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Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Gunnar Gravel Prototype

Cookie and I received a phone call from Waterford Precision Cycles telling us that they were interested in building up a Gravel specific bicycle. So, we spent some time on the phone, exchanged emails and blueprints until the prototypes were finally cut, welded, painted and sent to us. We really thank them for providing us with fresh frames for the big Spring Dance. My bike was geared and cookie's built up with paragon sliding dropouts that can be made singlespeed or with another hanger into a geared machine. 
My frame fits very well. It has clearance for 40+ mm tires, a long wheelbase, a long top tube helps in climbing. The long chainstays kept the bike in control on the downhills. The lower than normal Bottom Bracket would also add to stability. We decided on the Lime twist color for the Slender Fungus. 
Here are some  closeup photos. I really enjoyed riding this bike continuously  for 260 miles.

Once again thank you Richard and Johanna from Waterford Precision Cycles/ Gunnar Bikes. 

This bike really rocks!!!

Gunnar Prototype. Custom Geometry. Waterford Fork Crown. 

Long Top tube with a shorter stem. 44cm Cowbells. Best bar ever. Cane Creek levers. I came to like these more and more. 

Huge Clearanc in the front. 

Avid Ultmates, Clement MSO  40mm. 

Generic Stem, Cowbells and a reliable, large numbered Enduro Cateye computer. 

3 bottle holders. 105 cranks with 34x45 rings. Deore DX front Der. 

These bottles kept me from drinking dust. Velocity cages fit perfect with 1 L size bottles. 

King bearings are the only way to go. downtube shifter bosses. Sti, downtube or barend compatible. Smart.

unbeatable salsa clamp, Thomson post and my favorite Gonzo Saddle from All City. Though  I did envy Special K's Brooks spring saddle. 

XT reverse pull with 11x34 cogs. 34x34 was my lowest gear and I used it a lot. 

Ultimate brakes setup in touring mode for clearance. 

40mm with room to spare. 

I think a really good looking machine. I felt really comfortable on it for  all those miles. 

Full length cable with only 2 braze ons so I can accomodate frame bag. 

I left the bars on high to relieve my back. No back pain at all during the whole ride. 

One layer of Cinelli Gel tape. Padded gloves. if your bars are too thick  your hands will cramp. 

barrell adjuster for back brake. 

These King hubs have over 75,000 miles on them. Billabong overhauls them and keeps them going.  Salsa skewers. 

The greatest tire I have ridden. I wish I had a much wider tire with all the fresh gravel. 

Xtr pedals. 


Guitar Ted said...

Awesome bikes, Ari. I love the color for SFCA! I am a bit surprised you rode this bike, but I am also glad that you decided to give it the call up and that the Gunnar took you to your best T.I. yet.

Ari said...

I am also glad I picked this one. A simple flip of the stem put me where I needed to be. This bike rode awesome and never tired me or let me down. However, I still love my Black Mountain Cycles. That bike is awesome also.

F. Brian Hidy said...

Two questions Ari: how many speeds (looks like 8, but I'm surprised by the XT if that's true) and what chain?

I'm still running 8 with a Deore rear derailleur and just switched to a Whipperman chain. Cost more, doesn't shift as well as SRAM, but hopefully lasts much longer...

Looks like you and K had a great ride together!

Ari said...

I rode a 9 speed XT chain with Sram pg970 11x34 cassette. Chainrings are Salsa 34x45. I took extra chainlinks, pins and a good chain tool. Xt der is medium cage and reverse pull. If I'd snap a cable it would go up into the easiest gear.
good hearing from you buddy,