Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Death Ride in the Weekend of July 13-14

     As mentioned before we, the Slender Fungus, will be working together with Guitar Ted to bring you the Death Ride Invitational.
We are working on the route and trying to figure out details. I believe most of the route will take place in Jackson County Iowa. The terrain is very hilly, with loose gravel, some B-roads. We will try to come upon some small towns to refuel water bottles and such. At this point I am interested in knowing how many people are interested in doing this event. It is not a race. It is a no drop ride. 


There are campgrounds around the Sabula, Iowa Area. There is a campground in Sabula, then there is a good on Just South of Bellevue State Park. Both are good options. I will have to work on Saturday and I am hoping we can all agree on a Sunday Ride. I will also have to go to work at the Bike Shop on Monday. So I am glad to be able to have Sunday off., Please leave any comment you like. We still have time to iron stuff out. I will try to go to Iowa this weekend on Sunday June 2 to check out some stuff and will have a report on Monday. 
Thanks for your interest in this. We are very excited to work together with Guitar Ted in organizing this ride. It will be hot, it will be hilly and I bet there is going to be a billion thousand mosquitoes out there with all the rain we have received. 
More to come soon. 
Please leave any comment below.
Lots of beautiful roads adorn this driftless zone of Iowa. 


Anonymous said...

Always ready for a good time in Iowa. Count me in!

Bonk King

Dr. Giggles said...

...wishing I could attend, but will see you at the Heck. I tip a glass of Templeton to you and the SFCA for what will be an outstanding time and a fun ride!

Chad said...

I expect to attend this unless something unforseen happens.


Steve Fuller said...

In. Have the vacation time approved already. :)

Campgrounds close by?

Brett Beebe said...

very much interested
sounds like a blast

TJ said...

TJ will call in all favors owed him and do horrible unspeakable husbandly things for his wife (dishes, laundry) to be able to attend. He will even drag Gumby's Fargo riding ass with him.


Craig said...

Good sirs, count me in.

Josh Lederman said...

I'm in.

Ari said...

Thanks for the quick response. There is campgrounds in Sabula and near Bellevue state park. We are working on the route, the start and so forth.
sTay tuned.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

This so very much tempts me. Iz only about a 2.5-hour ride from the ranch. I'll check calendar and get back to you.

Ari said...

The Slender Fungus owns a jet helicopter is you need to be picked up.

Ari said...

The Slender Fungus owns a jet helicopter is you need to be picked up.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Having seen the recon photos, I am now powerless to resist. Please direct the jetcopter to:


Should be plenty of room to land there. I could be ready, say, 15:00 07.13.2013?

Grant Foster said...

I'm coming too; neatly disguised as Mauricio's luggage.

iowagravel said...

I am IN!