Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association

Headquarters for the Slender Fungus Cycling Association
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One Fantastic Turbo Tuesday

Official winter hat modeled by Jakey La Cruz

Taking a break before heading to Genoa

Deserted town. Kirkland, IL.

Putting Jackets, warmers, and gloves for drop in temps

Byers rd, my favorite.

Flying down the road with NO traffic.

Met up with B.B, Jakey La Cruz, and Uncle Velos for a fantastic night of riding. Rode out to Kirkland via pavement and plenty of gravel, then rode straight north into a nasty headwind to drop Uncle Velos off to the Mrs. At Belvedere we were looking at a 30 mile ride home. The Winds were at our tails for the remainder of the night and we just blasted down Genoa road past midnight riding three breasts side by side. We got kind of Bonky from all the riding and were happy to See Kelley's Market open in Genoa. Some Bear Claws, drinks and we were perked for the rest of the ride. Out of Genoa we took Rte 23 south and had a massive tailwind at the point.

Our steel animals whistled in the air at over 2omph. We were enjoying the complete quietness and the amazing darkness that encompassed us, we were all alone, the three of us. We talked about the Slender Fungus song and how befitting it was to the type of riding that we most loved. We talked about the comfort of night, the missing traffic, the ease to the eyes and how we enjoyed each others company. A quick pang reminded me of this being my last Turbo Tuesday and how we had reached such a high point, a pinnacle of riding. This can only continue and grow.

The Slender Fungus is stronger than ever and will continue to lurk while you sleep.



jkruse said...

arrived in wisconsin today, and just procured a couple of choice new glarus six packs. spotted cow, black top, moon man, and laughing fox will be making an appearance.

Ari said...

Hey Jakey,
Got home about 1am from a ride all the way to St.Charles and back with T.J. Sunday there is the pumpkin fest parade, and also the cross race at campton hills, which is down rte 64 before wasco. It is on Brown rd.
So we are trying to plan out the sunday.