Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zooma Women's Half Marathon Saturday 22nd, October

Jean and Jill and a really friendly dog.

Cookie and Ari

SFCA team members, great friends and unashamed to say Awesome mechanics.

Spotted Cow for breakfast

Fontana, Wisconsin

The girls after the race. Strange Prada model roaming around the race

The wife in full airborne position. She had a great race

Jill burning it up. 2nd in her agegroup

This lady rocked up early Sunday morning. She was great on the Saxophone.

Jill's friend Jean

Jill came in tenth overall on the first lap.

Early morning was cold, but the sun came out and it was great day.

Wifey ready to go. She was glad to have brought the winter jacket to stay warm until the race started.

The Slender Fungus teamates of Ari and Cookie accompanied our significant others to Lake Fontana, Wisconsin for a pretty painful half marathon. We awoke at dark thirty and met up in Wisconsin. I love how you cross the border and the topography changes and the roads get smoother. This was a women only event and we went up for support. The race started promptly at 730 am and it gave Cookie and I a chance to talk about bike shops, Trans Iowa and many other things. We never seem to be able to catch up. I will be moving up to the mountains and we went through some other topics as well. Cookie girlfriend, my wife and new friend Jean had a great race. We found ourselves at the resort with wine in hand listening to a cover band which was actually really good. We later hit the bar pre-noon for some food and New Glarus Spotted Cow. It was a great day and we enjoyed supporting our significant others since they put up with so much crap with our endurance nonsense. Congrats to the ladies and a speed recovery from the effort.

Keep moving!



Anonymous said...

Bravo Ari....Does the Slender Fungus have a definitive stance of running? We are experiencing some "issues" over here in the DBD with a couple members (ex-members?) that have become obsessive in their running to the detriment to the Club. We do NOT currently have any stipulations in our bylaws regarding running, but we are concerning an amendment that would address the problem....We drink your whiskey to your health on a weekly basis now!!!! We of course fully support our loved ones in their running...but or a club member...the potential exists for some problems....
With fondness,
G. Mallory

Anonymous said...

Bravo Slender Fungus for acknowledging and supporting the beloved and manly, and womanly, sport of endurance running. Of course Mallory is jibed at local meetings of his narrow-mindedness towards two wheeled adventure. The rest of the World of course knows the true grit and soul of adventure starts with one's two feet.

We also commend you on your choice of breakfast drinks. Orange juice?, pooh! New Glarus!

Cookie's style is a bit concerning though.


E. Shackleton

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Ari said...

I am ashamed to be commented by you two extraordinary men. I wasn't going to post this but I had a italian stilletto put to my throat.
So, I coward and did the posting.

Anonymous said...

bragging that you're an awesome mechanic tells the world that you likely aren't.