Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trans Iowa April 27-28th 2013 the Final Chapter.

Giggles, Special K and Cookie grilling it up. 

Giggles and the Bonk King

Gumby and Eric Brunt

Giggles, Cookie, Jeremy, MG and Mrs. MG. 

Jeremy and Cookie at the start

Getting ready at the start.

Line them up 

Special K and the Llama enjoying the first rays of Sat morning. 

Rode with the Llama for a long period, then he just dissapeared. 

The llama rode a great race. 

Special K would be my partner for the whole time

The Llama rode strong. 

The B roads were rideable. This is a first time for me. 

Micro breaks were necessary. 

Saturday night got cold and I started to fall apart. 

After I melted I got back on the bike for 5 more miles and then completely fell apart.

     So, this concludes my posting for Trans Iowa. I would like to thank the following people:
My wife and family for the support.
Guitar Ted for an amazing event. 
Hartley's Cycle for their support. 
The Slender Fungus Cycling Association,namely my support crew of Gumby and Bonk King. 
Waterford Precision Cycles/Gunnar for the 
Sram for the Brakes I used. 
I would like to congratulate all riders that finished,did not finish, participated. 
I would like to thank the volunteers. 
Thank you Grinnell. Thank you Iowa. Thank you People that gave us water. Thank you weather. 
     There is a lot I am still processing and I will probably have another post at some random time. Trans Iowa is a race like no other. I left it all out there and rode a personal best with 260 miles. I truly could not go any more. I think I have it in me to finish. I would like to come back and give it another go. 
     Trans Iowa has opened my eyes and given me a different perspective on life. It has given me time to think about different topics and analyze what I am doing on this planet. Has it changed my life?? I absolutely believe so. I have made lifelong friends that I will know and have forever. I am able to endure more. I am able to tolerate more. I have become enamored with the Iowa countryside. So, I hope we can all meet again and do this again. Trans Iowa is truly Priceless.  

Thanks and be well, 

President, Slender Fungus Cycling Association

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