of seeking help. I needed to warm up. I regretted not bringing my survival blanket and my lighter. I thought I could have started a fire, warmed up and waited until the sun came up. I stupidly knocked on an empty house. 
     Then I came to my senses and started to walk up and down the road to warm up. Special K called our support and Gumby and Bonk King showed up. They told me the sun was coming out and I should continue on. I said Fuck it and continued on. 5 miles down the road my legs seized up and I knew I was done. My whole body hurt. 
     Special K continued on since we still had time to finish. I waited for the ride back and was super-happy to see Bonk-King and Gumby. I was destroyed and had pushed myself more than ever before. I rode 260 miles with 60 to go. I returned to the hotel, passed out inmediately. Special K rode another 20 miles and then called in. In the meantime Cookie had finished on his singlespeed to maintain the Slender Fungus pride. Giggles had mastered checkpoint 1 and checkpoint 2 with about 175 miles completed. We all had a great ride. I was glad to ride with so many people. I was glad to share the road with the Llama. 
     One week later and the IT band is still irritated. I have been stretching and rolling it out. I have a lot to comment about this ride and I might have to put in another part. But this is how my ride ended. I needed more fitness. I needed more mental fortitude. I needed more water. More stretching and conditioning. 
My riding partner for most of the day: Special K. 

We arrived at checkpoint 2 with 1 hours and 45 minutes to spare. 

the Caseys that secretly ate our time. 


Jeremy Kershaw said...

You are a star, Ari. Nice work out there. I still believe that you can reach the finish.

Anonymous said...

I too was a victim of sleep and the cold. It got 15f colder then Mr Weatherman told me. He always lies to me. I will be more prepared next time. The shakes were unstoppable.

I was falling asleep, and rolled into a ditch at one point. I just wanted a hardware shed to sleep an hour in, but it never came.

I have already rode every day since i got back from TI. My nutrition is my focus now, while i ride everyday. I think Hammer perpetium is going to be worth a long try. Liquid calories are easier while riding hills.

I hope to ride together more this summer, and tell stories and talk bike things.


David Swanson said...

You did great out there, I was bummed to hear you wouldn't finish. But you have made it further than ever. Keep at it and you will finish.

Thanks to the slender fungus for your advice and training rides.


Ari said...

YOu did awesome out there. There are many thing to talk about this Trans Iowa. Hopefully we will get together and chat. Let's do a long ride in the summer, when it decides to stay warm.
@Jeremy.Thanks for the kind words. Must work on stetching more and bringing more clothes to layer up.
@DAvid Swanson.
You rode an amazing race. Thanks for representing the way you did.